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RUSH: Folks, I want to talk a little bit here about Obama for a second in a universal kind of way. What we have here and what I knew was the case back on January 16th, 2009, when I said, “I hope he fails,” I knew this was coming, ’cause I know liberals, and I heard enough of what Obama had said. We played the sound bites on this program from the early 2000s, and the things he had said on the campaign trail. It was patently obvious that he was just another radical liberal politician. It’s all he was. I understand liberals, and I don’t want them to succeed. The country suffers when liberals succeed. That is a belief that’s embedded in my heart. It’s never gonna change. Nobody’s gonna change my mind on that because I don’t lie to myself.

So I hope he fails. And everybody who had this shocked-and-outraged reaction to it knew exactly what I meant, and yet they tried to characterize it as I was hoping the country failed. People were saying, “Nobody wants presidents to fail. That means the country fails. Everybody gets behind the president.” No, no, no. I wanted this guy’s policies to not succeed being implemented. I didn’t want national health care. I didn’t want all this debt. I didn’t want all of this incompetence. I didn’t want all this economic destruction, and I’m not bragging here, folks, I just know liberalism, socialism. It doesn’t take any superior intellect. All you gotta do is look around the world at current socialist and communist countries, realize, it ain’t us, and we don’t want any part of it.

So from the get-go, as far as I’m concerned, Obama was nothing more than just the latest liberal politician, except he was more radical. And I thought that he was a fraud, because he was trying to live off this messianic image that had been created for him and that he had helped to create. What were the key selling points in the marketing of Barack Obama to the American public? He was different, unique, smarter, more worldly, more articulate, more reasonable, more understanding. We had never seen anything like him before. Yes, he was of mixed race, but that wasn’t what made him different. Turns out, it did. No, it was that he was special. Barack Obama was special. He was better than us. He was better than we are. He would deliver us from evil. He would make the world love us again because the rest of the world already loved him, newfound respect.

He was going to end partisanship. He was going to end racism. He was going to end discrimination simply by being elected. Nothing more. Magic was just waiting to happen. And then his autobiography came along and his autobiography proved, quote, unquote, just how special he was. That was exhibit A. Why, he was a truly great writer. Think of it. He had never produced a single piece of paper that would indicate that he was a writer’s writer, but he was able to sit down, focus, and type out a masterpiece. Everybody agreed, Dreams from My Father was a masterpiece, a writer’s writer’s book. Unique, not very many people could write a book of this passion and substance and discovery, and all that rotgut that they used to describe it. It was magic. No ghostwriter. Just Barack Obama and a computer. And that was just the beginning.

He was also a once-in-a-century speech maker. Nobody delivered speeches like Obama. Nobody mesmerized a crowd like Obama. No candidate before him could say so little, so well. No candidate before Obama ever, ever had the ability to say nothing as brilliantly and as articulately as Barack Obama. And no one before him ever had a better crease in their pants. The crease in his slacks was so sharp and so unique that one of the most brilliant political commentators in the world, David Brooks at the New York Times, recognized that crease in Obama’s pants immediately as the thing that stood out about him that was going to be make him a great president.

We actually heard this. It was stated, and Brooks wrote it, and he repeated it. It was used proudly as an example of the uniqueness of Obama. And not only was Obama wonderful and magic and great, unlike anything we’d ever seen, he was going to remake all of us into something as special as he was just by being elected, just by being president. All he needed was control of the Congress and a few more radical leftist members of the Supreme Court, a compliant mind-numbed media, and he was gonna make all of us brilliant. He was gonna make all of us great. And greatness and brilliance and love and compassion and bipartisanship would flow through every river, through every town, through every state of this great land.

Obama the Great had ideas on how to improve the Constitution. Yes, enough of the Bill of Rights! Enough of all these “negative liberties.” Enough of the Constitution, which told the government what it couldn’t do. Barack Obama was brilliant and smart, and he knew that we needed a Constitution that spelled out what government could do — ostensibly “for” us, but in reality “to” us. He would bring the parties together. He was “a citizen of the world.” He could go to Cairo and make Osama Bin Laden convert to Judaism.

He could turn gay people straight, straight people gay, bi people whatever they wanted to be. He could do whatever anybody wanted to be done! He could make it possible. And it was gonna happen almost instantly after he was immaculated. We were lucky. We were oh-so lucky to have Barack Obama. Except that we weren’t. As soon as he was elected, he started trotting out ideas that had failed in the 1930s. He brought back the Hillarycare that the country despised.

Better than anyone before him, Obama would grow government and punish the private sector.

He’d attempt to take over the health care system in order to create an all powerful centralized authority replete with death panels, and thus could effectively control every aspect of our lives “for our own good.” Because, compared to him, we were nothing. We needed him to show us the way. We needed his guidance and countenance. And we would happily blind ourselves to nothing but his path, and we would trod and walk it right behind him. Always behind him.

And we did this while he gave General Motors to the United Auto Workers. He gave campaign donors sweetheart deals with our taxpayer money. He shut down American oil rigs while bankrolling oil rigs in Brazil and Mexico. He bowed down to dictators. He made promises to a Russian thug that could be collected after his reelection. He brought lobbyists by the busload to the White House. He ran the most politicized Department of Justice in history. He invoked privileges that he’d criticized from the floor of the Senate.

He was special!

Consider that he took all of the worst policy ideas from the past 100 years and crammed them down this country’s throat in 3-1/2 years, at the bargain basement price of $5 trillion beyond our revenue. What a great guy! What a special and unique man. This special, special man cannot get a single vote on any budget he presents. But he insists that we give him more money and pay higher taxes — and that we thank him while we do it. Despite all the hype, all the promises, all the fawning media coverage, Obama is just another liberal politician in a long line of ’em.

He’s just the most radical of all of them to ever come downtown pike. His more reckless. He has a bigger appetite for personal power than anybody to come down the pike. And as has now been learned by his own biographer, David Maraniss (who’s read Obama’s book and has found a minimum now of 39 lies in the book), he’s an out-and-out fraud. He made up all of the truly meaningful epiphanies and significant life advances detailed in his book. They were all made up.

His life story isn’t true!

His promises of more jobs and less debt were lies.

His promise of transparency was also a lie. He hasn’t upheld his promises in the oath of office, and he hasn’t come clean about his membership in a socialist political party. There really isn’t anything special, in a constructive sense, about Barack Obama. Anybody notice that he asserted a separation of powers privilege yesterday, but last Friday he dismissed the very idea separation of powers when he said that he alone could determine all matters relating to immigration?

To hell with Congress! To hell with it! You could call that special; you could call it blatant disregard for the laws that he swore to uphold and protect. How is this for special? Obama is sitting on a scandal resulting in the deaths of at least 200 Mexicans and a US border agent. Wow! We have never had a president do that before and make us all love him at the same time. He’s truly unique in American history. And according to Investor’s Business Daily and a bunch of bloggers and so forth, he’s just a fraud.

And that’s unique.

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