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RUSH: Even while I was away I was still making news. It’s amazing how this happens. This is Thursday night in Columbus, Ohio, and here’s Obama talking about Romney and the Supreme Court’s health care ruling.

OBAMA: What’s gonna happen — and we saw this when Medicare first started. Uh, a lot of times politics, uh, gets in the way of common sense. And so there are a lot of Republican governors who feel pressure from, y’know, Rush Limbaugh and, uhhh, (pause), members of Congress not to implement, and so they think it’s bad politics. Uh, over time, though, when they start seeing that more and more people in states, uh, that do implement are getting a better deal on their health insurance — costs are going down, fewer people are uninsured — over time what happens is, the politics fades away and this thing gets implemented.

RUSH: Let me translate that for you. What Obama is suggesting is that I am going to pressure and influence Republican governors into not establishing state exchanges. And there’s a reason he has that fear. If the states do not establish the exchanges that are called for in Obamacare because of the quirks in the law that we mentioned to you, they can deal a serious blow to Obamacare. They can’t shut it down or nullify it, but they can deal it a serious blow. They are upset that this has been discovered. There are a number of governors who’ve already said this.

Rick Perry in Texas, Bobby Jindal, a number of them say, “We’re not gonna implement this.” What they mean is, “We’re not gonna set up these exchanges. We’re not gonna do it.” And without the exchanges, there is not the ObamaTax. And so what he’s trying to capitalize on here is the presumption that my name is instant negativity, instant discreditation. And these governors are gonna be pressured from, “y’know, Rush Limbaugh to not to implement my Obamacare.” Gosh, if that’s only true. If that’s only true. And then Obama wasn’t through. This is Eyeball News Channel 5 in Cincinnati.

OBAMA: The fact that a whole bunch of Republicans in Washington suddenly said, “This is a tax! For six years he said it wasn’t, and now he’s suddenly reversed himself.” And so the question becomes, um, are you doing that ’cause of politics? Are you abandoning a principle that you’ve fought for for six years simply because you’re getting pressure for two days from, uh, Rush Limbaugh and some critics in Washington?

RUSH: Whoa! It’s the second time he’s mentioned my name here in relationship to Obamacare. The president of the United States is a little worried over the influence I might wield over Republican governors on his health care bill. So in the first bite, I’m telling these guys not to go along with the exchanges and the Medicare expansion. And then I’m telling these guys to tell everybody else that this is a tax, that Obamacare is a tax. And this is very illustrative. It’s highly indicative of what they’re worried about.

It was Obama who said it wasn’t a tax! Everybody there said that. The Democrats swore it wasn’t a tax. This is Pat Caddell’s point. They’re the ones that said it wasn’t a tax and the Supreme Court just said that it is. And this is not a debate over “tax” or “penalty.” Don’t care! It is brand-new costs to you when Obama promised that your costs were gonna go down. It is a tax. It is the biggest tax in the history of the world. When this thing is fully implemented, that’s what Obamacare is. It’s the biggest tax in history of the world in order to grow government like it has never grown before.


RUSH: So the media finally caught up with Romney, and they wanted to ask him, “Are you being influenced by Rush Limbaugh?” It was in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, last Friday. This was after the jobs report came out. A reporter said, “President Obama said in an interview with a newspaper in Ohio that you were effectively abandoning the principle in the form of the individual mandate that you supported in Massachusetts when you were a governor because a criticism from the right, from Rush Limbaugh, from other conservative voices in the Republican Party. What do you say to that?”

ROMNEY: I’ve spoken about health care from the day we passed it in Massachusetts. And people said, “Is this something that you’d apply at the federal level?” and I said, “No.” I said, “The right course for the federal government is to allow states to create their own plans.” And, by the way, the proof is that I was right, because Obamacare is costing jobs in America. When three-quarters of small businesses say that they’re less likely to hire people because of Obamacare, you know the president has put his liberal agenda — Obamacare — ahead of the interest of creating jobs. And for me, job one for the president has to be creating good jobs for middle-income Americans, and that’s what I’m gonna do.

