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RUSH: Hutchinson, Kansas, is where we start on the phones today. This is Dawn. Dawn, it’s great to have you. Thank you for waiting.

CALLER: Yes, sir. Hey, I strongly believe Obama will never go back on his word because he believes what he said. The only way he got up there into the White House was using everybody to get up there. So he feels that anybody who has a successful business must have used tons of people, or whoever they could, just to get a little bit ahead of everybody else and that’s how they got up there. He’s projecting.

RUSH: Yeah, but he didn’t say that in 2008. He didn’t get elected on that basis. That’s why this is standing out now.

CALLER: Yeah, but I really feel that he knows that this is the only reason he got up there.

RUSH: No, no, no, no, no.

CALLER: I mean, I really feel that.

RUSH: No, no, no, no. No, no, no. Obama got up there ’cause he’s the Smartest Guy in the World. Obama got up there ’cause this country and this world needs him. Obama got up there and was elected because it’s about time somebody came along and saved this mess, and got rid of all this discrimination, and got rid of all the unfairness, and got rid of all the stuff where people didn’t get what they rightfully deserved. We needed somebody to come along and really make government do what was intended!

No, you’re dealing with an egomaniac here. You’re not dealing with somebody who thinks he got there on the back of other people. He thinks he’s bringing people along with him. I know your theory is that because it happened to him, he thinks everybody else does it the same way, using the old the projection business. No, no, no, no. Obama’s not that way. This is deceit. That whole 2008 campaign was deceit. The Obama team figured out that what he was was an empty canvas.

The media did such a good job of depressing everybody that Obama quickly found out he could just go out there and say a bunch of platitudes and not get specific about anything other than lies, like (impression), “I’m gonna get rid of political disagreement forever! We’re gonna have a new politics and we’re all gonna get along, and — and — and the world’s gonna love America again! And we’re gonna lower the sea levels, and we’re gonna save the planet from global warming and climate change. We’re gonna stop all these political arguments and we’re gonna get along and we’re gonna have progress!'”

He spoke a bunch of platitudes, and then people could make him whatever they wanted him to be. They were so depressed, and they allowed that to happen.

Well, when you live by buzz; you die by it.

You live on PR; you die on PR.

If you succeed on phoniness, it’s eventually gonna come take its toll.


RUSH: Hi. How are you? And we are back. Half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair.

Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve heard people describe Obama as a community organizer. You heard Rudy laugh about Obama being a community organizer at the Republican convention in Minnesota in 2008. And a lot of people prior to Obama, they didn’t know what a community organizer was. On Friday night in Roanoke, when Obama’s out there saying, “You got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen,” that is what a community organizer does. What Obama was doing was agitating. He was trying to organize that crowd. He was trying to whip that crowd into an anti-capitalist frenzy. He was pitting a group of Americans against another.

This is a man conducting a war on achievers. Not just a war on achievers. Obama is conducting a war on people striving for success. And he’s talking to that crowd in Roanoke, that’s what a community agitator or organizer does. He was trying to agitate those people, to organize them, whip up a frenzy. He’s telling those people: You are justified in resenting the people that own businesses in your town. You’re justified, ’cause they didn’t do it. You did. You made it all happen for ’em. And what are you getting out of it? You get nothing. But I’m here for you. I’m gonna show you how to get what’s rightfully yours. I can only do that in the White House. I need you to send me back there, and I’ll get it back for you.

That’s the kind of stuff that agitators say. This is the kind of stuff that people say that creates unrest in a population. That was Obama at his most authentic. That’s when the guard, for some reason, came to town. That’s when the curtain dropped and the Wizard of Oz was exposed for what he really is, an agitator, a born agitator. That’s what he did on the south side of Chicago. That’s what ACORN does. That’s what all of Obama’s precious groups do.

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