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RUSH: This Obama and Putin thing in the New York Times.

This is not good.

According to the New York Times, Putin and Obama spent a couple hours talking together and it doesn’t seem to have been very friendly. The New York Times says that Putin “appearing afterward with Mr. Obama before reporters in a grim tableau that seemed to bespeak the frustration on both sides. During the few minutes that it took their handlers to usher reporters out of the room after their prepared remarks, the two leaders remained seated, side by side, staring straight ahead, with none of the interaction or small talk that leaders usually engage in before the cameras. …

“During the meeting, American officials said, Mr. Putin spent considerable time pointing to what the Russians view as failed examples of political transition in Egypt and Libya as well as their concern that the West [that’s us] does not have a credible plan for what would happen to SyriaÂ’s various battling factions and ethnic groups if Mr. Assad stepped down from power.” So Putin was basically telling Obama, “You’re a failure.”

Putin was telling President Kardashian, “You’re a boob! You can’t even manage things in Egypt. You can’t manage things in the Middle East. You’re an absolute disgrace.” But there were no open microphones. All of this has been assessed because of body language. So yesterday and last night, we put together a montage here of NBC’s F. Chuck Todd, Jennifer Griffin at Fox, Jacob Tapper at ABC, Lou Dobbs, Ed Rollins, John King, Dan Lothian, and a whole bunch of people obsessed with Putin’s “body language.”

F. CHUCK TODD: (b-roll noise) Most striking about the public meeting: the two leaders’ apparent body language.

JENNIFER GRIFFIN: (b-roll noise) Their body language suggested the gaps in their position had not been bridged and the relationship may not have been reset.

JACOB TAPPER: (outdoor noise) The body language between President Obama and Putin…

LOU DOBBS: If you watched the body language there…

ED ROLLINS: You can see his body language.

JOHN KING: Looking at that body language…

DAN LOTHIAN: The body language tells a lot of the story here.

DAVID “RODHAM” GERGEN: …Just the body language.

WOLF BLITZER: If you looked at that body language between Presidents Putin and Obama in, uh, Mexico today at the G-20 summit, it was not pretty indeed.

RUSH: How do they all end up saying the same stuff? “Body language.” “Gravitas.” They all end up saying the same thing! No matter what network you tune to, they all say the same thing. This was a transition. Transition is what Obama was demanding. And Putin just told Obama all of his transitions have failed. What these people don’t realize is Obama’s gonna have more “flexibility” with his body language after the election after he wins.

And that’s gotta be another thing upsets Obama because he told Medvedev, “Tell Putin I’m gonna have a lot more flexibility after November when I win.” Putin apparently didn’t want to wait for that. He wants flexibility from Obama now, and he’s not getting it. So he lectured him. And our guys in the media say it just doesn’t look good. It’s not been a “bad week” for Obama; it’s not been a bad two weeks. We’re now coming on a bad month for Obama.

So in Los Cabos… Have you ever been there, Snerdley? You ever been to Los Cabos? (interruption) You’ve been to Cabo Wabo? How about it? (interruption) It is a great place down there. I had a lot of fun. I honeymooned in Los Cabos. Anyway, during the daily press briefing, Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes spoke, and this what he said about the issue of body language during Obama’s meeting with Putin.

RHODES: This isn’t the first, em, Body Language-gate that we’ve had, uh, with the Russians. When we were in Deauville, uh, President Medvedev — who President Obama has a great personal relationship with and one that, uh, I think w-we would describe as a friendship — there was a similar report that there was this body language and must be a huge problem. You know, these are business-like conversations, uh, between the United States government and the Russian government. (gasp for breath) You know, so (stammering) they’re candid and businesslike. That tends to be the demeanor of the Russians.

RUSH: Right. Okay. He’s good friends with Medvedev. Deauville. Body language. I don’t believe this! So this morning on CBS This Morning, cohost Charlie Rose spoke with Chief White House Correspondent Norah O’Donnell about Obama’s meeting with Putin. Charlie said, “What do we know? After all the body language, what do we know about Putin and Obama?”

O’DONNELL: (haltingly) The two men barely looked at each other! You could just feel sort of the tension between them. And the body language really represented how far apart the two leaders remain on the issue of Syria. Interestingly, apparently, President Obama got a bit of a lecture from Putin about some other failed transitions that are going on around the world.

RUSH: Oh! Ooooh! That’s what we thought. That’s what the New York Times says, that Putin lectured our boy president. I wonder what the Obama supporters say. I wonder what David Brooks, who admired Obama’s crease in his slacks, thinks of Putin lecturing our president. I wonder. President Obama “got a bit of a lecture.” It doesn’t sound good, doesn’t sound like Obama was in charge.


RUSH: It was obvious that Obama had no gravitas standing next to Putin. Go check out any picture you want between Putin and George W. Bush, and you will never see Putin lecturing Bush. You will never see a picture with rotten body language for Bush. You’ll never see a picture start talking about how deferential Bush looked and how angry Putin looked. You will not see that. You will not hear that description.

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