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RUSH: Okay, Obama’s big speech is this hour. He’s in Cleveland. This is the big reset speech. This is the speech where there’s gonna be plenty of blame for Bush, because there’s a Gallup poll out that says 68% of the American people hold Bush more responsible for this than they hold Obama for it. I kid you not. Fifty-two percent blame Obama. A combined, to one degree or another, blame Bush 68%. That will be a home run for Obama to run with, that and Europe. But I want to give you some things to keep in mind during this blamethrower speech that’s coming up.

As you listen to him complain, as you listen to him blame, as you listen to Obama whine, combined with all the progress we’re making, that it would be even faster if it was not for that dreaded Bush and how horrible he was, keep in mind what Obama’s really doing is telling us he doesn’t have what it takes to fix what Bush did wrong. It’s stunning. You take this out to its most logical conclusion, and what we’re hearing from Obama is, “This Bush guy was so bad, I can’t fix it. I’ve been at it three-and-a-half years, and I can’t fix it, and there’s no reason to reelect me. I’ve shown I don’t know how to fix it.” That’s what he’s saying. He doesn’t know it, but that’s what he’s saying. And that’s what I’m gonna continue to remind people he’s saying.

But you keep in mind, when you hear this speech or when you see highlights of it, whenever you see it, he chose to run for president. He chose to accuse Bush of being unpatriotic for increasing the deficit. He chose to promise that he would cut the deficit in half by now. He chose a nearly $1 trillion shovel-ready stimulus that was nothing more than a slush fund for public employee union members. He chose trillion-dollar budget deficits every year. He chose to jam Obamacare down our throats. He chose to go to war against the fossil fuel industry. The thing to keep in mind, everything that is happening in this country that has gone wrong, he chose to do it, starting with choosing to run for president. You keep that in mind as you hear him blame other people. And even if he doesn’t blame other people, he’s still gonna whine because he’s a baby.

He’s really nothing more than a childish baby who grew up pampered and one of these people, self-esteem left and right, “You’re special. You’re wonderful. The world couldn’t survive without you. The world is a better place with you in it, little Barack.” It is not in him to be humble. Humility and Obama are strangers. He can’t even fake that, I don’t think. Barack Obama cannot escape his choices. The Democrats took over Congress in 2007. Barack Obama never tried to trim one Bush budget while he was in the Senate. He voted for every spending measure that Bush sent up there. He voted for every spending measure the Republicans or the Democrats in the House initiated.

As you listen to him today, you remember this, please. He chose everything that’s happening, including to run for president. He did not oppose one penny of spending. He said that he had a plan for the country when he ran for office. The American people gave Barack Obama a Democrat Senate and a Democrat Congress for two years to execute his plan. He had majority control over the executive and legislative branches for two years. The Republicans couldn’t stop anything that Obama and the Democrats wanted to do. They didn’t have the votes in the House of Representatives, and they didn’t, of course, anywhere near the Senate. They didn’t have the chance to stop anything. The Democrats could have got everything they want for two years.

Obama baked massive deficits into the cake, starting in his first year. And with that stimulus fund, that slush fund, the baseline was expanded by nearly a trillion dollars guaranteeing trillion-dollar deficits every year after that, if nobody did anything. Now, the Republicans in the House since 2011 have slowed Obama’s spending urges. There is gridlock, and this is one of the greatest illustrations of the value of gridlock, is that Obama has been thwarted, but he baked a bunch of deficit expansion into this budget the first two years that nobody has been able to do anything about. Every year Obama submitted budgets, and his budgets were so outrageous that not even the Democrats in the House and Senate voted for it. Not one.

So Obama baked all of this deficit expansion and all of this debt into the cake the first two years. It’s his signature, it’s his cake, it’s his recipe. George Bush was nowhere around. Obama also baked massive baseline spending increases into the cake, regulatory increases. And along with all of this came massive uncertainty, which has paralyzed business in this country. Business is paralyzed, the standpoint of investing in itself because they don’t know what’s ahead. They fear what’s ahead if Obama’s reelected. They’re sitting on what they’ve got, rather than invest it in a losing economy and a losing proposition. You keep all this in mind as you listen to him, because everything that has happened has been his choice. Everything that he’s done has his signature on it. It’s his recipe. It was his kitchen. It was his oven, and it was his cake that he baked with all of these things in it. He made his choices. In November we will make ours.


