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RUSH: Today, CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose, who doesn’t know any more now than he did back in 2008, is talking to Bob Schieffer. They had Bob Schieffer in because this is the segment on Friday where they promote Slay the Nation coming up on Sunday. So they bring Schieffer in — and all the networks do it — bring Schieffer in, “Bob, what do you have planned on Sunday for Face the Nation?” And Schieffer goes through his guest list and what he hopes to learn and what news they hope to make, and then they just have a general discussion about the news. And Charlie Rose and Schieffer decide that they want to talk about Obama’s week, how bad this week has been as the prelude to promoting Face the Nation.

ROSE: What do we have here, simply a bad week or is this something at the core of the president’s reelection effort that may be troubling for a while?

SCHIEFFER: The numbers that are really gonna count is what will the economic numbers be in October. Those are the numbers that voters will have, you know, right in their heads as they get ready to go in to cast their vote. Not a good week for the president by any stretch of the imagination, but I would just caution all those who think this is now over, there’s a lot of months, there’s a lot of days to go before we get to Election Day, but this has not been a good week.

RUSH: No, no, hasn’t been a good week, horrible week out there, but, Charlie, we still have time to monkey around with the numbers here at CBS. We still have time to do our polling here at CBS, and we still have time to really paint a really rosy economic picture here at CBS. There’s a lot of stuff we can do here, Char. Yeah, it’s bad week, but that’s now, and who knows what these next months will hold. The economy can recover here on CBS, Charlie. We can see to that. The economy could recover on Face the Nation on CBS, and CBS Evening News. Yeah. We can make that happen.

Then Bob tries to convince himself and Charlie that Obama can pull it off, salvage all this in the debates. That’s right. Charlie says, “And it does suggest some nervousness, does it not? I mean, look at today’s New York Post, slam on Cory, Cory Booker, mayor of Newark. ‘He’s dead to us.’ There is this idea that anybody who’s not on the same page gets criticized and has to go forth and apologize, as president Clinton did?”

SCHIEFFER: This is gonna be quite a campaign, Charlie. I think it’s the numbers in October and the debates in October that I think are gonna be the tipping point here. You know, we’ve never really seen Mitt Romney go one on one. He had all those people out on the stage with him during the Republican primaries. I think what is gonna be crucial here is when those debates happen in October and you see Mitt Romney on one side of the table and Barack Obama on the other. I think in the end that may be what decides all of this.

RUSH: All right, so now they’re panicking. Maybe we at CBS can’t make the economy look good enough on CBS. Obama, we have to rely on this guy’s superior intellect, his superior debate skill. That’s where he’s gonna pull it out. So the bottom line is they are worried. They are worried for The One, and they’re talking to each other about trying to make each other feel not as bad as they do.

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