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RUSH: Joe Biden. Where was he? He was in Orlando, Florida, at the 2012 Annual Meeting, US Conference of Mayors. Just listen to this. Just listen to this!

BIDEN: If I blindfolded Americans and took them into some of the airports or ports in China, and then took one of them to any of your cities in the middle of the night just so that they could see it. If I said, “which one is in America and which one is in China,” most Americans would say, “That great one is in America.” It’s not.

RUSH: Joe Biden just told an audience at the US Conference of Mayors that the great ports, the great airports are in China — that if he blindfolded you and took you to a bunch of ports in China and America, and asked you which one was the best, and he didn’t know where you’d been, you would have identified the ones in China. That’s a hell of a reason to reelect these people, isn’t it? Three-and-a-half years in, and if they blindfolded you and took you around, you would think the best airports and ports are in China! This guy is running for reelection.

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