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RUSH: Snerdley, did you go out and get the book? You know, we posted what I said on the Rush Babes Facebook page. Hee-hee-hee. We got 26 pages of comments, and you ought to see ’em.
The mindless twit critics of this program say that everybody in this audience is just a bunch of mind-numbed robots. You ought to read the diversity of opinion of the Rush Babes posting their thoughts on this book at our Rush Babes Facebook page. Well, some of ’em hate the book. Some of them can’t believe I talked about it. Some of them are mad at me. Some of them love it. Some of them think, “Good, I’m not gonna read it, just like Kathryn said. I don’t do what the crowd does. I agree with Kathryn.” The opinion runs the gamut on the book. And yeah, there were some comments that people asked me, some of the Rush Babes wanted me to read passages on the air. No, I could not do that, and I’m not recommending the book.

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