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RUSH: Here’s Axelrod. This was December 21st, 1994, in Chicago on a TV show called Chicago Tonight on WTTW Eyeball News TV. And he’s talking to the host then, a guy named John Callaway, and they’re talking about the economy as a campaign issue in 1994.

AXELROD DECEMBER 21, 1994: One of the interesting things about this is that, as you cite these statistics that say the economy is improving, you almost do political damage to yourself. If you stand up and claim great progress, you’re only frustrating this alienated middle class more, and that was the key. The other thing is I think Bush tastelessly did it often from the ninth hole and from the cigar boat (sic) and other places, and the impression you got is that he was out of touch with the average —

CALLOWAY: You just like to beat up on Bush.

AXELROD DECEMBER 21, 1994: It’s the only thing we have left.

RUSH: Yeah, Bush was out on the golf course, Axelrod says. Out on the golf course. He was in the cigarette boat. It’s a cigarette boat, not a cigar boat. Yeah, and he was talking about the economy coming back, it was 1994, and Bush doing this stuff. Well, Bush before the campaigns, he’s talking about, but Bush was on golf course, and that’s outta touch. Here’s a guy that played more rounds of golf in two years than Bush played in four. I’m talking about 41. So you can take all this stuff, you can throw it right back at them. They’re not the super-smart, infallible team, Axelrod and Plouffe, that everybody thinks that they are.

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