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RUSH: Here’s Kathryn in Rockville, Maryland. I’m glad you called. Great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I think Obama’s continued hostility towards business and his unrelenting attacks on those who are successful has provided a fertile ground for the phenomena known as the flash mob. You know, there have been incidents in Florida where a Walmart was stormed by 300 people. The sole purpose of this is to go in, to overwhelm the business, destroy it, and to take whatever you can lay your hands on. These types of activities, I think, are almost a natural outgrowth of the anger that Obama seeks to foment in people who —

RUSH: Okay, let’s use real-world terms. A flash mob is a riot, and what they’re doing is committing burglary and mayhem and rioting at, say, Walmart, 300 of them in Florida. So is it your contention that Obama’s public remarks are inspiring these riots?

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: Well.

CALLER: And also, I think that it becomes a source of intimidation for all other businesses, because they are concerned that they might be the next target.

RUSH: So the flash mobs, i.e., the rioters, are simply acting out what Obama’s saying?

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: Obama’s revving them up: Yeah, that stuff in that store is ours, by God, it’s ours, and we’re not being paid for that. We built that store. We built the road. To hell with it. And they go in there and they take what they want.

CALLER: Right. And, Rush, there’s another thing going on.

RUSH: But they’ve been doing that long before Obama came along. People have been rioting and going into stores. Democrats have been doing this for a long time, you think, then?

CALLER: Well, I think that it has become much more prominent. I mean before it was a rarity. Now it’s like every other week, you find a store’s been flash mobbed. And the other thing is, there’s a game that’s going on. It’s called the knock down game where kids go around and they’ll target somebody, and the objective is to hit them in the head and see if they can knock ’em out. I mean, it’s like fomenting violence, irrational attacks on each other. I think that’s part of the divisiveness that’s just occurring in this country.

RUSH: Is the game called the knock down game or the knockout game?

CALLER: I think it must be a knockout game.

RUSH: Knockout game.

CALLER: It’s sort of a phenomenon going around Baltimore.

RUSH: I don’t know about the knockouts, but I think there were three flash mob attacks in the day or two after Obama’s Roanoke speech. You may have a point. You may have a point. Kathryn, thanks for the call. I appreciate it. See, Lakoff (rhymes with) is a master at introducing these false premises. The false premise is, the rich didn’t build the road, they didn’t pay a penny toward building the road.

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