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RUSH: We had this story for much of Friday, but I think it’s worth repeating. Along the lines of Fast and Furious I think it’s worth repeating. Some Drive-By big name wrote a piece that Fast and Furious is not a big deal, people don’t care about it, but the media wants a scandal, the media would love a real Obama scandal. Now, what more of a scandal do you need, coming up with a program that would see to it that guns were walked across the border to drug cartels for the express purpose of creating a crime? How many people don’t know that? And if you just said, “Did you know that the Obama administration purposely came up with a policy that purposely permitted assault weapons to be put in the hands of drug cartel leaders so that they would purposely commit crimes with them,” you know what the reaction would be?

“They did what? The Obama administration did what?”

Yeah, they did that. Why did they do that? Because they can’t get any other support for getting rid of the Second Amendment. The American people are for the Second Amendment. They don’t want tighter gun control laws. The administration doesn’t like that. They want guns out of the hands of people. They send these guns over to the drug lords in Mexico so they use ’em to commit crimes. Two, three hundred people killed or wounded. You’re supposed to say in reaction, once that news hits, “My gosh, we gotta tighten up our gun laws.” But at the root of it is the Obama administration walked guns across the border, allowed it to happen, didn’t track ’em, didn’t tell the Mexican government about it, and created crimes. And the proper reaction to people that don’t know, “They did what?”

And there’s another one of these, again from Friday. “If you have a birthday, anniversary, or wedding coming up, let your friends know how important this election is to you. Register with Obama 2012. And instead of a wedding present for yourself, ask for a donation to Obama. It’s a great way to support the president on your wedding day or your birthday. Plus, it’s a gift that we can all appreciate, and goes a lot further than a gravy bowl.” The Obama administration actually has a website asking newlyweds and people celebrating birthdays to forgo presents and have people who would give them gifts, instead donate to Obama.

“They did what?”

Yeah, they did that!

“No, Rush. You can’t be serious.”

No, they did it! They did. They put a website up asking newlyweds to forgo wedding presents and instead have all of the guests give money to Obama.

“No, they didn’t do that.”

Yes, they did. It was Friday, and right here I have it. (shuffling paper)

“They did that?”

Yes, they did that! For people getting married and having birthdays.

“They did what?”

I’m telling you. They set up a website called the Obama Event Registry. It says, “Got a birthday anniversary, or wedding or coming up? Let your friends know how important Obama is to you. Forgo your gravy bowl, forgo whatever registry you have” down at Nordstrom’s or whatever it is, “and instead tell your guests to send a donation to Obama.”

“They did that?”

Yes. They did that on Friday.

“I don’t believe it.”

Well, they did it! It’s on the website. Go look at it.

“Birthdays, too?

Damn right. Birthdays and weddings. And next is gonna be, “When you die, instead of giving money to your family give it to Obama in your will.” That will be next.

“They’re gonna do that?”

They probably will, if they’re asking newlyweds to give up everything for Obama.

“They really did that?”

Yeah, they did that!

That needs to be the reaction to all this stuff Obama’s done, “They did that?” Because most people don’t know this stuff. But then, folks, one other thing. I was thinking about this wedding event thing. You and I think this is absolutely over-the-top narcissistic, selfish, and ridiculous. We could not even conceive of coming up with this idea ourselves. Somebody did! Somebody thinks this is a brilliant idea. Somebody thinks this is a helpful idea to Obama. And somebody, probably Obama or Michelle, approved it. It doesn’t just happen in a vacuum over there. There are people who think this is smart, good, wise, compelling, whatever adjective you want to use.


RUSH: “They did that?”

Yes, they did.

They put up a website asking you, if you’re a newlywed, to forgo presents and to ask people you’re inviting to your wedding to instead donate an equivalent amount of money to Obama in his reelection. Let’s go one step further. How about this? How about in the next addition to this website, the Obama campaign will then ask newlyweds to forgo consummating their marriage and instead put that energy into screwing the Republicans. “After you have seen to it that your guests give you nothing and instead send it all to me, then don’t consummate!

