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RUSH: You know this Barack Hussein Kardashian, it’s spread like a rock ‘n’ roll virus out there, a rock ‘n’ roll rash. It’s just a throwaway line, but it’s spread. Let’s go to the audio sound bites. My old buddy Mario Lopez from Extra. Mario emceed the Miss America Pageant the final night that I judged, when I won the dance contest. Well, I don’t think I won it that night. Yeah, Mario zoomed in for two hours of work. After we had spent the whole week there doing judging, Mario zooms in, and he winked at me from up on stage. You know, from one professional to another, winked at me, gave me one of these little high five type things. Nobody else would have noticed it. Only two professionals would have realized the communication linkage that night. When was that, a couple years ago now. Anyway, last night on the syndicated TV program Extra here is Mario Lopez’s introduction and a portion of a report on Obama and raising money with Hollywood types. The correspondent here is a guy named Jerry Penacoli.

LOPEZ: The president parties with Hollywood’s biggest names and that’s why Rush Limbaugh is launching a new attack.

PENACOLI: Mr. President, welcome to Obamawood.

OBAMA: Thank you.

PENACOLI: Cher and son Chaz, Julia, Reese, and Ellen. As the president takes political fire from Rush.

RUSH: He is Celebrity of the United States. He is not the president.

PENACOLI: Mr. Obama cracking this joke with Ellen.

OBAMA: I want to thank my wonderful friend who accepts a little bit of teasing about Michelle beating her in pushups. I think she claims Michelle didn’t go all the way down. (laughter) That’s what I heard.

PENACOLI: But the star-packed campaign has some declaring war. Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh blasting Mr. Obama.

RUSH: He’s becoming Barack Kardashian.

PENACOLI: The White House Press Secretary’s response, quote, “Two words: Donald Trump.”

RUSH: So the president of the United States — I’m sure, by the way, they want this. They want Barack Kardashian on Extra and Entertainment Tonight. (interruption) You don’t think they do? Of course they do. Why else do it? Ah, ah, ah. Well, of course they know I’m right about it. He’s Celebrity of the United States. He doesn’t care. He’s heading for the young vote. He’s lost the young vote. Remember the polling? He’s way, way down in the youth vote because the idealism from three-and-a-half years ago is gone. He’s gotta reach out to ’em another way, and this is how he’s doing it. By the way, the fact that she didn’t go down all the way, the fact that that made it on, they meant to do that. That was not some faux pas slip of the tongue. No, I haven’t seen the video. Snerdley said he saw the video of Obama saying she didn’t go down all the way. And you say no doubt? No doubt. Just looked a little tired and that was it, right?

So, anyway, I’m convinced that they want this association. They want Obama on Extra and Entertainment Tonight. But this “Barack Hussein Kardashian” — wow.

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