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RUSH: So the regime is using the Department of Homeland Security to punish Obama’s enemies. I saw a great phrase at a blog post on PJ Media: Obama went “Soviet” on Arizona. Let me read to you from that post. “This is a political maneuver designed to punish Arizona, which” had the audacity… I mean, what is this really all about? Obama is not enforcing immigration law. Arizona is falling apart. A responsible governor says, “All right, well, we’re going to write some laws to give us the ability to enforce the border ourselves.”

And you don’t do that to a solipsistic, narcissistic little man-child like Barack Obama.

You just don’t do openly challenge the King like this!

So Barack Obama turned around and sued Arizona. “Who in the hell do you think YOU are? You want to enforce immigration law? Okay, let me show you what’s going to happen to you. I’m going to tell you we’re not going to enforce immigration law and I’m going to take you all the way to the Supreme Court, and I don’t care what happens to your state!” And that is exactly what happens. And so Arizona is being punished. Now, they might want to say this is political punishment but it has real world consequences.

Crime. Property value loss. Economic calamity.

It’s an absolute disaster. So while this may be traditional ol’ political punishment, there are horrible real world consequences attached to it. Arizona is already reeling from the lawlessness on its border with Mexico. And as I said: It’s abundantly clear now that Obama has given up winning Arizona. He doesn’t care. He’s written it off. Now he’s going “Soviet” on it to make an example to every other state, by the way. And do not discount that. This is a message to every other state on the border: “The same can happen to you if you try this stunt!

“You go overboard defending your border or you challenge me and how I want to defend the border (or not), and this will happen to you, too!” It’s good old-fashioned, political, Soviet-style intimidation. Barack Obama has kicked Arizona out of whatever is left of the federal government’s border enforcement. And in the process, what has Obama — in real world consequences — just done here? Obama has sent a special delivery FedEx or UPS to smugglers and traffickers and criminals of all kinds that Arizona is wide open.

Come on in, gang!

Nobody here to stop you!

And not only that, if somebody wearing a police uniform in Arizona does try to stop you, guess what? We’re gonna get a phone call from some of our buddies on the ground and guess who’s going to jail? The cop! So come on in! Forget New Mexico. Forget California. Forget Texas. Make a beeline for Arizona. We have cleared the decks for you. In fact, we would encourage you to try to get picked up by a cop, because we want the cop punished.

We have people who are going to be spying, making sure that if a cop stops you for any reason whatsoever and demands your papers, he gets his. We’re going to make sure we hear about it, and that cop is finished. So come on in! Arizona is wide open for all of you. That’s the sucker punch. So this puts the law back on hold. It’s a green light to anybody who wants to sneak into Arizona from Mexico all day long.


RUSH: I want to read you the final paragraph of this post from PJ Media. I don’t know the name, I don’t know who posted it. “We have a remarkable president on our hands. He openly defies the defined obligations of his office, then crafts new abilities to strike out at the states that he dislikes, imposing energy famines,” as in drilling on oil in the Gulf of Mexico, the Keystone pipeline ban, energy famines. He abets “lawlessness in the name of his warped worldview. ItÂ’s hard at the present time to regard the union of our United States as such. It doesnÂ’t seem very united when ObamaÂ’s Washington keeps acting like a hostile occupier.”

That’s what the writer of this post means when he says that the government went all “Soviet” on Arizona. We don’t have a presidency. We’re occupied. We’re not led. We’re not unified.

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