“Save that energy. Redirect it into screwing the Republicans, and we will tell you how.” And then, of course, up next will be the will. “When you die, don’t leave money to your worthless kids who are just gonna waste it. Send it to Obama!” It was Dana Milbank. It was a sound bite. I was reading the sound bites and I thought I’d read something on a blog. Dana Milbank on CNN’s Reliable Sources yesterday was talking to Howard Kurtz about Fast and Furious. Kurtz said… Now, here, listen to this question: “What’s wrong with this scandal?” Meaning: Dana, why don’t we in the media elite care about it? Why don’t we in the media elite see this as a scandal?

MILBANK: It’s a scandal of government, and it’s not a political scandal. When you take it and you say, “What’s the worst case here?” Well, the Obama administration was continuing something, basically, that was going on under the Bush administration. You know, did they try to cover up some embarrassing things afterwards? There’s just… There’s nothing conceivable that would bring this into a major political scandal here, and I think that’s why people have been slow to get on board. It’s not an ideology thing; I think the media would love to have an Obama scandal to cover.

RUSH: What an idiot. What an absolute blithering idiot (and I say that with all good intentions). Wide Receiver… We went through this on Friday: Wide Receiver, the Bush plan, ended in 2007. Wide Receiver tracked guns by installing tracking devices in the guns. It was an effort to find out how these guns were getting to wherever so they could be interdicted and stopped. The program ended in 2007 as a failure. In 2009 the Obama regime picked it back up, but there wasn’t any effort to track the weapons. It was many more guns. It was many more cities and many more states involved.

They did not try to track the guns. They didn’t try to interdict them. They wanted the guns in the hands of the drug cartels. They wanted the guns used! It’s not… This guy’s a member of the media elite, and he’s clueless. He doesn’t understand it. He doesn’t know. He’s accepted the talking point that Bush started it, and it’s an Obama talking point. “Bush started it! We just continued it. We didn’t know about it for six months after we took office.” None of that’s true. If you don’t like this, how about Solyndra?

What about giving General Motors and Chrysler to the unions? What about the stimulus that was nothing more than a money-laundering slush fund? No scandal ’cause it’s the government? It’s a “scandal of government”? What the hell was Watergate? It’s not a political scandal? There’s no scandal in purposely “walking” thousands of automatic weapons to drug cartels to be used in crimes that were facilitated by the guns? Two Border Patrol agents killed, 300 people killed and wounded, is not a scandal? You’re eager for a scandal but you just can’t find one?

You got a pretty high bar for scandals, Mr. Milbank.


RUSH: As another “they did what?” The regime, well, they’re saying the Secret Service — there is a new policy at Obama fundraisers. No knives and forks allowed. Even plastic. I’m not kidding. No knives and forks allowed. Eric Holder will give people guns. Eric Holder will give drug lords guns, but you can’t take a knife and fork into Obama fundraiser. This from New York Magazine.

“Just a few days after announcing that his administration would no longer deport about 800,000 young illegal immigrants, you would think that President Obama would be received as something of a hero by NALEO, the National Association of Latino Elected [and Appointed] Officials, before whom Obama is giving a speech this afternoon in Orlando. But the Secret Service wasn’t taking any chances. As hundreds of Latino elected officials were enjoying their lunch at Disney’s Contemporary Resort earlier today, it was announced that forks would be collected before Obama took the stage.”

This is a friendly group. He had just authorized amnesty, essentially, for 800,000 young illegals. And they said, “We’re taking your forks away after you eat. Forks will be collected before Obama takes the stage.”

“It was also mentioned that knives, too, were entirely absent from the lunch for ‘a reason.'” Plastic forks. Is the Secret Service worried they can’t protect the president of the United States from plastic forks? They posted pictures here of Obama in restaurants where there are forks and plastic forks. But it’s a new rule. Can’t have ’em.

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