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RUSH: Brian in Hopewell Junction, New York, thank you for calling, sir. Great to have you with us.

CALLER: (garbled cell) Yeah, hi, Rush. How you doing?

RUSH: Fine and dandy, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: Just let me give my background. I’m a business consultant, a management professor, also a motivational expert and author. And I want to talk about how difficult it is to start a business. Because every aspect of government discourages and puts obstacles in the way of starting a business. And there’s nothing out there that really makes it easy. As a matter of fact, four out of five businesses fail in the first three years. And just to give you some of the things that are involved in starting a business:

It’s the capital investment, worries about taxes — not only about income taxes, also taxes have to be paid for employees — regulations and compliance, insurances, employee paperwork and administration, accounting. And on top of that, long hours. There’s no businessperson that can say, “Oh, yeah! I put in a long, 40-hour week.” Business owners typically put in 60- to 80-hour weeks because this is their first devotion, their love. As you’ve had callers say in the past: The business owners get paid last. So there are so many things that go into starting a business.

RUSH: Brian, I assume you’re calling here reacting to Obama saying (impression), “You didn’t build that business. You didn’t do that”?

CALLER: Oh, absolutely. You know, the whole thing is so inane. Even when I teach college classes, we have a room full of students, and everyone’s at the same school that pays the same tuition. They have all of the same physical support and administrative support, yet not everybody gets A’s. A few people get A’s, some people get C’s, some people fail. But yet they all have the same roads in front of them as Obama’s claiming every successful business has.

RUSH: You know, about that. I have to tell you something. By the way, he’s right on the money here with what he’s saying. But Obama claims he was taken out of context. He said he was talking about the roads in the previous sentence. If he was talking about the roads, he woulda said, “You didn’t build those.” Instead, he said, “You didn’t build that. You didn’t do that.” I don’t think he can make the claim at all. But, anyway, Brian, I appreciate the call. He’s exactly right.


RUSH: Folks, let’s take a look. Let’s go back in time. Let us review some of the things Obama has said about the private sector over the past few years.

Oh, and one other thing. One other thing in this health care business. We can talk all we want about 30 million uninsured and how many of ’em will remain uninsured because of the various things happening resulting from the Supreme Court decision. All that’s fine and dandy. How many of these uninsured who finally get insurance are gonna have doctors? Does anybody stop to think how many doctors are gonna opt out of all this? A lot of people are just assuming the doctors are gonna hang in there and just accept all of this? I have news for you. The doctors, great numbers of them, are already talking about how they are looking at finding something else to do. It’s not going to make any sense.

I don’t know whether it’s gonna happen, but I saw it on a television show recently. The Democrats are gonna raise the following issue: Why should somebody get rich treating the sick? They’re going to claim that that’s a fundamental characteristic error of capitalism. Remember, now, these are the intellectuals, the wordsmiths. They think they’re smarter than everybody. They don’t like capitalism because they’re not the richest. If capitalism were fair and just, the smartest would be the wealthiest. It ought to work that way. They can’t figure out why some dumb hick hayseed that owns a bait and tackle shop may make more money than they do, while they lounge around sipping cocktails at 4:30 in the afternoon in the faculty lounge. So they’re gonna sit around and they’re gonna say how unjust it is and how is immoral.

Why should somebody treating the sick, why should somebody helping somebody get better, get rich? Shouldn’t that be almost like a Mother Teresa donation to society? Certainly there shouldn’t be any profit in it. These doctors are not gonna take that for very long. The real opt-out’s gonna be the opt-out of Medicaid. It’s hard enough now for some Medicaid patients to find a doctor who will take new ones, and Obama slashing these Medicaid payments, he’s moving them over to the states, and the states now have permission to opt out. And the doctors are getting paid later and later and less and less. At some point it’s not gonna make sense. They’re not gonna be able to earn enough to justify all the costs of their education and all the hard work. These are people that can’t make mistakes. Medical education, you have to know it. You don’t memorize the test and go out and swear to the Hippocratic oath and then start treating. You’ve got to know what you’re doing.

When Obama and the Democrats start talking about how unfair it is that these people make money treating the sick — and that’s right around the corner. What was the TV show. Let me think here for second. Oh. It was the most recent episode of The Closer, and it was about a cancer doctor who unwittingly was buying chemotherapy drugs which were fakes. They were just saline solution. All these chemotherapy patients were being injected with saline and they continued to die, but they were suffering no effects of chemo. The plot was that the salesman with the phony, fake chemotherapy drugs was a do-gooder crusader. These people are gonna die anyway, at least they’re gonna die looking good. They’re gonna die having fun. They’re gonna die living their lives instead of shriveling away after being poisoned by chemotherapy drugs.

In the course of the program there were a couple slams at doctors who make money treating the sick. So it’s coming, mark my words.

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