RUSH: Okay. That’s what he said. So he’s not being influenced by me. Then they caught up with Axelrod on Friday, CBS This Morning, and said, “The president denied it was a tax. The Supreme Court says it’s a tax. How do you reconcile all this?

AXELROD: Whether you call it a mandate, whether you call it a tax, what it is is a penalty. It’s a penalty on the less than 1% of Americans who can afford health care and refuse to buy it, then show up in our emergencies and stick the rest of us with a tab. And this is precisely the argument that Governor Romney made for six years and his campaign made as late as last week. And then as the president said, he got some heat from Rush and the right and the guys, uh, in the Republican Caucus on Capitol Hill, and he folded. More than a discussion of health care, it does give you an insight into how he would operate if he were president.

RUSH: Now, something is going on here. I mean, four out of four sound bites, my name is brought up. Why are they talking about me in this health care business?


RUSH: I’m not even here last week for three days, and every time Obama makes a speech he mentions me, talk about health care, and then Romney gets a question based on what Obama has said about me. What do I have to do with this? I’ll tell you what I think I have to do with this.

Ever since the Supreme Court ruling came out, rather than talk about, is it a penalty or a tax, what did we do here? We went back to the beginning and started telling everybody what is in this bill. This program offered detailed explanations and analysis of the substance of the bill and what it meant for people, tax-wise, health care-wise. The media was totally happy, this mindless twittle little debate about penalty versus a tax, because all that was was a diversion and a distraction. It allowed the substance of things to be ignored. I have learned in my nearly 24 years that when they are invoking my name, it means they’re worried about what I’m saying. So I had to look back, what was I saying? We were talking about health care in terms of what Obamacare is and what it will mean.

We went back and we relived, and by the way, I should point out, remind you, our audience has expanded geometrically ever since that Fluke business. So there are people listening to this program for the first time in the last six months, who are hearing things they’ve never heard before, and a lot of it was the substance of that health care bill and so forth. So I’m convinced, you go back and look at the campaign of 1980 and Reagan and Carter and compare it to today, you find a lot of similarities. And you may think I’m jumping back and forth. One day I sound depressed, down and out, it’s over, and that was not the case yesterday. And the other days like this, if the election is held today, Obama loses in a landslide. I think that every day, because, call me Jimmy Stewart here, I still believe in the America as founded and that it still exists.

I still believe that a majority of the American people want the country to continue to reassert and prosper again. I firmly believe this. And that is why I believe Obama would lose in a landslide, and I think Obama’s people know he would lose in a landslide if it were today. They are out there. They’re now sending out e-mails today, “We’re gonna lose if this keeps up,” meaning if Romney keeps outraising us. And every day you can find a story in the State-Controlled Media about some media figure or some Democrat somewhere, somebody in the administration finally realizing, “You know what? We could lose this.” You see one of those stories every day, as though this reelection was in the big, as though it was a fait accompli, as though it was a foregone conclusion. But now all of a sudden, you know what, we could lose this thing. Well, I’m gonna tell you they have been afraid of that for two years, because whereas you may have forgotten the 2010 midterms, they haven’t.

They created Occupy Wall Street because of the 2010 midterms. Some of the things that Obama is out saying on his teleprompter… There are days that I don’t think he knows what he’s saying. Which means somebody’s writing it for him, sending him out there, and he’s blabbering it. There’s a lot of incoherence out there. I gotta tell you something, folks, they have based all of their reelection opinions, hopes, whatever, on the fact that Obama is messianic and likable, lovable, smart, respected, and that’s what’s gone down the tubes.

I’m just here to tell you, if Barack Obama’s winning is entirely based upon his likability, then they could lose this thing and lose it big because I don’t believe those likability numbers either. What is there to like? I think that’s another myth that has been perpetrated, perpetuated by the Drive-By Media. Not that he’s disliked or hated, but this universal like and respect, no. It doesn’t happen in economic circumstances like this.

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