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RUSH: I think we have yet a new name for our president. He’s not just Barack Hussein Kardashian. He’s now Barack Oblame-o Kardashian. They’re keeping it up. They’re blaming Bush, and now they’ve got a Gallup poll which says that’s the smart thing to do.


RUSH: Now, look, there might be some good news for Oblame-o here. I actually don’t believe this, but I’m just gonna tell you what the news is. After his latest worst week ever, according to a Gallup poll that came out today, even though George W. Bush has been outta office for nearly three-and-a-half years, Gallup says 68% of the people polled still blame him, Bush, for a great deal or moderate amount for our economic woes. So obviously there were two categories and they’re combining the two and getting a grand total of 68% who blame Bush somewhat or a lot. Fifty-two percent believe Obama’s to blame.

Now, that’s still not a good number for Oblame-o. Fifty-two percent, but let’s again look at this poll. Sixty-eight percent blame Bush a great deal or moderate amount for our economic woes. Now, put this in perspective, a little historical perspective. Barack Oblame-o has been in office nearly six months longer than John Kennedy was president. Can you imagine how absurd it would be to have heard Kennedy still blaming Eisenhower for the state of the economy by this point in his presidency? But I think this poll — and, you know, we can cherry-pick this stuff. We can look at a poll that doesn’t make sense, that we don’t like, and say, “Okay, well, how could this be massaged?”

I think any poll involving Obama is going to have a bit of a Bradley Effect to it. You get a phone call or somebody runs into you at the mall: “Who do you think’s responsible for the bad economy?” “Not the black guy. You just make sure you got me on this, not the black guy. I don’t think the black guy has anything to do with it.” You can’t tell me that that’s not a factor in every Oblame-o poll. I don’t know to what extent.

Matt Drudge just posted a couple stories and one of them backs up something that I read last night. Michael Barone is back, National Review Online, with another great column. This one details who it is that Obama is actually listening to for campaign advice. Not so much listening to for campaign advice, but who he’s trying to please. And it is rich, rich liberals. For example, on the Keystone pipeline, there is some rich billionaire heiress woman, Susie Buell or something, I don’t remember her last time. This woman is an environmentalist wacko fruitcake nut who has all these concerns about groundwater poisoning and so forth. She picketed an Obama fundraiser. A billionaire heiress went out and picketed a performance or an appearance of his somewhere.

Barone says she’s the reason the Keystone pipeline has not been approved. That that’s who he cares about. He cares about the money from the richest liberals in this country, and he goes through with some names and some locales. Now, I’ve got the Barone article here toward the end of the Stack, so I don’t think I can just find it right off the top of my head. I’m going to have to pretty soon because, as I say, Drudge just posted a story here from Breitbart that starts out: ” Michael Barone is correct, Obama really needs to stop taking advice from wealthy, limousine liberals.” And the point of this story is that it’s Steven Spielberg who is behind Obama’s failed attack on Bain Capital. This story is laying it off on Spielberg. It was Spielberg’s idea. It was Spielberg’s advice to Obama to have him head out after Romney and Bain.

It says here: “If you were looking for advice on how tell a story that would impact millions upon millions of people, would you go to a director whose last four films were ‘War Horse,’ ‘The Adventures of Tintin,’ ‘Indiana Jones 4,’ and ‘Munich?’ Nope. But Team Obama did, and what they got in return was a continuation of the ongoing Spielberg flop-streak.” This guy’s point is that Spielberg’s last four movies have bombed, that he really doesn’t know how to reach an audience anymore, and so why would you listen to him?

“At DreamWorks Studios, Steven Spielberg spent three hours explaining how to capture an audienceÂ’s attention and offered a number of ideas that will be rolled out before Election Day. An early example of SpielbergÂ’s influence is RomneyEconomics.com, a website designed by the Obama team to tell the story — a horror story, by their reckoning — of Mitt RomneyÂ’s career at Bain Capital. Afterward, Spielberg insisted that Messina sit down with the DreamWorks marketing team. Hollywood movie studios are expert, as presidential campaigns also must be, at spending huge sums over a few weeks to reach and motivate millions of Americans.

“Obama campaign advisor Jim Messina took the meeting and is adamant the Bain attacks worked, but then I’d like to know why the Bain attacks have stopped cold?” Obama did revive it a little bit in the last couple of days. So that’s that. The point of this story is Spielberg not only offered advice, he was the instigator of the attack on Bain. Now, we’ll wait and see if Spielberg denies this. ‘Cause, remember, we’re talking about Barack Hussein Kardashian Oblame-o. The guy lays it off on anybody he can.

The next story: “ObamaÂ’s Messina Taps GoogleÂ’s Schmidt for Wisdom on Winning Race — The day after Jim Messina quit his job as White House deputy chief of staff in January 2011, he caught a plane to Los Angeles, paid a brief visit to his girlfriend, and then commenced what may be the highest-wattage crash course in executive management ever undertaken.

