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RUSH: Oh, folks. Oh, my God. Oh, jeez, how did I forget. I meant to mention this in one of the top five stories. Do you know what? They are actually eating meat, they’re so happy. They are celebrating. They found slave blood in Obama’s genealogical trace. Oh, yes, they did, Mr. Snerdley. Yes, they did. But, but it’s on his mother’s side. White woman. It’s not on the side of his father, Barack Hussein Obama! “Mmm! Mmm!” Sr.

The AP, folks, they are overjoyed. “A team of genealogists has found evidence that Barack Obama…” (panting) could be, it might be, it could be, it is, slave blood. That’s right. The first recorded slave. Not just any old slave, but Obama’s slave blood is traceable to the first slave, which, after Eve was created, was Adam. I kid. Here’s the story.

“A team of genealogists has found evidence that President Barack Obama could be a descendent of an African slave — but not through the lineage of his black father, the most likely route researchers had followed and exhausted.” Oh, yeah, there has been an exhaustive search. They’ve been searching DNA, red blood cells, white blood cells, blue blood, red blood, white, they’ve been search everything. They’ve been tracing markers and guardrails, anything they could find, and they’d exhausted it all. “The link, genealogists with Ancestry.com said Monday –” yesterday, for those of you in Rio Linda, “– is, in fact, through an examination of his white motherÂ’s family history. ‘We were surprised and excited to make that connection,’ said Joseph Shumway, a member of the Utah-based Ancestry.com team.

“ObamaÂ’s father was from Kenya and his mother was from Kansas. It had been generally assumed that the president had no slave ancestors…” Remember, Democrats couldn’t stop talking about this during the ’08 campaign. It was all about whether Obama was authentic. Remember that? The real reason the Reverend Sharpton was not in the tank from the get-go was because Biden was out there talking about finally the Democrats had a clean, articulate black guy. And Sharpton said, well, I take showers, what do you mean? How come Obama’s the first clean guy? So he wasn’t on board. And then, folks, I’m not making it up, trying to be funny. I know it sounds funny. There was an ongoing debate of Obama’s authenticity. You can’t, in the Democrat Party, be an authentic black unless you have ancestral traces to the Deep South and slavery. ‘Cause you’re not down for the struggle otherwise.

If you don’t have a provable, documentable genealogical trace to slavery, then you are not down for the struggle, and questions of — (interruption) Well, yeah, you have to be marching, too. I mean that was qualifier number two, you had to march. But a lot of people marched that were not with slave blood. Well, Heston marched. James Garner marched. A lot of people who weren’t alive then marched! Just listen to ’em tell you. By now, everybody, every white liberal marched. Every white liberal in Hollywood marched.

But, anyway, I’m getting distracted here. “Researchers couldnÂ’t find it through the lineage of his father. However, no one had yet performed any exhaustive research into the lineage of his white mother, who turns out to have a mixed-raced family history. Ancestry.com now said the maternal line traces back to one of the first documented African slaves.” Folks, it’s not just slave blood. It goes back to slave number one. They find this in late July during the summer of Obama’s reelection campaign. He’s now authentic. They’re breathlessly reporting all of this. However, folks, if you actually read the article that AP writes you’ll see that the researchers say they cannot establish a definitive link because of gaps in the Punch family history.


RUSH: Let’s go, speaking of slave blood, genealogy, genealogical traces. When you boil it all down, it’s pathetic. Here you have AP breathlessly reporting that they finally found a trace, Obama to slave number one. My God, not just slave blood, but all the way back to slave one. And then later in this article they say you can’t prove it. So why do the story? Why? What’s the importance of the story? We know everything done is through the prism of helping Obama get reelected. How is he assisted in his reelection campaign by having it reported by the AP that he has slave blood?

Are there still people worried about whether or not he’s an authentic African-American? Who are these people on the left so preoccupied with all of this surface stuff. It doesn’t mean anything. Yesterday morning on CBS This Morning, senior White House correspondent Bill Plante reported about new information about Obama’s family tree, and they had the Ancestry.com genealogist on there, Joseph Shumway. Listen to this report. It’s from yesterday.

PLANTE: Barack Obama is related, however distantly, to people as diverse as Warren Buffett, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and George W. Bush. But now the researchers have discovered startling new evidence, a connection in his mother’s family tree.

SHUMWAY: President Obama is the 11th great-grandson of John Punch, who was the first documented African to be enslaved for life in the American colonies.

PLANTE: The president’s white mother is a direct descendant of the first known slave in the American colonies through a family by the name of Bunch. In 1640, John Punch, an African, was a servant in Virginia who escaped, was caught, and sentenced to remain in bondage to his master for life.

