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RUSH: I’ve got a couple Romney sound bites that I want to play, 25 and 26. Romney is still on fire. In fact, Romney is saying here what I have been begging the Republican Party to say about Obama and the Democrats. I have been begging them, “Would you please say this is ideological!” So here’s Romney in Boston at a campaign event, and we have two sound bites. Here’s the first one…

ROMNEY: There are some people who think what the president said was “just a gaffe.” It wasn’t a “gaffe.” It was instead his ideology. The president does in fact believe that people who build enterprises like this really aren’t responsible for it. But, in fact, it’s a collective success of the whole society that somehow builds enterprises like this. In my view, we ought to celebrate people who start enterprises and employ other people. He said, “If you think you’re smart, well, there are a lot of other smart people; and if you think you’re working hard, there are a lot of other hardworking people.” Where was he going with that? What’s he trying to say, that we don’t celebrate and reward success and achievement? My own view is that if you attack success, you’ll continue to see what we’ve seen over these last three-and-a-half years, which isn’t success.

RUSH: I like this. “There are some people who think what the president said was ‘just a gaffe.’ It wasn’t a ‘gaffe.’ It was instead his ideology. The president does in fact believe that people…” For three-and-a-half years I have been hoping to hear this kind of thing. By the way, it’s the best he’s ever sounded, and it’s gonna cause Drive-Bys to get even angrier at him. But how bad can that be? They’re already trying to hit him with everything they got.

Here’s the next one…

ROMNEY: America is a nation which is defined by people coming to achieve, to fulfill their dreams. We’re a nation of risk-takers, dreamers, people that want to take a better step for the future for themselves and for their kids. And in the process of doing so, they make us better off! They lift one another. I just don’t think the president, by his comments, suggests an understanding of what it is that makes America such a unique nation; why people have come here for hundreds of years! It’s because this is the land of opportunity here. We welcome people here with dreams and say to them, “Come build it!” Not, “Come here because government will give it to you,” but, “Come here because this is a place where your dreams will be good for you and good for our entire nation!”

RUSH: I’ll tell you what: “It wasn’t a ‘gaffe.’ It was … his ideology.” America is where people hear, “Come build it!”

That’s right on the money. We just hope this keeps up.

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