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RUSH: I’m right about this, it’s already starting to happen — the calls for banning football. That’s gonna be a while before it gets really serious. But there are people suggesting high school football be banned and some college football be banned because of concussions and the brutality of the game and how unfair it is. It’s not something civilized people ought to do. That’s where we’re headed with that. Civilized people wouldn’t do this. That’s something ancient Romans did, but we’re not the ancient Romans. You watch, it’s going to happen.

Now, in TheAtlantic.com. Let me just read to you the first paragraph of this story by Alice Dreger. No, I’ve never heard of her. It’s Alice. It’s not Zeke Dreger. It’s not Bruce. It’s not Richard. It’s Alice Dreger. Let me see if it explains who she is. It doesn’t. So she may just be a staff columnist there.

“To be perfectly honest, I follow football the way I follow television. I read about it. (Breaking Bad sounds like something I should watch someday.) And the only reason I’ve been reading about football is my morbid fascination with the two major scandals in which the game has lately been sandwiched: the long-term harm caused by repetitive head injuries and the Sandusky pedophilia story. I can’t stop wondering: Could they be related?”

So the latest salvo in the war on football comes from a noted sports expert at The Atlantic who has found a way to marry the concussion story to the Sandusky story, where the conclusion is head injuries can cause pedophilia.

“We now know that professional football players’ helmets are not magically saving their brains from all the pounding they take. The New York Times reports that, to date, twenty NFL veterans have been shown to have suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) — a progressive decaying of the brain. Many more players have been living with the symptoms: early-onset dementia, erratic behavior, and major depression.”

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy. You have to be a highly trained broadcast specialist to say that, by the way, without stumbling across it. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy. “CTE can only conclusively be diagnosed in autopsy…” So we need more people to die to learn more about it. She doesn’t say that; I’m adding it in. “… and Boston University’s Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy, the leading research institution in this field, has been doing most of the postmortems. … In a 2003 study of 685 men, published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, found that ‘pedophilic patients reported more head injuries before age 13 than did the nonpedophilic patients.’ While it is true that the head injuries we are now most concerned with in football occur after age 13, it is also true that most NFL and NCAA players and coaches (like Sandusky) are likely to have started getting their heads game-bashed as children.”

Well, so you see now in The Atlantic, which is a journal of high intellect, we now have a marriage, if you will, a connection here between brain injury and pedophilia. I’m not kidding you. I didn’t predict this specific thing, but this certainly falls within the guidelines of what I did predict. She is dead serious. Alice Dreger is her name. Now, here’s the closing paragraph.

“Whether or not additional research bears out the theory that head injuries can contribute to pedophilic behavior, the two ongoing scandals in football — repetitive head injuries and the possible cover-up of Sandusky’s pedophilic activities at Penn State — do have one clear link: in both cases, those in charge have taken big risks in playing with the idea of putting the game first and the well-being of youngsters second.”

I’m telling you, folks. How long does it take before we get to the conclusion that Paterno was a pedophile-in-waiting or a pedophile by extension? So here you have it, in a journal of high intellect, pedophilia is connected to concussions. It may be why Sandusky did what he did. And how can we allow things like this in a cultured, sophisticated, civilized society? Now, Snerdley’s in there shaking his head, he can’t believe it. These are liberals. I’m telling you, this is who they are.

The boxing community. Well, is the boxing community filled with pedophiles? It only takes one, and then we’ve got a link. So is there a former boxer that’s a pedophile, a current boxer that’s a pedophile? I don’t know. But if they find one, guess what? It’s the second example.

It doesn’t take much for these people to convince themselves that they’re on to something and that they gotta take the risk out of life, and they’ve gotta take the risk of serious and major injury out of life. In a cultured, civilized society, why would we pay to watch such activity that people are gonna end up brain-dead? Why would we pay them to do it? Why would we pay to watch it? Why would we generate so much money around it, when it’s nothing but barbaric? This is where it’s headed. And you wait, it’s not gonna be long before they figure out that most of the participants in the NFL are African-American, and you’re gonna lump that in with the fact that here you have people being used, abused, objectified, taken advantage of. I can see it all happening. So can you, too, if you want to admit it.


RUSH: I shoulda done this before I reported the story from Alice Dreger, but actually it came in during the program itself so I didn’t have time to do research. During the break I went and found out who she is, the author of The Atlantic piece that compares concussions to pedophilia. Now, the first question I had is: Have any of these pedophilic types at Penn State gone after young girls? Did Sandusky go after young girls? Or was it just boys that Sandusky preyed on?

This is important given the scope of her article.

If no girls were approached by Sandusky or any of these other head-injury types who had concussions and then turned to pedophilia, then why didn’t she mention homosexuality as an aspect of this? Sandusky was a coach! Do coaches get head injuries? I guess we’re assuming that Sandusky played and got head injuries when he played, and the head injuries manifested themselves when he became a coach. The pedophiles in this case all were coaches. Now, who is she? Alice Dreger is a “Professor of Clinical Medical Humanities and Bioethics” at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine.

Now, what are Clinical Medical Humanities and Bioethics, anyway? See, this is why The Atlantic, a journal of high intellect, has her. “Medical humanities! She’s figured out there’s a link between concussions and pedophilia. Medical humanities! Why should we play this game? It’s so barbaric. Look what happens to some people who play it.” She’s not an MD. She’s a PhD. Would you like to hear what she wrote for her PhD? Here’s the title of her doctoral thesis: “Doubtful Sex: Cases and Concepts of Hermaphroditism in France and Britain, 1868-1915.”

Who would even…? People ask me why I didn’t go to college. Who would even conceive of such a subject to do a doctoral thesis on? Some people, obviously, I just don’t relate. “Doubtful Sex: Cases and Concepts of Hermaphroditism in France and Britain, 1868-1915.” Why that date range? Why not examine the concepts of hermaphroditism in France and Britain from 1915 to the present, and why only France and Britain? Why not Penn State? Why not Scotland?

Hermaphrodites of the world unite!

One of Alice Dreger’s articles is: “A History of Intersexuality, from the Age of Gonads to the Age of Consent” in the Journal of Clinical Ethics. Another piece by Alice Dreger: “Hermaphrodites in Love: The Truth of the Gonads.” I’m just telling you, this is her curriculum vitae. This is what she has written. “Football and the Sexual Side Effects of Head Trauma” is her latest submission in The Atlantic. This woman is fascinated by hermaphrodites and gonads and France and Britain and Penn State.


RUSH: Here’s another one by Alice Dreger: “The Controversy Surrounding The Man Who Would Be Queen: A Case History of the Politics of Science, Identity, and Sex in the. Internet Age.” That’s another thing. This is another title of her written works.

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