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RUSH: Obama said he was too busy to campaign in Wisconsin. He was just too busy. Last night in Green Bay, correspondent Matt Smith talked to Obama and said, “A lot of Democrats are upset that you didn’t campaign for Tom Barrett.” Sound bite number seven here.

OBAMA: The truth of the matter is — is that, as president of the United States, I’ve got a lot of responsibilities.

RUSH: Yes.

OBAMA: I was (pause) supportive of Tom —


OBAMA: — and, uhh, and have been supportive of Tom. Obviously I would love to have seen a different result.

RUSH: Oh, yeah, yeah.

OBAMA: But the broader principle that, uh, what we want is an economy that is not just, uh, focused on the few at the top —

RUSH: See?

OBAMA: — but is a broad-based economy that, uh, invests in our future, that makes sure that, uh, we’ve got a strong education system, that, uh, is thinking workers, uh, and their ability to pay their bills.

RUSH: What the name of Sam Hill does that have to do with whether or not you went to Wisconsin to help Tom Barrett? He’s done 153 fundraisers! He flew over Wisconsin getting to and from these fundraisers. He could have landed there, but he didn’t want to get anywhere near it because he knew they were gonna lose. He was too busy being the president? “I have a lot of responsibilities! I was supportive of Tom! I sent a tweet out there. Who the hell do you think you are, you little pup reporter, asking these questions? I’m the president!

“I’ve got important things to do. I play basketball,” which, by the way, David Maraniss says he’s not very good at. This Maraniss biography really, really makes fun of Obama’s lack of talent. I forget the title of Maraniss’ book, but it’s devastating. You know, Obama’s got this big reputation as a great basketball player, and Maraniss just rips that away. That facade gets totally torn apart. And it’s a racial thing. It ends up being a racial thing. (interruption) Well, I don’t know. (unintelligible) Anyway here he is: “I’ve got a lot of responsibilities. Obviously I’d like to see a different result, but broader principle, we want an economy not be focused on the few…”

It’s exactly what I said he thinks about the private sector. The private sector is “the few at the top,” and they’re always there and they’re always rich. The private sector is where the discrimination is. The private sector is where the racism is. The private sector is where the people get shafted and screwed. The private sector, that’s what he thinks of it. “We want an economy focused not on a few at the top, but a broad-based economy that invests in our future, strong education.” So, need new teachers. “Thinking about workers, their ability to pay their bills.” Workers! It’s a communist term, “workers.” Castro talks about his people as “workers.”

He was too busy to campaign in Wisconsin, but he was all around it and even flying over it.

The Maraniss book is called “Barack Obama: The Story.”


RUSH: Dean in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, welcome to the EIB Network. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Thank you. First, longtime listener, first-time caller. President Obama dropped the ball twice last week. He didn’t support Tom Barrett in the state of Wisconsin, and he didn’t do a thing for students and tuition costs because the University of Wisconsin board of regents upped tuition costs across the board 5.5%. He coulda been here, organized a protest —

RUSH: Wait just a second.

CALLER: — had the students up in arms.

RUSH: Just a minute here. Are you telling me that while everybody was distracted with the recall election, the board of regents, University of Wisconsin, snuck a 5% tuition increase in there?

CALLER: Well, they’re proud of it. It’s on the news.

RUSH: Well, they’re proud that it passed, but they snuck the effort in there while all of this was going on, right?

CALLER: Yes. Only one “no” vote.

RUSH: Only one “no” vote on the board of regents.

CALLER: Board of regents. University of Wisconsin board of regents. Only one “no” vote.

RUSH: Well, that’s crazy. I don’t believe that, because Obama just made a speech where he condemned rising tuition costs. We just played the tape today.

CALLER: He shoulda been here organizing a protest.

RUSH: Shoulda been. You’re right. He blew it twice. He didn’t help Tom Barrett, and now the students at Wisconsin get the shaft, all because Obama was doing 153 fundraisers, flying all around and over the state but could not bring himself to land.

CALLER: Terrible, huh?

RUSH: Selfish. Selfish. (interruption) What did you say, H.R.? Bad week. I thought you said “bad leak.” That would work, too. Dean, I appreciate the call.

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