“He was about to begin a new job as Barack ObamaÂ’s campaign manager, and being a diligent student with access to some very smart people, he arranged a rolling series of personal seminars with the CEOs and senior executives of companies including Apple Inc. (AAPL), Facebook Inc. (FB), Zynga Inc. (ZNGA), Google Inc. (GOOG), Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), Salesforce.com Inc. (CRM), and DreamWorks SKG, Bloomberg Businessweek reports in its June 18 issue. ‘I went around the country for literally a month of my life interviewing these companies and just talking about organizational growth, emerging technologies, marketing,’ he says at ObamaÂ’s campaign headquarters in Chicago.

“In two long, private conversations, Steve Jobs tore into Messina for all the White House was doing wrong and what it ought to be doing differently, before going on to explain how the campaign could exploit technology in ways that hadnÂ’t been possible before.”
They ended up choosing Eric Schmidt of Google for wisdom. Now this is a guy, Barack Oblame-o, who has his whole career done everything he can to make people think that he’s for the little guy, the average guy, the people that community organizers need, union workers, the working class. More and more we learn this guy not only in his own mind is an elitist, but that’s who he hangs around with and that’s who he takes advice from. And so somehow he’s talking to these technology whizzes, getting advice on what to do with his campaign.

In the meantime, why don’t they give him some advice on what to do with the economy, while they’re at it? The people that Oblame-o was talking to are doing well in the economy. And I just… It’s quite telling. There’s always been the association of Democrats and Hollywood. That’s nothing new here. But for these people to be orchestrating it? It’s interesting. So now, whatever happens in the campaign, they can lay that off on Eric Schmidt. And the Bain thing falling flat, they can blame that not just on Cory Booker. They can blame that on Spielberg now.

By the way, tonight’s the big night, Oblame-o over at Sarah Jessica Parker’s house with Anna Wintour. One of the theories about Anna Wintour being involved is she’s up for the ambassadorial position to Great Britain, the Court of St. James, which literally is a party post. It is the post that requires the least amount of diplomatic talent or skills. It basically is a social position. That’s where she’s from. Apparently… (interruption) Well, it’s the Kennedy post.

But, you know, a friend of mine, Charlie Price from Kansas City, was Reagan’s ambassador to the court of St. James. It traditionally goes to among the highest and wealthiest of the presidency’s donors. As I say, it’s not really a diplomatic post. You go do some charity stuff and you hang around and you learn the way to all the castles and secret bedrooms there and have fun. And then you dress up properly whenever it’s called for. It really is a plum post. Apparently that’s what she’s angling for.

So tonight you have Sarah Jessica Parker at her house, hosting the big winner with the $3 winner, the $3 donor. And then Oblame-o and his wife, Michelle Antoinette, get in the limo and they head up to the Plaza Hotel where there is another dinner and fundraiser. The headliner there is Mariah Carey, but guess who is the co-host? Cory Booker! (interruption) I thought he was dead, too, but then I read that Cory Booker is going to be the co-host, or whatever the word is. Yeah, I think it’s co-host of the event. (interruption)

Well, we don’t know that he’s resurrected. We don’t know that he’s actually going to be permitted in or show up. So basically… Look, what we’ve learned here so far? Obama listens to the 1%. He’s out there trying to make everybody think he hates ’em. And he’s gonna punish ’em and he’s gonna get even with ’em and he’s gonna take everything they’ve got. They’re being blamed for everything. And, meanwhile, that’s who he’s listening to. The people Obama is getting advice from are completely dependent on private equity.

Spielberg’s worth a lot of money, but his movie production place still has to have money, investors, and so forth. Private equity. Same thing with Google: Private equity. The real powers, the real powers in Hollywood are the people who can get the money out of private equity. That’s who the powerbrokers are there. So, anyway, we’re off and running here. Bill Clinton, by the way, they dredged this up. Two years ago… It’s in USA Today. Two years ago, Bill Clinton said (impression), “Hey, I want everybody to listen to me.

“Just give us two years. If it doesn’t work, vote us out.” Now that surfaced. “Just give us two years, and if it doesn’t work, then just vote us out.” I don’t know what he meant by “us.” I think he meant the Democrat Party. And… Oh! Oh, yes. Smack-dab in the middle of our program today on the EIB Network, Barack Oblame-o with his “major speech.” It’s at 1:45 Eastern time, a “major speech” where he… I think it’s in Cleveland? I’m not sure where it is. It’s Ohio somewhere. (interruption) I don’t know if I’m gonna JIP it. It’s a “major speech” from Oblame-o and it could go an hour.

I’m just telling you this.

