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RUSH: My friends, the Drive-By Media is in a state of shock. They’re depressed and disappointed. They’re fearful for the future. Barack Hussein Obama cannot even please them with speeches anymore. Do you realize what that does to them? The speech — speeches — that’s where he shows how smart he is! His ability to talk, it counts for so much. And I know that it does. The greater your vocabulary and the greater your ability to use it, for example, the greater the odds are you’ll convince people that you are intelligent and educated.

No matter what you say, it’s how you say it. The right pauses, inflections. If you have the correct intonations and onomatopoeia and patterns of the elite Northeast, that’s all it takes. It doesn’t matter what you say. It’s like David Brooks. “I have never seen a sharper crease in a pant. That man’s going to be a great president!” Ah, it’s brilliant! What powers of observation Brooks must have. It doesn’t matter what you say. You have the proper, uh, pauses, uh, where you are thinking, uh, on your feet.

Your mind is racing so fast and the eyebrows raised occasionally now and then and you look around… And that gave the media orgasms. And now after this thing yesterday, not even Obama’s speeches please them! Jonathan Alter on MSNBC (he’s a Newsweek editor) said, “It was one of the least successful speeches I’ve seen Obama give in several years. It was long-winded. He had a good argument to make. At the beginning of his speech he seemed to be making it in a fairly compelling way but he lost the thread. It was way too long. He lost the audience by the end.”


RUSH: Here’s the media montage…

YELLIN: This is the second time in the last week and a half he’s gone out to talk about the economy without really offering something new.

ALTER: This, honestly, was one of the least successful speeches I’ve seen Barack Obama give.

FREELAND: I don’t think the president, in particular, did as good a job as he’s gonna have to do to be reelected.

DOBBS: I don’t see what was framed. I don’t see why he bothered!

WILLIAMS: The legitimate criticism here is: No new ideas.

RIVERA: You can’t have a speech in a place like Cleveland and not have specifics on your plan.

BORGER: A president who whines about what a terrible situation he’s in and, “Woe is me.”

KLEIN: I don’t think this kind of speech does much. The president has failed profoundly in his ability to explain to them what he’s done.

BECKEL: It’s been a couple weeks he probably wishes he could forget.

RUSH: Yeah, it was last week that was bad. Now this week is tacked on, too. It’s a couple weeks. That was Bob Beckel. Did you hear what Geraldo said? “You can’t have a speech in a place like Cleveland and not have specifics on your plan.” What? Could you go to Shaker Heights and not have specifics? What is it about Cleveland that you have to have specifics? “You can’t have a speech in a place like Cleveland and not have specifics on your plan.”

Maybe you could go to LA and not have specifics or San Francisco, but you can’t go to a place like Cleveland. Anyway, you hear they’re panicked. No new ideas! No new ideas! Folks, there aren’t any. You guys are even making a mistake and looking at him with the wrong lens. He doesn’t have any new ideas. He’s tacked into the 1930s, you people. That’s where he wants to take us, and further.

But, sadly, my friends, I’ve reached the limits of the programming format, busy broadcast hour must take an obscene profit break right here.


RUSH: Back to the audio sound bites. Matt Lauer was on the Today Show today with David Gregory, the host of Meet the Depressed. And they were having a discussion about the presidential race. And one of the points that we made yesterday is what they reflect here. You know, here’s Obama. He goes to Cleveland, but he doesn’t have do it in Cleveland. Wherever he goes, he blames Bush. What he’s really doing is saying he doesn’t have what it takes to fix the Bush mess. He’s been working at it for 3-1/2 years and it hadn’t gotten any better.

By Obama’s own admission, his 3-1/2years have been worthless.

Okay, so you want to lay all this off on Bush.

He can’t, but he does.

(imitating) “Lay it all off on Bush! It’s worse than we thought it was gonna be. My predecessor made all these mistakes!” Well, you’ve been trying to fix it for 3-1/2 years. You can’t do it. Reagan got us out of a recession in two years in the ’80s. Obama’s out running around, “Well, these recoveries need ten years sometimes. Look at Europe.” So these guys at NBC, I don’t know if they were listening yesterday or not, but they’re picking up on this theme and the way we framed it yesterday: If you haven’t fixed it yet, why should you get four more years to fix it?

Here’s how the discussion went…

LAUER: How does Barack Obama go out there on the campaign trail and say, “I can do, in the next four years, what I have failed to accomplish in the last three and a half?”

