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RUSH: I’ve been thinking about something. There’s a story I had in the Stack. I didn’t get to this yesterday. It’s a Reuters story, “Romney May Name Running Mate Early in Election Race.” There have been names floating on this. There’s Bob Portman in Ohio. There’s Marco Rubio, who continually says it isn’t gonna be him. Bobby Jindal. Governor Christie — who may be talking himself out of it, if he was in there, but he’s openly said that he would take it.

Well, he’s openly said that he would seriously consider it. There are a number of names. Tim Pawlenty is considered one of the front-runners. So today Romney goes to the NAALCP convention. One of the names that is also on this list that shows up now and then but not in every story about it, is Condoleezza Rice. Now, I don’t have any idea who Romney’s gonna choose, but when I saw this story yesterday, “Romney May Name Running Mate Early in Election Race,” I thought, “Why?”

This is awful early to name a VP.

Of course, the Reuters headline says “may name.” But it’s a fairly lengthy story about what the advantages in doing so could be, and they list the people that are possible. It mentions here, “Romney is also considering whether to name a woman, his wife, Ann, said.” To the team of people that would select a running mate. And I’ve seen Condoleezza Rice’s name mentioned off and on. Here goes Romney to the NAALCP. What are the odds that he would pick Condoleezza Rice next week, coming off of this speech to the NAALCP?


You think zero? Why?


Well, they all say they’ll never do it! They all say they’ll never do it. Every one of these people is saying that. Well, except Chris Christie. Paul Ryan’s name is mention, and a lot of people look favorably at Paul Ryan. But, Rubio, for example, says, “There’s no way I’m gonna do it!” They all say this. But then if they get the call, then this sense of duty overtakes them.


What if I got the call? (laughing) I’d ask, “Are you sane?” You know what my answer would be? “I’m not gonna take the pay cut.” But I’m just not oriented towards that. I’m not diplomatic enough to be in government in any way, shape, manner, or form. You remember who was the head of Obama’s selection team? It was Caroline Kennedy. Yeah, it was. She was right in there. But you watch the reaction that regime will have no matter who Romney picks. No matter who he picks, the criticism is going to be profound.

Of course, when Obama chose Biden, there was no criticism. He chose a lunatic. He chose a plagiarist. And now the guy, Biden, is out there telling sex jokes. Did you hear about this? I think we’ve got it in the Stack here. Biden. Who was he talking to? Was it an Hispanic group? He was talking to some group of people about how small the house was where he grew up and how thin the walls were and how his parents managed to “get away with it” nevertheless.

I kid you not. (laughing) Honestly! It was La Raza. Biden was talking to La Raza. He said (paraphrased), “We had all the ingredients: Small room, thin walls. You know, just like you.” We do have the sound bite. Somebody tell me what number it is. I know it’s there. Yeah, number eleven. Here it is. This is yesterday Las Vegas at the National Council of La Raza Luncheon.

BIDEN: I was raised in a… No Horatio Alger story, a normal story. A three-bedroom house, split level, in a new development, in the mid-fifties in Delaware. Those walls were awful thin. I wonder how the hell my parents did it, but that’s a different story.

AUDIENCE: (laughter)

BIDEN: I know you don’t know anything about that!

AUDIENCE: (laughter)

BIDEN: I know none of you in your families have done the same thing!

RUSH: So here he is talking to the Hispanics saying (paraphrased), “Look, I grew up just like you did: A whole bunch of people in a cheap house with thin walls, and I don’t know how my parents did it. I know none of you in your families have done the same thing.” He’s trying to share a commonality with ’em. (interruption) Snerdley, a lot of people think about their parents doing it, and they can’t visualize it. But nobody talks about it! Certainly not vice presidents!

They don’t go to groups, particularly La Raza, and say, “Yeah, yeah, yeah! Remember the car you came here in? Well, it’s like the house you lived in. Well, it was the same for me, and I tell you: All of us were packed in there like sardines and the walls were very thin, and I don’t know how my parents got away with it!” You know, if Romney chooses Condoleezza Rice, we’re not gonna get anything like that from her as vice president. I was at the Horatio Alger dinner where she was inducted into the society a couple years ago.

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