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RUSH: Gallup has just released the following: “Democratic Voting Enthusiasm Down Sharply From 2004, 2008.” It just further exposes the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll as a corrupt, bogus piece of work. Subhead: “Republicans More Enthusiastic Now Than in 2008 — Democrats are significantly less likely now (38%) than they were in the summers of 2004 and 2008 to say they are ‘more enthusiastic about voting than usual’ … Republicans are more enthusiastic now than in 2008, and the same as in 2004.”

The point is Obama’s attempted voter suppression is not working. This is from the Gallup/USA Today poll that came out yesterday. Gallup is just now getting around to putting out this aspect of the results today. “These results are based on a July 19-22 USA Today/Gallup poll. They suggest a shift in Republicans’ and Democrats’ orientation to voting in the coming presidential election compared with the last two, with Republicans expressing more voting enthusiasm.

“The current 51% to 39% Republican advantage in voter enthusiasm is slightly larger than the 53% to 45% GOP advantage Gallup measured in February of this year.” So the NBC poll says that Democrat voter enthusiasm is way up, as indicated by their sample: 11% more Democrats turning out to vote than Republicans. That’s what that plus-11 meant in the NBC/Journal poll. They gave the Democrats a plus-11 advantage in terms of the number of respondents in the poll based on what they think the turnout is gonna be.

“Republicans’ greater enthusiasm about voting is a troubling sign for the Obama campaign, especially given the fact that registered voters are essentially tied in their presidential voting preferences and that Republicans historically vote at higher rates than Democrats do.” If that last part is true, why does Gallup oversample the Democrats? That doesn’t make any sense, unless they’re trying to suppress the Republican vote (which we know they are) and they’re trying to goose or inspire the Democrat vote.

So if it’s true that Republicans have “greater enthusiasm about voting” and that’s “a troubling sign” for Obama, how in the world…? Why in the world did NBC, the Wall Street Journal, and every other polling outfit oversample Democrats so much? It’s because they’re using their poll to make news, not to reflect public opinion. They’re trying to create public opinion. They’re trying to bend it and shape it. But the big news here is that Obama’s effort to suppress the vote isn’t working.

And in Gallup’s own release, the headline: “Democratic Voting Enthusiasm Down Sharply From 2004, 2008 — Democrats are significantly less likely now (39%) than they were in the summers of 2004 and 2008 to say they are ‘more enthusiastic about voting than usual’…” This is why I always trust my instincts. I see an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll or any poll that comes out that shows the Democrats with a plus-11, and there’s no way that’s right. You can’t even make that case even if it were true.

It’s not reflected anywhere, not the way they’re reporting the news. It’s not reflected in the way Obama’s behaving. It’s not reflected in the way the Democrats are behaving and the way they’re talking. And guess what? F. Chuck Todd, NBC News, has just admitted, quote: “Our poll was skewed.” Okay. Now it’s time for audio sound bite number one. I wasn’t gonna be do this. I like Brian Williams, even though Brian Williams… Ah, this is so tough. Do you remember when Brian Williams had that nine o’clock show on MSNBC? Back when MSNBC was a responsible place, I was often a guest.

I was a guest on Chris Matthews’ show now and then. We’d go over there to Secaucus or wherever it was, Fort Lee, and we’d hang around. I remember laughing with Matthews about stuff and always commiserating with him. His ratings were always much lower than I thought his actual audience was, and I’d tell him that. We’d go back to Brian Williams’ office, as he was getting ready for his nine o’clock show, and he’s one of the funniest guys in the world.

Now these guys have just become totally infected with full-fledged partisanship, and they’re angry all the time. I don’t know about Brian, but they’re angry, and they’re at war every day.

So last night on the NBC Nightly News, here’s Brian Williams with F. Chuck Todd as they trumpet their poll…

WILLIAMS: Our new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, debuting here tonight, has some eye-opening findings about the way this campaign is being run and the effect it’s having on both sides! Our political director, Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd, with the numbers! Chuck, good evening!

F. CHUCK: This campaign, in the month of July, has taken an especially nasty turn — and perhaps it was only a matter of time that voters would express their frustration. That’s the biggest takeaway from our new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll. While the fundamentals of the overall race haven’t changed that much — the president still leads 49-43 in this survey — it’s the negative campaign that has taken a toll on how voters view both the president and Mitt Romney.

RUSH: That’s just out the window now. The Gallup Poll is out, and NBC News’ poll is an outlier. It’s the only one. Well, now they’re joined by Reuters. You only have two of them that show Obama in the lead (both of them, incidentally, by six points). Both of them show enthusiasm down and the negative ads working. But they’re not working. Chuck Todd admitted it. He was on Scarborough’s show this morning, “Our poll was skewed.” So I wanted to play the way they introed the poll last night on the Nightly News, and now… (sigh)

In their Web release of the poll the headline was: “Todd: A Lot of Bad News for Romney, Obama in Latest Poll.” This is the poll that oversample Democrats by 11 points. But, again, Gallup is just out now with the exact opposite information. The Republican voter enthusiasm is off the charts. It’s higher than 2004, higher than 2008. The effort to suppress isn’t working. The “bad news” for Romney is not bad news. There isn’t the “bad news” for Romney in the Gallup survey that NBC claims is in theirs.

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