A little note here to our affiliate stations: If I JIP it, I will pause for commercial breaks. I am not gonna throw away our obscene profit time-outs. We will, if I JIP it, take our spot breaks. But it’s a major, major reset speech. This is where he’s gonna once again tell everybody he’s got their back. That he cares. That he understands. Probably gonna blame Bush, got that Gallup poll out there. There’s gonna be a lot more blaming Bush. By the way, the Drive-Bys are very uncomfortable with this. Grab sound bite number four. Gloria Borger last night on Anderson Cooper 1. He said, “If people don’t think things are getting better, can the president be reelected?”

BORGER: The problem about trying to characterize the economy or talk about the economy is that the economy speaks for itself. You know how you feel around the dinner table in your household; what’s happening to your savings account. You can’t really characterize the economy for other people. Now, what President Obama can do and what he’s been trying to do is sort of say, “Look, here was the context in which I came to the presidency. We were in a ditch. I’m trying to get you out of it.” And the Democrats that I was talking to today are saying, “That’s fine, but you can’t sound like you’re whining when you’re president of the United States because that’s not what people expect from a leader.”

RUSH: Sorry. That’s what he sounds like, Gloria. He does sound like he’s whining and complaining. It comes across. So they’re concerned about it. They’re softening on it because of the Gallup poll, but they’re still worried he might come across as whining about it. But some things to say about this. I just want you to keep some things in mind during Oblame-o’s blame-thrower speech, ’cause that’s what it’s gonna be. And the basic thing I want you to remember is: He chose everything that’s happening here.

He chose to run for president.

He chose to accuse Bush.

All of it, he chose.


RUSH: Here’s the Barone piece: “Who does Barack [Oblame-o] listen to? Not Republican politicians. Evidently weeks go by between his conversations with Speaker John Boehner… Not Democratic politicians. We have it on good authority that he seldom talks to Democratic members of Congress. … But there is one group of people [Oblame-o] has to listen to: the people who give him large sums of money. He recently attended his 150th fundraiser. That’s more than the number attended by the last four presidents put together.”

His fundraisers dwarf other presidents’ just as does his debt creation.

“Obama has seen enough Architectural Digest-type interiors in Park Avenue triplexes and Beverly Hills mansions, and on the block in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights, where every house is owned by a billionaire, to develop an expertise in Louis XV walnut commodes and Brunschwig & Fils fabrics.” For those of you in Rio Linda, let me explain. A Louis XV walnut commode is not a toilet. I don’t want you thinking that Obama’s hanging around places where there are wood toilets. That’s not what a commode is.

“He’s also had plenty of chances to absorb the advice of the kind of rich liberals who like to give money to Democratic presidents. And the evidence that he has taken some of that advice is his initiatives on three issues… The first and least risky of these stands is his endorsement of same-sex marriage. Many Democratic money-givers, straight as well as gay, have strong convictions on this issue,” and so that decision was driven by big money. “The second issue on which Obama seems to have been listening to his money-givers was the health-insurance mandate requiring employers to pay for contraceptives and abortifacients.”

That, apparently, is coming from rich donors.

But don’t forget: He doesn’t need any help there.


RUSH: So the third issue… Barone says there are three problematic issues for Obama that are getting him in trouble. And he’s taking positions because he’s listening to the big money 1%, elite, rich liberals. Okay. “The first and least risky,” just to repeat, is “same-sex marriage. … The second issue on which Obama seems to have been listening to his money-givers was the health-insurance mandate requiring employers to pay for contraceptives and abortifacients.” This is the religious thing.

And when you start talking about rich Hollywood liberals, the 1%, they hate religion. They despise it. And so this is a huge, huge deal. “The third issue is the Keystone XL pipeline, which would transport oil produced from tar sands in Canada to United States refineries and create thousands of jobs in the process. Earlier this year, Susie Buell Tompkins (sic), John Kerry’s fourth-biggest money-raiser in 2004, picketed outside an Obama fundraiser at San Francisco’s W Hotel to protest the pipeline.

“She wanted Obama’s State Department to block it because she thinks tar-sands production hurts the environment and the planet.” So because of one wacko rich female liberal, Obama says “no” to the Keystone pipeline. At least, that’s Barone’s point. And the Canadians are making arrangements now for other pipelines. They’re not waiting for us. Now, one thing about that. I have no doubt that Michael Barone is true here. But none of these things are off Obama’s radar. He’s perfectly…

This “evolution” of same-sex marriage, that was gonna happen.

They wanted to wait until closer to the campaign bullet-points like a convention, or Labor Day. They wanted to wait for a really big impact. But these people insisted. He was gonna do that anyway. The Keystone pipeline, we know that he’s personally opposed to fossil fuels. These people just give him added impetus. None of these things are off his intellectual radar. So that’s who he is. And now Spielberg gave him the idea to go after Romney and Bain Capital. And Eric Schmidt at Google is advising the campaign via Jim Messina.

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