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RUSH: “USDA Newsletter Encourages Employees Not to Eat Meat.” This story has been unearthed by Caroline May at the Daily Caller. And, you know, she deserves a shout-out. Caroline May at the Daily Caller seems to be making a career out of exposing the information being put out on the USDA website. Caroline May is the reporter who broke all the stories about the USDA’s various campaigns to enroll more people in food stamps. She’s the one that found that.

And in this report today, she tells us that the USDA has been telling its employees via their newsletter to start participating in the so-called Meatless Mondays initiative. Were you aware that there was such a thing? (interruption) Well, yeah, you would be, militant vegan that you are. Meatless Monday. “[T]he USDAÂ’s newsletter said that going meatless is good for the environment because ‘animal agriculture is a major source of greenhouse gases and climate change.'”

What a bunch… What a crock! Okay, from now on, folks, on Monday it’s all beef, all the time. That’s all you eat on Monday. What the hell is this, Meatless Mondays? From the government? From the USDA, the US Department of Agriculture which is supposed to be supportive of agriculture? They single out the beef industry and tell people to avoid it on Monday? Here we go picking winners and losers again!


RUSH: No, the Meatless Monday. You know, the thing about this is it’s just another illustration that radicals have taken care of these departments of government, these bureaucracies, and politicized them. This is the Department of Agriculture. You know, the claim that eating meat leads to global warming is absurd. It’s patently ridiculous. It’s an insult to common intelligence. But even if it were true — and I don’t even like making that acknowledgement. Even if these wacko claims are true (and they are not), this is not good for this country’s agricultural environment.

You know, Meatless Monday: “Don’t eat meat! Save the planet!”

Look, we raise livestock. We also raise the grains to feed livestock. The Department of Agriculture is ostensibly there to assist, to promote, to build up American agriculture. They’re supposed to help the farmer. USDA is supposed to help the rancher. I know what you farmers and ranchers are saying. I know. I know. I know. In an ideal, Civics 101 world that’s what’s supposed to happen. They’re not supposed to crucify ’em. The USDA is not supposed to crucify agriculture and treat ’em like the EPA does.

Now, this little blurb appears in Greening Headquarters Update. It’s been moved from the USDA website, and a USDA spokesman is now claiming “USDA does not endorse Meatless Monday.” But they did! But they do Meatless Monday. And Snerdley of course (militant vegan that he is), is in there smiling. Every day’s a Meatless Monday for you. There was Meatless Fridays during Lent. I thought it was Meatless Friday every Friday when I was growing up, but it had nothing to do with the environment.

That was all religious.


RUSH: John in St. Louis, thanks for waiting. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Nice to finally talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I love your show. Yeah, I got a couple comments and a question at the end. You know, earlier you were talking about the no-meat Mondays and stuff, and I see this creeping more and more into our culture. You know, you got some of these celebrities, these artists. World-renowned Sir Paul McCartney — which, by the way, they keep announcing that “Sir” thing. That’s not really American. We don’t like titles like that. But, anyway, Paul goes to the White House, and he tells the Obamas that it’s nice to have a president that knows what a library is. A slant about Bush. But anyway, so here you got him; he pushes this no-meat thing. If you work for him and his band, you can’t even eat any meat at all. You have to go out for it. You know, it was okay when he ate meat years ago, but then he becomes “enlightened,” and now it’s bad.

RUSH: Well, that’s the point. I don’t care. Paul McCartney can go out and find twigs and berries for all I care. What obviously bothers me is McCartney thinking he’s seen the light and telling everybody else how they have to eat. It’s why I call ’em militant vegetarians and militant vegans. They’re liberals, folks! They’re not content to live their lives the way they want to. They have to force everybody else to live their way, because people that don’t represent a threat to them.

Whether it’s what you eat or what you believe politically, they’re not tolerant.

They have no tolerance.

Zilch, zero, nada.

They just can’t leave well enough alone. He has to try to force his way on everybody else and make it a moral thing, which leaves me cold.

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