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Investor’s Business Daily story here by Andrew Malcolm, formerly of the Los Angeles Times. “Obama’s Immigration Ploy Has Gained Him Nada” in the polls. “To help smother the dismal reviews of his economic reset speech last week in Cleveland, President Obama scheduled a last-minute Rose Garden appearance Friday morning to add some presidential heft to his executive order about immigration. Whenever he’s in trouble, the one-time Real Good Talker throws another speech out there.

“Until this spring’s troubles, everybody always said speaking was his strong suit. His Fidel Castro-length economic remarks blamed Europe, Congress and the usual Texan [George Bush] for the nation’s re-sinking economy.” So here’s Andrew Malcolm reviewing the Obama that we all know. It’s the same guy. He goes on and on and on, says nothing, stutters and hems and haws without a prompter. It’s common. It’s every day. To the guy at the New York Times, it’s panic time.

Oh, no! My God, he doesn’t look so smart now. He doesn’t look so in command.

It’s the same Obama that everybody gets every day. And then Andrew Malcolm writes, “But — are you sitting down? — it contained no new ideas. He’s still waiting for Congress to do something, you see. So, the 6,300 words ended up merely calling more sustained attention to the administration’s idea bankruptcy, to the dim outlook for job improvements and to how bad the economy remains, despite all the promises more than 700 days ago of a magnificent Recovery Summer. Two-thirds of Americans remain convinced their country is still mired in recession.

“So, to change the subject quickly, Obama’s Friday schedule was amended for him to get some news coverage about what he’d already told Homeland Security to do: Permit illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children to remain here under certain conditions, not including citizenship. The unexpected announcement, which always raises the attention level in that DC hothouse, was widely touted by the media as a brilliant political move that would not only back Republicans into a corner somewhere, but earn a badly-needed poll boost for the Democrat languishing dangerously well below 50% approval in an election year.”

But “On the day before his immigration remarks, Gallup’s seven-day rolling average of about 3,000 registered voters in a hypothetical Obama-Romney match-up had the Republican ahead 46-45. Four days later the rolling average was exactly the same, 46 Romney[;] 45 Obama. In Rasmussen Reports’ three-day rolling average of their match-up, just before Obama’s Rose Garden remarks, Romney lead Obama 47-45. Three days later, Romney had improved to 48. Obama had slipped to 44.”

So there was no bump.

There was no polling bump.

Obama didn’t get any polling bump from his immigration remarks on Friday. And I told you to expect this on Monday or Tuesday of this week. I asked you to remember 2007 and that the people of this country are diametrically opposed to amnesty. They don’t want any part of it, of what Obama announced. I said it’s not gonna help him. Everybody thinks it’s gonna help. What he’s doing, folks, is he has given up on mainstream America. His bet is that his electoral chances are better coalescing all these disparate, extreme fringe groups into one voting bloc. And he thinks that bunch will outnumber mainstream America.

That’s what he’s counting on. They said it was brilliant, but ain’t gonna happen.

It’s not gonna happen.

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