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RUSH: We got Bill Clinton going rogue again, even bigger and even better. And the “criminal enterprise” known as the Democrat Party… Well, “criminal enterprise,” in quotes. Think of it as a mob family. Think of the Democrat Party as a mob family with the head honcho in Chicago.

Michael Walsh, who is a writer at National Review Online, has a great analogy of the Democrat Party as a crime family — as a typical mob family — to illustrate why Obama’s in trouble. He has forgotten things (’cause he never learned them, he’s too young) about how mob family head honchos act. And his main point is… I’ll detail this in much greater detail we come back at some point, but his main grievance — Obama’s prime problem — is that he has forgotten something central to survivability. And that is respect for your elders and those who came before you who paved the way for you.


RUSH: Folks, stick with me. I don’t want to do a bunch of See, I Told You So’s, but this is not a surprise. It’s a pleasant occurrence, but also keep in mind it’s only one. There are many more like this which have to happen. The trend is obviously what it is. This is 2010 continued. This is the Wisconsin recall elections continued. The left has fired everything they’ve got. I think it’s laughable now. The Forehead, Paul Begala, is all concerned about all the super PAC money that went into Wisconsin.

It’s so unfair when the Republicans fight back!

It’s just not fair when the Republicans use Democrat tactics and do it better!

Michael Walsh, National Review Online: “‘Bill Clinton does not want Barack Obama to win,’ says Dick Morris, and for once I agree with him. For Obama has made two fatal electoral mistakes during his tenure in office, both of which tell me he’s neither smart nor grateful, and certainly not wise in the ways of the criminal organization masquerading as the ‘Democratic [P]arty.’ As I’ve noted here … and elsewhere, the best way to understand the modern Democrats is as the unholy love children of 1930s big-city political/gangster machines and 1960s Alinskyite Communists — now out and proud.”

That’s who the Democrats today are: The “children of 1930s big-city political/gangster machines and 1960s Alinskyite Communists.” “But Obama, their chosen candidate, only had first-hand experience with the Alinsky crew; he’s too young to remember Tammany Hall and the heyday of the Daley Machine in Chicago. Oh, he’s got the brass-knuckles part down, all right (that’s part of Alinskyism) but he’s twice now violated the first rule of gangsterism: Respect your elders.

“That’s something that the Hot Springs-raised Clinton understands deep down in his bones. He grew up in a town dominated by my gangster, Owney Madden, was boyhood friends with the son of Madden’s lawyer, and often sat in Madden’s headquarters, the Southern Club on Central Avenue, watching the gangland greats come and go; to top it off, Clinton’s mother, Virginia Kelley, was one of Madden’s nurses. [Hot Springs] was an open, check-your-guns-at-the-door city, nominally run by its corrupt mayor, Leo McLaughlin, but, like Arkansas itself, completely controlled by Madden and his New York associates, including Frank Costello.

“Insiders know there’s no love lost between the Clintons and Obama, and … it was only a matter of time before Billy would introduce Barry to the joys of payback. That moment is now upon us. Further, Obama made a colossal error in giving Bill Daley the back of his hand during the Chicago scion’s brief tenure as White House chief of staff. It’s easy to see the clumsy hand of Obama’s Svengali, Valerie Jarrett, in the Daley firing, and it’s pretty clear that no one in [Obama]’s bunker thought through the consequences of insulting the Daleys, especially with former ally Rahm Emanuel now sitting in [the mayor]’s Chicago office. …

“If Walker wins big tonight in Wisconsin,” this was written yesterday, “expect a chill wind to start blowing east from [Chicago] toward Washington. There is, after all, honor among thieves.” Now, the point here is that Obama has no respect for his elders, he has no devotion to people who have come before him and paved the way. He’s basically a loner, thinks he’s top drawer, head and shoulders above ’em all. That’s not how that Democrat Party, quote, unquote, “crime family” works.

And payback time is on us.


RUSH: I want to carry forward this theme, ’cause it relates to Wisconsin. It has some things in common about what happened there. So the theory is that Obama is in trouble in the Democrat Party — and he is. Now, I don’t know that it means that he’s not supported. He’s just in trouble. There’s such a huge difference in the perception of Obama in the party from 2008 to today. And there is nobody in that party who thought three years ago they’d be anywhere near where they are today.

