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RUSH: We recently launched a new page on the Two If By Tea website called The Hall of Patriots. Now, we know that all of you out there in the audience are true patriots, and we wanted a way to showcase you. At the Hall of Patriots, on the main page you can see pictures of the grand prize promotion winners, people we inducted into The Hall of Patriots, as well as submit e-mails as to why you should be a new inductee into the Hall of Patriots.

You don’t have to purchase anything. I could sit here and lie and say it would help you get in if you bought something, but you don’t have to to become an inductee. We’re going to be updating the pictures with different promotion winners so you can put faces to names and meet people. We really want you to be part of… It’s sort of like we have Rush in a Hurry, a free e-mail that we send out anywhere from half hour to an hour after the program with a brief summary, topic-by-topic of everything that happened on the program with short transcripts, links to the source material and so forth, and that’s free. All you have to do is go to RushLimbaugh.com and sign up for Rush in a Hurry. We offer podcasts of the program the same way.

What we’re doing by Two If By Tea, since we want you to be part of the Two if by Tea family, you just register as a member online at Twoifbytea.com on the shop page under my account. And as a member you have easier checkout processes as a returning customer. You’ll get a monthly electronic newsletter with really cool Two If By Tea family perks, discounts and updates. And this newsletter is cool looking. We’re sending stuff out left and right here at Rushlimbaugh.com and Twoifbytea.com. So go to the Twoifbytea.com website and register as a member online under my account. Sign up today. Once you do, you should receive your first Two If By Tea family e-mail sometime next week. And we don’t send junk mail. And we don’t send frequent e-mails to clog your in-box. We don’t send out a bunch of sales paraphernalia. It’s not like that at all. It’s just staying in touch with you, online tea party, so to speak.

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