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RUSH: Okay, folks, listen up. This next bite is astounding. Since the beginning of the regime we have told you that nothing you hear is real. And what’s next is a great illustration of this. Yesterday in Washington, during a House Oversight Reform Committee (it’s Darrell Issa’s committee), there was a hearing on the Labor Department’s jobs report. The Acting Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a guy named John Galvin, testified. And there was a Q&A.

And we put together a montage here of Darrell Issa and Galvin. They’re having a conversation about “green jobs.” Now, what’s interesting here is this is a regime hack from the Labor Department defining what a “green job” is. Now, keep in mind the regime is pushing green energy, green sector. They want you to believe that there’s a future in green jobs and that they’re out there creating a bunch of green jobs. So what Issa did is he went through the BLS report, and he was astounded when he found out what the regime is counting as “green jobs.” And that’s what the Q&A is all about.

ISSA: If you sweep the floor in a solar panel facility, is that a green job?


ISSA: If you drive a hybrid bus, public transportation, is that a green job?

GALVIN: According to our definition, yes.

ISSA: What about just any school bus driver?

GALVIN: (pause) Yes.

ISSA: What about the guy who puts gas in the school bus?


ISSA: How about employees at a bicycle shop?

GALVIN: I guess I’m not sure about that.

ISSA: The answer is yes, according to your definition. What about someone who works at an antique dealer?

GALVIN: I’m not sure about that, either.

ISSA: The answer is yes. Those are “recycled goods.” What about someone who works at the Salvation Army in their clothing recycling and furniture?

GALVIN: Right, because they’re selling recycled goods.

ISSA: What about workers at a consignment shop?

GALVIN: That’s a green job.

ISSA: Does the teenage kid who works full time at a used record shop count?

GALVIN: (irritated) Yes.

ISSA: Do garbage men have green jobs?


ISSA: How about an oil lobbyist? Wouldn’t an oil lobbyist count as having a green job if they’re engaged in advocacy related to environmental issues?


ISSA: Thank you.

RUSH: Green jobs.

That’s how they’re counting ’em.

That’s Darrell Issa talking to John Galvin from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So the next time you hear ’em talk about how great “green job” creation is, you now know it includes kids at bicycle shops and used record shops.

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