Remember, these are people who live in an alternate universe, an alternative reality. They lie to themselves. They tell themselves the vast majority of the country is with them. And even when it turns out that the vast majority of the country is not, that just irritates and angers them. And it makes them want to punish people who don’t see it their way, rather than try to persuade them to join them. It is an unholy alliance. And Clinton breaking away the way he has and publicly, and frequently, is indicative of the problems that exist in the Democrat Party.

They always talk about the lack of unity on the Republican side. But you never hear about it on the Democrat side. Even now, they’re trying to paper it all over by saying, “Oh, Clinton, you know, he’s just Bill and he’s actually trying to help Obama is what he’s doing. Yeah, he’s really secretly trying to help. He’s trying to sharpen Obama up. He’s really on Obama’s side. He’s leading the way.” For example, they’re saying, “We’re gonna have to extend the Bush tax cuts.

“And the Democrats know that Obama is really opposed to that ’cause he doesn’t want to help the rich anymore. But there’s no way that they can’t extend the Bush tax cuts no matter who wins in November. We’ve gotta do this for the economy. Clinton is showing Obama the way.” That’s how they are rationalizing this, but that is not what’s going on. Now, you remember this book that’s out called The Amateur by Ed Klein? Remember the chapter in that book about Oprah, about how Oprah has been dissed? Oprah’s been thrown overboard. The regime wants nothing more to do with her.

But who is she?

Oprah threw away her TV career for Obama. If you want to know why Oprah’s not on television anymore, it’s because she supported Obama. If you want to know why Oprah is flailing away on a cable network that nobody watches, it’s because of Obama. Well… Yeah, it is. Oprah decided that she would let her racial association take precedence over her television and broadcasting knowledge. When she decided that… She had Obama on and made him a millionaire. She put him on TV to sell his first book.

It made him an overnight millionaire. It helped establish him as a rising figure in the Democrat Party. It helped get his biography out there. Okay, that’s all well and good. There ought to be some gratitude from Obama for that. Then Oprah basically throws away her career by endorsing Obama. That’s when her likability number (the Q number, favorable number) started plummeting, along with her ratings. Because it was at that point that Oprah’s audience began to ask themselves — maybe suspect — “You know, maybe race matters to her more than all this other stuff that she talks about.”

Prior to that, race was not a big deal with Oprah. She was about self-improvement and all that yin-yang that her program was about. But people started now questioning all of that and how sincere it was. So she’s out on the campaign trail, and she sacrificed herself. This is not a sympathy play for Oprah. I’m just telling you what happened. Because in the process of doing all of this for Obama, where’s Oprah now? They don’t even let her in the White House because Michelle hates her, according to this book.

And Oprah is quoted in this book as saying that Michelle doesn’t like fat people “waddling around the White House,” and Michelle felt threatened by Oprah because Obama liked Oprah. The bottom line is, Obama and Michelle ought to have eternal gratitude for Oprah Winfrey, and they don’t. And Oprah gave up a lot for ’em. And by the same token, Obama ought to have a little gratitude for people that came before — and he doesn’t. He’s a lone wolf; he’s a lone player. But it doesn’t end there.

Obama doesn’t give a damn about anybody but himself. He didn’t care about Tom Barrett, did he? He wasn’t willing to do one thing! He barely lifted a little finger. That’s exactly what I mean. He tweeted less than 140 characters the day before the election. He barely lifted a little finger. He didn’t even have the public sector unions’ backs in Wisconsin. Who is it that has gone totally out of their way to do everything for Obama — and why? Because they love him personally? Nah! It’s because of the quid pro quo.

It’s because Obama is supposed to take care of them with Card Check and whatever else they want, like protect public school jobs no matter what the quality of the schools is. Where was Obama? The unions are spending out the wazoo in Wisconsin. Even yesterday in Madison (did you hear this?), the vote turnout was like 120%. Now, at first, people thought that there’s fraud and cheating going on — and there probably was. But what was also going on was: First-time registered voters.

You could register at the polls. I think, in Madison, Wisconsin, yesterday (I’m not sure about this, but I think) you could register the same day that you voted. And the unions were getting those people out. It was the unions. It was the unions who were thought to have everything on the line. Their pensions, their health care, their reputations. The unions going down the tubes yesterday, that’s the lesson. Every Republican governor ought to now have a spine of steel, and Walker…

Even TIME Magazine made this point: Walker did it by what? Not compromising! He didn’t compromise one time with anybody on the left. He stood fast on everything he believed. Yeah, he got 38% of union households. He didn’t compromise. The Republican establishment technique, the Republican establishment handbook to reach across the aisle and compromise to get the independents? Scott Walker said, “(Raspberry) to that,” and he wins by seven points.

