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RUSH: Paul in Enterprise, Alabama. Hi. Welcome to Open Line Friday.

CALLER: Great to talk to you, Rush. Thanks for all you’ve done for the country and — and for these charities that you work for, too.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: I just wanted your opinion. I know we need to get rid of Barack Kardashian, but Harry Reid scares me almost as much. He seems as large a threat to the Constitution as Obama does. When he won’t let bills come to the floor, the Republicans get blamed at do-nothings.

RUSH: I’m gonna tell you something, Paul. I want to actually thank you, because you are dead right about this. What really needs to happen here — outside the presidential race — is that conservatives need to get control of the Senate. Republicans second, but conservatives need to get control of the Senate, and Harry Reid has to go. And you are exactly right. I want to just assure you — one of our sponsors, FreedomWorks, has that as one of their objectives. They are a Tea Party aggregator, if you will, or Tea Party bunch, and that is an active part of their agenda, and you could not be more right than you are about the. And I’m glad that you permeated the noise and got through with that today to remind me.

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