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RUSH: Now, here’s our buddy Bob Lutz. He was on with Larry Kudlow last night, the Kudlow Report on CNBC. Kudlow said, “Do you believe that business believes that Romney will be really much better for business? Business has been very profitable under Obama, some of ’em. I know they’re not hiring, and I know it’s an anemic economy in terms of growth rate, but business has made a lot of money under Obama, Mr. Lutz.”

LUTZ: All of the businessmen I talk to are worried about this administration, worried about where the country is going, and they’re solidly behind —

KUDLOW: All right. Sorry.

LUTZ: — the Republican Party.

RUSH: Why did Kudlow seem uninterested in that? What’s Kudlow talking about here, all the businesses doing great under Obama? Anyway, Lutz, former General Motors vice-chairman, who’s blaming me for the failure of the Volt, says that all the businessmen he talks to are worried about this administration, worried about the economy, solidly behind the Republican Party.

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