RUSH: Barack Oblame-o. Barack Kardashian Oblame-o claims that people aren’t listening. Just this week he said they’re not following the ups and downs, the ins and outs of the campaign. It’s too soon. Why is he giving a speech today, then, if people aren’t paying attention? Let us use our intelligence guided by experience, shall we? When you say things are fine — when things are fine, things are operating in a normal manner — do you pay attention to ’em? Do you inspect your refrigerator condenser coil or fan when everything’s okay? Do you schedule a doctor’s appointment when you’re feeling good?


When things are going right, you don’t notice it, ’cause that’s what “is.” That’s what should be. When everything’s normal, you go about your business. It’s when things aren’t working, when things aren’t right that you notice ’em. And things aren’t right. And they haven’t been right for many, many moons. And they are getting worse. And I think the fact that Obama is gonna go out and make a speech today is a tantamount admission that people are paying attention, which is not good for him. Here, grab sound bite number five. We have The Forehead here last night on CNN with Anderson Cooper, who said, “What’s your take on what Carville had to say about [Oblame-o]’s message being off.”

BEGALA: He’s my best friend for almost 30 years now, and also I advise the pro-Obama super PAC. At the same time, I think James has a point. Elections are always about the future, not the past. It is very difficult for incumbents to understand that. I know the president has, actually, stopped the Bush depression. I know he’s created 4.3 million private sector jobs. If you go out there and say that, though, to those 25 million Americans who are hurting — and the hundred million Americans, uh, who are worried — you’re not gonna be well received. So I do think the president’s gotta make this much more about the future.

RUSH: Yeah. He can’t make it about the present or the past. He’s nailing shut his own coffin. But this 4.3 million jobs is a bogus number. How do you lose over two million people from the labor force and create four million jobs out of that? There’s so much smoke and mirrors going on here. There certainly isn’t any truth. So even The Forehead says, “Don’t talk about how great it is. With all these people hurting and 25 million out of work, you don’t talk about the private sector being fine.”

See, if the economy is not doing fine — and it isn’t. Unemployment is over 8% for the longest period since the Great Depression. It is. We got Taxmageddon months away. It’s been said if nothing’s done, the economy might collapse because of these tax increases coming. If Obamacare is left in place and you lose your insurance (and many people will), would you be following the ups and downs, the ins and outs of this campaign? Were the voters in Wisconsin paying attention?

You know, Obama’s lying to himself.

He’s telling himself (impression), “Well, people aren’t paying attention now. It’s too soon. They’re not following ups and downs, ins and outs of the campaign. It ain’t happening.” People in Wisconsin were paying attention. People in Indiana were paying attention. People in Utah were paying attention. They’re paying attention everywhere. If people aren’t following current events that affect their lives, why were so many people who were once obsessed with Obama now so disinterested?

Why has he lost 20% of the black vote in the polls in North Carolina if people aren’t paying attention? Why would all these emphatic, slavish idolizers of Obama change their minds and go “ho-hum” if they weren’t paying attention? Why are so many polls showing major shifts in voting preferences? Why have so many Jewish voters in New York bailed on Obama (again, according to the polls)? ‘Cause they’re not paying attention? Why did so many young voters vote in Wisconsin?

Scott Walker got the lion’s share of voters under the age of 25. Why have the “yutes” become so unenthusiastic about The One? Could it be that they’re paying attention to the fact that they can’t find jobs? Could it be that they’re paying attention to the rising student loan debt that they are incurring? Let’s stop all this nonsense. Obama’s always gonna minimize his problem. It’s the way he’s wired. His narcissism won’t allow him to be critical of himself, and he doesn’t have any humility.