RUSH: But no, no, the story says that they have no proof. If you read the whole story, researchers say they can’t establish a definitive link because of gaps in the Punch family history. Did you know that there was a slave one? I didn’t either. I didn’t know that I had slave blood. I, El Rushbo, your host, apparently a genealogical trace. Let them call me racist. Ha. Here’s Bill Plante, continuing on the story. This is yesterday on the CBS This Morning show.

PLANTE: Punch with a “P” versus Bunch with a “B.” Researchers say that’s not unusual, that early record keepers wrote names as they sounded. Ancestry.com genealogists say the slave John Punch is the only likely person to have been the father of John Bunch. John Bunch’s father was white, and so was his wife, which means that President Obama descends from the first known black-and-white couple who left traceable descendants.

RUSH: Yeah, but see, one of these characters named Punch, the other is named Bunch, and they’re assuming it’s the same family, that people just didn’t pronounce it right when they showed up at the department of records, and said, “Hey, I’m here, I’m the first recorded slave, mark it down.” There you have it. But somebody tell me, how does this help Obama? And with who? I’m serious. I want to know. Obviously AP thinks this is a big assist. I don’t get it.


RUSH: Okay, folks, the only way of looking at this, based on the news today, is Obama’s white half is more authentically black than his black half, according to Ancestry.com. Breathlessly reported by AP. Okay. Happy to have that settled, and more is coming straight ahead.


RUSH: Just a few more minutes on this groundbreaking, heart-stopping story on Obama now finally having lineage, although it can’t be proven, so I don’t even know why there’s a story, but to the first black slave in this country, on his mother’s side. This means, ladies and gentlemen, Obama’s white half is more authentically black than his black half. Snerdley’s in there saying, “Do you know what they’re gonna do to you?” Yeah, I do. That’s half the fun of this. (laughing) Oh, folks, they take this so seriously. Yet none of ’em can tell me why it’s a big deal. You know what it has to be? In their world, the fact that Obama is the first black president, but really isn’t black because he hasn’t gotten down for the struggle, he doesn’t have any slave blood, apparently that’s been something eating at them. I mean the media, leftists, people on the left side, it’s been bothering them.

The first black president with no ties to the struggle, that won’t do. It’s almost like you haven’t really had the first black president. And now they’re celebrating ’cause they found it, but they haven’t, if you read the whole story. Now, I’m just bouncing off the story. Obama’s white half is more authentically black than his black half. Now, Obama said that his grandmother was a typical white woman. Was his mother a typical white woman? Do typical white women have slave blood? And if so, does that make Obama a racist now because he insulted a white woman with traces to the original slave? This is the way they think. I’m just trying to relate to them.

Now, researchers are missing a record connecting this guy Punch to a presumed son who, by his early twenties, owned 450 acres and grew tobacco in Virginia. So they’re missing a link between Punch and the son who is supposed to be the connection. So the whole story is a fairytale. They do not have the link, and yet they’ve run the story claiming that they do. In other words, the whole story that they’re having a cow — this story’s two days old now. They’re excited about this. The Associated Press is overjoyed. This whole story is based on a link from Punch to some son who might be an ancestor to the Dunhams, but they can’t find a link between Punch and the son. It’s totally laughable.

Now, I’m spending some time on this because it’s a teachable moment. It shows us how much meaningless things count for them. It shows us that they live in a pretend fairyland, make-believe land. There is no link. The AP story admits there’s missing data in the link. It doesn’t matter, it’s close enough, it counts. It’s like, if you miss the putt by half-inch, it’s close enough, it went in. Go ahead and count it. It’s a teachable moment. They don’t live in reality. They make it up. They massage it, they bend it, shape it, flake it, form it, to be what they want it to be. Anything. This whole thing is laughable. Punch’s son would have been black. How many black men owned more than 450-acre tobacco plantations in Virginia in the seventeenth century? There would be records up the wazoo if such a black man had existed, and we don’t have such records.

Now, can we get these researchers to look into Obama’s college transcripts? Can we call upon Ancestry.com to see if they can find the transcripts at Occidental and Harvard and Columbia? And while they’re at it, birth certificates. This may be the group to do it. There’s a whole story written about how they did find a link, so desperate are they to have a story that Obama’s traceable, isn’t it laughable, not just slave blood, I mean, they claim he’s got a traceable link back to slave number one. I thought the president’s DNA was highly classified. Didn’t that come up in the controversy over Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress? How did these researchers get his DNA? AP doesn’t tell us that.

