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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve heard me speak of my grandfather, my father, and my family on the program quite often. I dedicated my second book to my grandfather, Rush Limbaugh Sr. The dedication was: “To my grandfather Rush Limbaugh, the Limbaugh everybody should know.” A man by the name of Dennis Bowman took it upon himself, with no advance and no funding from anybody, to write a biography of my grandfather. And he peddled it and peddled it. And the University of Missouri Press in Columbia and London has published the book.

It’s entitled The Original Rush Limbaugh, and Mr. Bowman did this clearly as a… What’s the phrase? It was a labor of love and respect. Everybody that knew my grandfather was profoundly impacted by him. He was a mythological figure. You’ve heard everybody in their family has somebody that’s Mr. Perfect. They never smoked, never drank, never had a moral failing or anything of the sort. If anybody ever got close to that, it was my grandfather.

Everybody in the family grew up hoping to please him, wanting to emulate him. It was his grand design to have this gigantic law firm one day: “Limbaugh, Limbaugh, Limbaugh,” ad infinitum, “& Russell.” Throw somebody in there just to give somebody else a chance. And so the book is out, and here’s what it looks like. (I’m showing it on the Dittocam.) I just wanted to make mention of it because Mr. Boman, Dennis Boman, has worked very hard on this.
He talked to a lot of us in the family and a lot of people outside the family who knew my grandfather, and I just wanted to thank him for doing it ’cause he put in a lot of time. For no reward. As I said, there was no advance. He just did this really as a matter of respect. And I just wanted to let everybody know that the book has now been published, and everybody in the family is as proud of it as they can be.

It’s called: The Original Rush Limbaugh: Lawyer, Legislator, and Civil Libertarian.

The Original Rush Limbaugh.

So thank you, Mr. Boman. It’s a great piece of work, too.


RUSH: Hey, since we’re talking about books, don’t forget my brother’s book on Obama, The Great Destroyer. That’s the book to have for any discussion that you have with anybody about Obama. There are things that you have forgotten that will blow your mind in just 3-1/2 years. The Great Destroyer by David Limbaugh. Dennis Boman, who wrote the book on my grandfather, was a Lincoln scholar — Abe Lincoln, who was my grandfather’s idol.

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