So blame Bush!

The Politico has an excerpt, they say, from the Obama speech. It’s not much of one, but here’s what The Politico says the president will say: “This election offers the American people a chance to break the stalemate between two fundamentally different visions of how to grow the economy, create middle-class jobs, and pay down the debt.” (repeating) “This election offers the American people a chance to break the stalemate between two fundamentally different visions…” Uh, I think what the American people want to do is stop this vision, the Obama vision. Everybody sees it with 20/20 vision. They don’t want any more of it. That’s why he’s making the speech.

Let’s go to the Theodore, Texas. Hi, Carolyn. I’m glad you called. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. It’s a great honor to speak to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I ponder a lot of things that I listen to all the time, and one of the things that’s come to mind… Well, I have a couple of points, if you’ll bear with me. The first one is that I think all the super PACs need to get together and slam Obama over this do-nothing Congress. Thank God we have a do-nothing Congress! If you can see where we got to by 2010, imagine where we’d be right now if they still got everything through they wanted.

RUSH: Yep, that’s exactly right. Well, you’ll be happy to hear that Sheldon Adelson, who is a big Las Vegas casino gaming tycoon (he was funding Gingrich’s campaign for a while) has donated $10 million to Romney’s super PAC.

CALLER: Yes, sir, I understand that. I’m aware of that.

RUSH: Well, that ought to make you pretty happy out there.

CALLER: Well, yes, sir. It does. But another point I’d like to make is that you were speaking along these lines a few minutes ago when you were talking about our whiner of a president. And I think, number one: We need common sense in these offices. And, number two: Anybody would be better than Obama. Because it is so painfully obvious that he has absolutely no experience in dealing with anything. And to that extent, I think there’s a lot of abuse of power in the way that he’s governing.

RUSH: See, that… You’ve hit on something. For what his intentions are and for what he intends to do, he doesn’t need any experience. Everybody keeps looking… I’m not criticizing you. Everybody keeps looking at this guy through the traditional lens of politics. “Yeah, he’s gotta have a deficit reduction program. Yeah.” No, no, no! This guy doesn’t need any of that. For what he intends, he doesn’t need any experience. He just needs the will to do it. This guy is out to transform our country, not fix anything. And the reason for blaming Bush is to set the table for his continued reconstitution of this country.


RUSH: So President Oblame-o saying that we need to vote for him to end the stalemate. There’s a stalemate here. Two visions to fix the economic mess, and we need to vote for him to end the stalemate. Now, the problem with that approach is, he’s the problem. He’s the reason for the stalemate. People are trying to stop him. That’s why there’s a stalemate. He thinks if he wins, the message will be sent that people are supporting what he wants to do, and everybody will bow down, get out of the way, let it happen. And you couldn’t blame him for that interpretation if he does win.

Go back to Ronaldus Magnus. Ronaldus Magnus won because he ran on fixing Carter’s mess. That’s what he said he was gonna do. He was gonna fix Carter’s mess, and he succeeded. And then he was reelected after doing that before. Now, this stalemate business, I made a big point mere moments ago, and I want you to work very hard remembering this. For two years, Obama was and had a juggernaut. The Republicans could not stop him. That’s why, if you recall, the election of Scott Brown to the Senate, Massachusetts, was so noteworthy. It kept the Senate from having 60 votes. They couldn’t be stopped those two years. Obama ran on the promise he was gonna fix Bush’s mess. He’s made it worse. By blaming Bush for it he’s admitting he doesn’t have what it takes to fix what Bush did wrong, and yet he wants four more years to try, theoretically. But Obama had a Democrat House and a Democrat Senate.

So if he couldn’t do it then, if his vision couldn’t at least begin to turn things around in two years with unstoppable power, what difference is a reboot gonna make? I hope The Politico’s right. I hope that that’s the theme of the speech, because that theme can be fitted for a cement swimsuit and put on him. I’m telling you, two competing visions. We’ve had two years of unobstructed Obama juggernaut power. They couldn’t fix it. They made it worse.

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