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RUSH: Mitt Romney, an ad ran yesterday on the super PAC Restore Our Future website, a new ad entitled, “Olympics.” We’ve got the ad. And in the ad, gold medal figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi, the 2002 Olympic games chief operating officer, Fraser Bullock, gold medal skeleton racer, Jimmy Shea, speed skater, Derek Parra, and an unidentified announcer. This is the ad, it’s pretty good.

KRISTI YAMAGUCHI: As an athlete, youÂ’re training your whole life for that one moment at the Olympics.

ANNOUNCER: But AmericaÂ’s winter Olympics were mired in scandal and deficits. They turned to Mitt Romney.

FRASER BULLOCK: He faced a $400 million budget deficit and turned that around to a $100 million surplus.

ANNOUNCER: And after September 11th, Romney delivered the Olympics safe and secure.

JIMMY SHEA: Mitt gets things done. He changed my life.

KRISTI YAMAGUCHI: Mitt Romney brought a huge sense of hope.

DEREK PARRA: Mitt allowed athletes like myself to be able to realize our dreams.

RUSH: That’s an ad that’s pretty effective. It’s running during the Olympics. It’s got the Obama people all ticked off. The only linkage Obama has to the Olympics is losing them for Chicago. You remember shortly after he was immaculated, he triumphantly — this is after he’d been given the Nobel Peace Prize on the come. Never before had they given a Peace Prize to somebody that hadn’t done anything. Well, that’s not true. Practically every recent winner hasn’t done anything for peace, but they gave it to Obama, he’d been in office a month or so. He gets on a plane, goes over to wherever it was, I don’t know, Geneva, wherever the IOC was meeting to award the Olympics, and it was just assumed Obama would show up, oh, man, automatic, Chicago. He was out of there in five minutes. Chicago didn’t get it. I think Rio de Janeiro did. The IOC said crime is the same in both places, so where would we rather go? And they decided they’d go to South America.

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