Now, they’re claiming Walker outspent the unions. It’s just the other way around. They had hundreds of thousands of union people in that state. They were doing fundraising and intimidation. You saw the trashing of the capital after the unions got through. They were doing everything they could to intimidate Republican voters into staying home. They wanted ’em afraid to show up and vote! Walker did not compromise one thing. Every Republican governor in this country now ought to have a spine of steel.

The Republican establishment should have learned something major. It isn’t compromise with people who don’t want to compromise in the first place that secures the votes of independents. Not today. I don’t think ever. But it’s not how it happens. So the unions were all-in. Texas hold ’em, all-in. Obama didn’t lift a finger to help them. He held six fundraisers Friday, and he was within walking distance of the Wisconsin border on all of them.

He didn’t show up.

He didn’t set foot there.


Well, some political scientists may say, “It makes sense. He knew they were gonna lose and he didn’t want to be tied to the loss. He didn’t want the loss tied to him.” Sorry, Barack, it is. Despite what they say at MSNBC — despite what they says at CNN, ABC, CBS, and the New York Times — Barack Obama and the Democrat Party lost this election. There’s no other way to look at it. I’ll guarantee you: If the result had been the other way, if Barrett had won, would they not be saying Obama was the reason?

Would they not be saying, “We’ve gotta listen to the people of Wisconsin! We’ve gotta follow what the people of Wisconsin said!” If Barrett had won, we would be hearing how indicative that race was of what’s gonna happen in November. “It was a precursor,” they would tell us, and they would tell us, “This is a microcosm of this whole country.” But now that Walker won and the Democrat lost, it means nothing.

But in their bottom-line hearts and souls, the Democrat Party in Wisconsin and elsewhere knows that Barack Obama abandoned them. Mr. Lovable! Mr. Popularity! The guy who’s maybe having trouble in his policies, maybe having trouble in his approval numbers, but his personal likability is sky-high. And this guy doesn’t go use that? He doesn’t go to that state to help out his number one donors, the SEIU and the teachers unions? Why should anybody think that Obama will fight for them when he doesn’t even fight for his number one supporters?

He didn’t have Tom Barrett’s back. He didn’t have the public sector unions’ back. Bill Clinton does not have Obama’s back. Ed Rendell does not have Obama’s back. Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz is on her own. She’s a free agent. We’re talking about a Democrat Party in a massive state of disarray. Obama told the Democrat National Committee that he’s not gonna be giving any money to Democrat candidates. Don’t forget that story. That’s been out there twice now. Remember? Lights going on?

Obama says: You’re on your own; I don’t have enough money to give you guys.

He’s not gonna raise a billion dollars. So Obama has publicly told the DNC and Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz: “You’re not getting any money from me.” They’re on their own. No safety net. This is the guy that wants to set up death panels. The economy is in a death spiral. The husband of Obama’s own secretary of state, a former-two term Democrat president, is running around saying (impression), “Four — count ’em, four — balanced budgets! I’m the guy that gave you four balanced budgets.”

Mr. President, what do you mean?

“Well… (chuckles) I mean, for crying out loud! I gave you four balanced budgets, and this rank amateur up there — who has no inclination of how to show anybody any respect — is blowing this nation apart. Let me tell you what. I had a meeting with some powerful conservatives, and I told ’em privately: ‘You got six months. I can’t help you. I’ll do what I can, but you got six months to save this country. You got six months to save Hillary’s future and Chelsea’s. I’m telling you.'”

That story’s out there.

“I’m the guy with four balanced budgets.”

Yeah, the Republicans helped you in that.

“Well, yeah, yeah, yeah, but I took care of that in 1995. To hell with the Republicans. I did it. I’m the guy that gets credit for it, and everybody knows it.”


So the economy’s in a death spiral. Bill Clinton has declared our economy is in recession. He doesn’t have Obama’s back. Republican governors like Walker, Perry, Daniels, Jindal, McDonnell, they’re winning big battles against entrenched unions and other liberal special interest groups. Their states are balancing budgets, folks. States run by Republican governors are bringing back jobs. They’re building trust based on results and a healthy dose of conservatism.

And it’s all crashing down on the Wizards of Smart, on the elitists and the academics in their ivory towers. Yogi Berra summed this up. Yogi Berra is the guy that put all of what’s happening in perspective. Of all people… If you want to know exactly what’s going on with the Democrat Party, Yogi Berra had it. He said, “In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.”

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