GREGORY: I mean, if it comes down to that, Matt, it’s a bad day for him. Mitt Romney is running the campaign he wants to run, which is just a referendum. “You’re not happy about the economy? This guy’s been there for four years. Vote him out of office. You need an alternative president.” What the president’s got to do is say, “Hey, don’t forget about George W. Bush!”

RUSH: Matt Lauer then continued…

LAUER: The question is, 3-1/2 years into an administration, do you think that strategy works — the blame-Bush strategy — or do people want you to take ownership of this economy at this stage?

GREGORY: They want you to take ownership. I think the argument is that they’ve gotta prevail in providing context, saying, “Look, it’s not about blaming the previous president. It’s that the — the hill was so high to climb, and we’re making some progress. But the hole is so, so deep.”

RUSH: Oh, give me a break!

You people are embarrassing yourselves the way you’re going out of your way to make excuses for this guy. Because the truth of the matter is in Matt Lauer’s first observation: “Oh, you want to lay it all on Bush. Okay. You’ve had 3-1/2 years, and, by your own admission, you can’t fix it. So why should we give you four more years?” And Gregory, who probably hadn’t heard that perspective, said (imitating), “Oh, oh! No! Matt, if it comes down to that, it’s a bad day for Obama.” It’s been a bad 3-1/2 years for America, Mr. Gregory.

You’re worried about a bad day for Obama or bad week or bad two weeks. But it’s a legitimate question. You’re gonna lay it off on Bush. You’re gonna blame him and say you’ve got the fixes and you’re the guy we should invest in. But, by your own admission, you can’t in 3-1/2 years! Bush so screwed it up, you don’t have what it takes to fix what Bush did. So why give you four more years? Okay, so that conversation is Matt Lauer and David Gregory, and it’s a traditional Friday. They bring David Gregory on to tout, to promo Meet the Press every Friday.

On CBS, they do the same thing. Charlie Rose has his weekly gaggle with Bob Schieffer of Slay the Nation. So Charlie Rose said to Bob Schieffer, (imitating) “Bob, where are we now in terms of how you see these two competing proposals for fixing the economy? Where are we, Bob? The president, on the one hand, saying, ‘I need more time.'” Yeah, how many people in this country do you think were wandering around yesterday and last night saying, “I can’t wait for CBS tomorrow for Bob Schieffer to tell us how to fix the economy”?

How many people? (interruption)

Well, no. I ask the question because of the world these people live in, the world they must live in. Here’s Charlie Rose. He’s got Schieffer on. Schieffer is an “expert,” right? He asks Schieffer, “Okay, Bob, where are we in terms of how you see these two competing proposals for fixing the economy?” Where are we here? So I’m just wondering how many people…? Even people that watch CBS. Do you know anybody who last night couldn’t wait to get up this morning to hear what Bob Schieffer had to say about how to fix the economy?

Nothing against Bob Schieffer. Don’t misunderstand.

Well, these guys obviously think a lot of people are waiting around for it. Why have Schieffer on to promote Slay the Nation? People are gonna watch that? When you went to your blogs, did any of you happen to see anybody saying, “Well, wait a minute! We should wait to offer our opinions here until Bob Schieffer tells Charlie Rose tomorrow what’s really going on “? Did anybody see that? You didn’t? Well, then, it wasn’t there. If you didn’t see it, it wasn’t there.

Yet here’s Charlie Rose and Bob Schieffer in a promo for Face the Nation on Sunday. He says, “Where are we in terms of how you see these two competing proposals for fixing the economy? The president on the one hand saying, ‘I need more time,’ on the other hand saying, ‘If Governor Romney is elected, it means Bush policies.’ On the other hand, Governor Romney says that the president has had enough time to fix it and he hasn’t.” So here is Bob Schieffer with the breathless, exciting whatever that we all should take away.

SCHIEFFER: The country is very divided. We know that. Uh, people are… Uh, I’ve never seen, in all the time I’ve been in Washington, that the gap is so wide. But people get locked into these positions. We used to elect people not just because of their general principles and because we agreed with their principles, but we elected them because we trusted their judgment. People have to change. People have to make compromise.

RUSH: There you have it, folks. So that’s what’s ahead for the economy and the two competing visions. If you were waiting until today to find out what was in store, there’s your answer.

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