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RUSH: Remember in 1993 there was a gang summit? I think it was in Chicago. Well, yeah, the East-West coast gang wars and so forth. Clinton was there and I think Ben Chavis, who ran the NAALCP at the time. Remember Midnight Basketball? Midnight Basketball was a creation of Bill Clinton as a means of getting gangbangers off the streets at midnight and onto the basketball court so they weren’t killing people. Remember that?

So my point is, I thought we solved it. I thought Clinton and the Democrats solved this problem way back in 1993. Midnight Basketball, we had the gangbanger summit. And I’m not sure, but I think it was Kansas City. They were calling for jobs. Jobs was the big problem. Do you realize with this mess going on in Chicago, this rampant murder rate, if there were a Republican president, it wouldn’t be the mayor’s problem at all. No, it would be the Republican president’s problem. It would be the lack of jobs. It would be the horrible economy. But they can’t blame Obama for this, and they can’t blame Rahm Emanuel for it. I mean he’s the Godfather, he’s the mayor of Chicago. They can’t blame him for this.

So they’re lost. All they can do is beg the gangbangers to stop killing kids. Kill other people, but leave our kids alone. Now, I’m not an expert on things, but I think in organized crime, kids have always been off-limits, haven’t they? Well, apparently not in Chicago. Nobody’s off-limits in Chicago organized crime, whatever kind of organized crime it is. But I’m just sitting here thinking, it’s another liberal program. Remember how it was all celebrated, Midnight Basketball. Remember that? Then we had the Million Man March that Calypso Louie organized, Minister Farrakhan, where he explained the Satanic content of the number 19. Remember that? Yeah, I thought all of that fixed this problem, just like the war on poverty was gonna wipe out poverty.

Yeah, here it is. From the summit report, Kansas City, in 1993: “Participants made several concrete proposals. They called for creating half a million jobs for ‘at-risk youth.’ They recommended citizen patrols to videotape the actions of police and prevent brutality. They asked that President Clinton appoint a commission of ‘people of color’ to address police brutality.” Yeah, I’d forgotten that part, too. The cops were a major part of the problem. The cops were too zealous. Yeah, if you recall this, the cops were too zealous in enforcing crime, and so the cops are brought in, told to back off. We had Midnight Basketball, ask for 500,000 jobs, Million Man March, which, by the way, Obama helped organize. People don’t know this. Obama helped organize the Million Man March. I kid you not. He did.

“The summit agenda also emphasized the need for changes among blacks and Hispanics. Traditional values, respect for women and ‘effective parenting’ were listed as goals.” That’s what it said. (interruption) What are you uncomfortable with it for? I am reading to you from the summit agenda. Racist? They “emphasized the need for changes among blacks and Hispanics. Traditional values, respect for women and ‘effective parenting’ were listed as goals.” What’s racist about that? I don’t know how else to say it to you. Violence was denounced. The gangs were not. The gangs were not denounced. Violence was. A familiar refrain among participants was that street gangs are the equivalent of police, military fraternities. And so we can’t get rid of them. It’s a cultural thing, like hip-hop, it’s cultural. We have to understand this.

I’m reading to you from news accounts of the summit that occurred in Kansas City in 1993. I’m just reading to you. I’m not making this up. It’s exactly what it was all about. Plus, of course, Midnight Basketball. Look, folks, my only point is, 1993, nearly 20 years ago, the Democrats fixed this. They had a summit, they got together, they addressed the issues, they identified the issues, and they came up with their solutions. What I’ve read to you is from the Baltimore Sun. I’ll put the link at RushLimbaugh.com if you want. I just read to you from the Baltimore Sun. Snerdley asking me if I’m insane?

I can understand how some people would be offended at the notion that a gang summit would be told that they need to respect traditional values and respect for women. “Well, whose traditional values and whose respect for women are we talking about here, dude?” I can imagine was a question that was asked by many of the attendees. Yeah, really? Respect for women? Whose respect for women? Ted Kennedy’s? Whose respect for women are we talking about? Anyway, it’s just another illustration. You leave these problems to the left and you get more of the problem. And, by the way, now we’re gonna need more government to fix this. It’s exactly the recipe. It’s exactly what happens.

Government comes up with a program to fix a problem, makes the problem worse. This is exactly what’s gonna happen with health care. Health care is gonna become the biggest nightmare of people’s lives after it’s fully implemented. A new government program is going to be called for to fix what’s wrong with it. And it’s going to progressively deteriorate and become as ineffective as every liberal program that’s ever come down the pike is, and we will never be allowed to examine the results of the program. We are supposed to examine the good intentions of the people who propose the program and attempt to implement it. (interruption) No, I am not gonna suggest they try Sharia law in Chicago, Snerdley. Sorry, you’re not gonna… (laughing) Snerdley wants me to suggest to Rahm, “Hey, try Sharia law; leave the kids alone.” (laughing)


RUSH: Clayton, California, we’re gonna start with Paul. I really appreciate your patience in holding on. Glad to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, good afternoon, Rush. I’m watching you on the Dittocam from Clayton, California, a city far enough from Rio Linda to still be happy, yet close enough to Oakland to dodge the gangbangers’ bullets.

RUSH: (chuckling) Well, it’s a dangerous location you’re in. There’s no other way around it.

CALLER: In response to Chicago’s Midnight Basketball program, you know, Oakland’s Mayor Quan has her 100-block community initiative to reduce violence by attempting to corral all the gangbangers in a 100-block radius within the poorest parts of the city.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait! Whoa, whoa! Mayor Quan wants to “corral all of the gangbangers in a 100-block radius in the poorest parts of the city”? Now, she doesn’t say it that way, does she?

CALLER: Oh, of course not.

RUSH: Okay. How is she going to “corral” them? What will be the boundary she erects to make sure that they stay there?

CALLER: Well, she actually has a map of the boundaries of the city. This is an area in…

RUSH: Yeah, but she can’t say, “Okay, gangbangers. I want you to head to our worst poverty-stricken areas and stay there.”

CALLER: (chuckles)

RUSH: A, why would they go; B, what’s gonna keep ’em there once they do go?

CALLER: Well, of course. Now she’s finding that out, that they will operate outside the 100-block area.

RUSH: You mean she was serious?

CALLER: Oh, yeah! Absolutely! It’s a program that’s in effect right now. You know, she’s absolutely serious about this. What she wants to do is concentrate all the officers that are on gang details into that one particular area. In the meantime, Rush, she’s laying off over 200 cops in the city. You know, just two days ago, Rush, five people were shot. One was a 15-year-old boy outside a movie theater in Jack London Square. I know that’s an area that you’ve probably visited several times yourself.

RUSH: I’ve been to Jack London Square. I actually have. The All-Star Game was in Oakland when I lived in Sacramento.

CALLER: Right. You know, Rush, people here in the Bay Area are scared to death to even drive on the freeways.

RUSH: Well, I know, but they’re gonna be safe because…

I just saw the clock. I gotta go. I’m sorry.

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