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RUSH: Folks, they are in panic. Mike, grab sound bite 19. Let’s start in order here. Let’s get to this, because I’ve been alluding to this the whole program. I really believe that at the Obama campaign and inside the White House, they are in a full-fledged panic. And I think they have polling data that’s even worse for their guys than what public polling data is available to us. And I think all the policy changes and all the public pronouncements coming from Obama are indicative of it. Last night on Cavuto… Well, yesterday afternoon. It was his afternoon show, four o’clock on Fox. He talked to Pat Caddell, the Democrat pollster, and they talked about Obama and the presidential race.

And listen to what Caddell said…

CADDELL: They look like they’re in some strategic chaos. And you see this. Last week you give a major speech on Thursday, 55 minutes on the economy, which was reminiscent to me. If we had a campaign theme in 1980 of Two Futures, this was Two Pasts. And it didn’t go over well with even liberal supporters. We saw it with gay marriage where two-thirds of the people said he did it for political reasons. We’ve seen the same thing on Bin Laden. This Hispanic thing smacks of a strategy of, “We can’t win middle. We have to get our base out.” And if you’re in June and your strategy is, “We must get our base out,” you got problems.

RUSH: And Pat Caddell knows. Jimmy Carter lost in a landslide in 1980, and he ran it. Well, Beckel… No, no, Caddell ran it. Beckel ran Mondull’s campaign. That’s right. But Caddell knows. They are abandoning the independents. Now, the independents, by the way, on this immigration thing? I should tell you. You’re not gonna want to hear it, but there is polling data out. People by two to one approve of Obama’s immigration statement. By two to one people like Obama saying “(Raspberry) the Constitution.”

They like it. And I think even among independents, it’s two to one. But aside from that, Obama and his campaign… Well, it’s like we had the story earlier. White, straight old guys, that’s who Romney’s going for. Obama is going for all of the extremes and trying to put together a coalition of extreme minority groups in this country, and that’s his path to victory. They’ve lost the mainstream. That’s what Caddell’s point is, and when you have to start going after your base in June…

When you don’t own your base, and you’re the president — and you’re an incumbent president, and your base is abandoning you, or your base is getting chilly and they’re not excited — you’ve got problems. And that’s what Caddell was saying. Cavuto said, “Well, they might look at it and say that’s just a snapshot, that we’re going through a down funk right there. You know how these funks go. They come and go and by the time summer gets here we’ll be bouncing back. What about that, Pat?”

CADDELL: As I said when the jobs numbers came out, which I’ve said to you all along: They start to tick back up, all hell’s gonna start falling apart here, and the unemployment is rising again.

CAVUTO: (unintelligible) Gotcha.

CADDELL: Jobs collapsing on the job market, and that’s just spiraling. This has been a month… You know, to quote Eliot, June is “the cruelest month.” This is very cruel. And we still have next week’s decision — or this week whenever it comes — on health care.

CAVUTO: Right.

RUSH: And don’t forget the Arizona immigration case. That is yet to come. And the smart money is looking at what Obama’s doing and thinking he knows what the decisions are. There’s a story. Let me see if I can find it here very quickly. I’m gonna paraphrase the headline. It’s all about the regime making plans to continue health care after the decision on the premise that they are going lose. Yeah. “Administration Mulls Pared Health Law,” AP.

“Covering all the bases ahead of a momentous Supreme Court ruling, the [regime] plans to move ahead with major parts of the president’s health care law if its most controversial provision does not survive… ” They could be feinting us out. You know, the old double-cross. The news makes it look like they expect to lose some of these things. The news makes it look like they think they’re gonna lose some of these things. Now, that could be, as I say, a head fake. We won’t know ’til we know, and I’m not falling for it. I’m just telling you things are out there right now that indicate utter panic inside the regime.

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