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RUSH: This is last night, The Situation Room on CNN. It’s a correspondent by the name of Brian Todd, a report about new allegations against the DC mayor, Vincent Gray. They’re trying to figure out here in this report why all of Washington, DC’s mayors are corrupt. And you’ll also hear the voice of political analyst Mark Plotkin. Is that the guy at the Southern Crisis Poverty Law Center? I don’t know who this guy is. Political analyst. Doesn’t matter. Here’s Brian Todd’s report on why all of DC’s mayors are corrupt.

TODD: The swirl of scandal is nothing new. Other DC mayors have been accused of either incompetence or outright corruption. Marion Barry was arrested when a sting operation targeted him. He spent time in jail. Barry’s successor, Sharon Pratt Kelly, built up huge budget deficits. More recently, former Mayor, Adrian Fenty, was investigated for steering contracts to a friend. He was cleared. I asked analyst Mark Plotkin what’s tainted the DC mayor’s office.

PLOTKIN: I do think that if we had these higher positions that people could aspire to and attain, then the people at the starting level would be of a different caliber.

TODD: He’s talking about the fact that Washington has no real voting power on the floor of Congress.

RUSH: Okay, it’s not the Southern Poverty Law Center guy. That’s Potok. That’s Mark Potok. This guy is Mark Plotkin. He said, “I do think that if we had these higher positions that people could aspire to and attain, then the people –” So if you could be something more than mayor in Washington, then you wouldn’t corrupt yourself, but since mayor is as high as you could go, you can’t go anywhere, that’s it. There’s no governor. There’s no senator. You’re mayor, you’re it. And of course since there’s nothing higher to aspire to, what do you do when you max out? You end up being corrupt. That’s just natural, folks.

I’ll answer the question for you. Why are all DC mayors corrupt? That’s the question. And by the way, it’s not my proposition. CNN did this. CNN did the story. CNN is asking the question, “Why are all Washington mayors corrupt?” Let me answer that by asking another question. What party do they come from? They are all Democrats. What kind of Democrats are they? They are all liberal Democrats. You want to know why every Washington mayor is corrupt? It’s because they are all liberal Democrats. That’s what they do. (interruption) Yeah, Marion Barry said, “The b-i-itch set me up.” That was the cocaine sting in the hotel room, “The b-i-itch set me up.” Plus, you know, there’s mood disorders that affect these people.

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