Now, this AP story, we seem to know more about the first American slave than we know about the first American black president. Well, I’m just basing on what’s being reported here. I’ll tell you, if Obama were smart about now, he’d be finding some Jewish ancestors. Remember how Clinton did that? I mean, they live in a fake, make-believe world anyway. Why not go for the whole shebang here? After proving that you’ve got — no, they haven’t proven it. After asserting that you have lineage all the way back to slave number one, now let’s get Moses taken care of. Let’s get linkage all the way back to the Ten Commandments. Obama at the burning bush. Doesn’t take much. You find out everything you know, and then imagine the rest, and go to AP, and you write the story.

It’s all laughable anyway. It illustrates how these people, they run around and they call all of us racists. They’re obsessed with skin color. They’re obsessed with the symbolism of it. They are obsessed with things that have nothing to do with who a person really is. They don’t care to find out who Obama really is. And if they were to find out who Obama really is, they don’t care to tell us if it would not help his reelection effort. So they gotta focus on all this surface, meaningless stuff. Clarence Thomas has actual family members traceable to slavery. Clarence Thomas, actual family members who were slaves. Do you think the media is gonna write a story about it? Do you think the media will do a story about Clarence Thomas being authentically black? No. They don’t dare. His politics are all wrong. He can’t possibly be. All this is laughable anyway.

Obama’s father was from Kenya. Kenya has been a center of the slave trade since the Middle Ages. Kenya continues to deal in slaves, even to this day. There’s no doubt that Obama’s descended from slaves and slave traders on his father’s side. There’s no doubt. His father’s from Kenya. But they don’t dare go there. They don’t dare, because it’s still alive and thriving.


RUSH: Nancy in Akron, Ohio, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Mr. Limbaugh.


CALLER: Good to talk to you today.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I’m calling in regards to the DNA propaganda, so to speak.

RUSH: Oh, the slave blood linkage to our president.

CALLER: Yes, I am a genealogical researcher. I am administrator and/or co-administrator of eight DNA projects at Family Tree DNA in Houston, Texas, and I would suggest that to put this to rest, President Obama needs to do a family finder test. Family tree DNA, which is nothing more than a cheek rubbing, and that will tell us the percentage of African-American that he is and the percentage of European, slash, Caucasian that he is, or any other race that would come in.

RUSH: He’s not gonna do that. He’s gonna leave it to the AP to make the link, which they’ve —

CALLER: Well, the first thing is that you must have a paper trail. And the paper trail has to —

RUSH: Ha-ha-ha. Wait a minute, now. Who are we talking about here?

CALLER: He has to have a paper trail —

RUSH: No, no, no. No. That isn’t gonna happen.

CALLER: Someone needs to do it. If you’re going to believe what they’re saying, he has to have a paper trail, and then the DNA will be the icing on the cake.

RUSH: Are you telling me the DNA will show slave blood?

CALLER: DNA will show African-American blood. It will not show slave blood. But the African-American would have to come in through his female line — I mean the slave blood would have to come in through his female line. And the female, this particular test takes the mother and the father of him, him being the fifth generation, goes back four more generations, but —

RUSH: Wait a second. Ho, ho, ho. Why does it have to come in through the female line?

CALLER: I thought that his father was from Africa.

RUSH: Yeah, he is. Oh, okay, so you’re talking about specifically in this case the slave trace would have to be from his mom because his father is not from here. Okay, okay.

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: I thought it was some genealogical requirement.

CALLER: No. That would be the only way to ascertain if he has African-American blood on his mother’s side.

RUSH: Is African-American DNA different from African DNA?

CALLER: No. It’s the same.

RUSH: It’s the same?

CALLER: It’s the E haplogroup, and again —

RUSH: Oh, man, you are rocking a lot of people’s worlds here today.

CALLER: So it is E, meaning African-American, it’s J if it’s Jewish, it’s C if it’s Native American, and —

RUSH: Yeah, but what if it’s just African?

CALLER: It’s the same because we didn’t have African-American people here until they brought them from Africa.

RUSH: Okay. That’s good enough for me. We’ll just have to tell AP about this ’cause they’re still trying to establish the link. The paper trail, that isn’t gonna fly, though. Big problem. A big problem. If slave number one actually had 450 acres of tobacco in Virginia, don’t you think we’d know about that? Complicate the talk of reparations, but I don’t want to go there.


RUSH: By the way, folks, I must apologize here. This Obama slave story, down for the struggle, slave blood, I have neglected to mention in this whole program, and that is that Bill Clinton was the first black president. AP didn’t go there, but still, that was said by Toni Morrison. And they say that Obama is the first gay president because he’s so supportive of gay marriage and so forth. Which means that Obama, instead of going to Selma, Obama ought to go wherever Barney Frank goes, to establish cred. I mean, this is all about trying to establish credibility. I’m trying to help out here. They’re doing it the wrong way.

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