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RUSH: Omar, Riverside, California. I’m glad you waited. It’s your turn, sir. Have at it.

CALLER: All right, nice to talk to you, Rush. I’m Omar. I’m in Riverside, California, and I was telling your call screener, I immigrated from Mexico when I was three years old, and my parents crossed me over here legally, and my dad was smart enough to get his papers during the amnesty of ’87, so he put in for all of us. So we went through the entire process, and now I’m a lawful citizen, and I’m registered to vote, registered Republican. I’m 25 years old. I am a typical person that should be an Obama supporter, but I’m not. I don’t support any of his immigration policies. I like the fact that the United States is a country of laws and upholds its laws.

RUSH: Can I ask you a question, Omar?


RUSH: Do you get the sense when you listen to President Obama speak, do you get the sense that he thinks you’re no different than every other illegal immigrant? That you all think the same; that you all do the same; that you all vote the same, but, in essence, you’re all illegal, and as such, he’s gonna look out for you and he’s gonna make it okay for you and, by the way, it’s okay if you break the law. He doesn’t care. He’s gonna protect you. Do you resent that?

CALLER: Oh, yeah, absolutely. I believe in working hard for what one gets and being rewarded for your hard work. I don’t like handouts, especially not from Obama.

RUSH: So how do you feel when you watch the president of the United States talking about you, trying to make everybody think that because you’re Hispanic, you’re somehow illegal, or related to an illegal, or inept, or incompetent, and you need Obama to clear the decks for you so that you can get up every day? How does that make you feel?

CALLER: It’s absolutely frustrating. I consider myself a fairly competent person. I have a stable job and I’ve been working ever since I got out of high school. I’ve never asked anybody for anything, and for Obama to paint everybody in the same picture as just a liberal supporter for Obama because he says he’s gonna help us, it’s outrageous.

RUSH: Well, Omar, you’re singing my song out there, pal. You’re on my page, ’cause I’ll tell you, you nailed it. You support the rule of law. That’s what I heard you say.

CALLER: Yeah, that’s absolutely correct.

RUSH: You think it’s a country of laws.


RUSH: How many of your friends are of the same opinion that you are?

CALLER: Well, very few. ‘Cause I have some buddies that went to Berkeley and recently graduated college, so they’re the complete opposite.

RUSH: So many of your friends are commie bastards, is that right?

CALLER: Yeah. (laughing)

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I have a friend who was in the same boat as I was but he didn’t get his papers. He graduated high school and stuff and he ended up marrying a girl from here in the United States and ended up getting his papers that way, so I mean the people that think that there’s no way that the government is not helping ’em is a lie. There’s procedures in place that can help everybody be here legally and be a contributor to the community and the country.

RUSH: Right. I understand. Omar, thanks for the call. And look, I really appreciate your waiting on hold as long as you did. No, I’m serious, folks. Obama paints a picture of every Hispanic as a lawbreaker. It would offend me. Well, hell, it already does. Because to me they’re Americans. The whole thing is irritating, this identity politics, this assumption that people can’t take care of themselves, that they don’t want to take care of themselves, and that they, because of skin color or the way their names are pronounced or whatever, there’s automatic bigotry or discrimination. All these assumptions about the worst nature of the people of this country just offends the heck out of me. The way Obama looks at all of us, and only he and his czars and his administration are people that understand. Big hearts and all that. It’s a bunch of rotgut.

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