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RUSH: Doug in Great Falls, Montana, I’m glad you waited. You’re up next here on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. I’d wait all day to talk to you again. I wanted to talk about something you touched on yesterday in that NRO article about the Democrat Party being a criminal empire. My nine-year-old son got interested in the American Mafia about a year ago, and he’s done a lot of research.

RUSH: Does he want to join?

CALLER: Oh, no. Oh, no. He did a lot of research and he starts telling me how “Lepke” Buchalter took over the unions and how Frank Costello was placing judges on the Supreme Court in New York. And I said, “Son, this is nothing compared to what this has worked its way up to now with Obama and the unions and the crony capitalism.” I told him I think it’s much more of a criminal empire than it was then. But we got talking about it, and I wonder if maybe Obama isn’t the John Gotti, ’cause when Gotti went, it fell apart. You know, he was so arrogant. He had the Teflon Don thing going. They thought they were so untouchable, it reminds me of Obama, and where’s the bench? What’s next? There’s nobody else there.

RUSH: Let me tell you something. And a lot of you people might be laughing. Let me tell you something. In the last couple of weeks, some mob guy or woman, maybe some mob guy’s wife, started ripping into Gotti for destroying the mob because he went all celebrity on ’em. He started going too public. He started dressing to the nines. He started attracting attention to himself. Everybody knew that the big powwows were at the Ravenite Social Club. The FBI went in there and bugged the place, that’s how they got him. Previous mob bosses did not flaunt their wealth. They did not live in public. They didn’t become celebrities and stars. And there’s a lot of mob guys that are joining this chorus of criticism of John Gotti on this. And here you have Obama as basically Barack Kardashian who’s going the full celeb route, and now telling Lewinsky jokes to the gays at a fundraiser out in Beverly Hills. It might be an apropos comparison.

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