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RUSH: I want to kick off today with a hearty congratulations to Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz, Tea Party candidate, wins the Republican nomination for the Senate in Texas. You know what Ted Cruz did? He served Chick-fil-A at his victory party. Ted Cruz served Chick-fil-A at his victory party, and we want to congratulate Ted. There’s a generational change. Our big sponsor FreedomWorks was intimately involved — (staff singing happy anniversary) — in the Ted Cruz campaign. Yes, all right, okay, I tried. Every year we do our best here to downplay birthdays and so forth. It never works. It is, it’s the 24th anniversary of the EIB Network. That’s right, August 1st of 1988. They just placed a giant cake in front of me, and there’s one, two, three, four — seven candles on this cake. What does that signify?

DAWN: Nothing.

RUSH: Nothing? I’ve made a wish, and here goes. (blowing out candles) See? Still have amazing breath control after all of these years. Let me help you lift the cake up. There we go. I’m not gonna tell you what I wished for. Twenty-four more years? That’s automatic. I’m not even thinking about the end of years. Anyway, you ought to see what the staff gave me. Well, you’ve probably already seen a picture of it. They went out and they replicated the bust that was commissioned of me for the Hall of Famous Missourians in which I was inducted this past spring. Steve Tilley, the Speaker of the House, hung tough amidst all the controversy back then. We flew in and had a great day in Jefferson City.

So I get an e-mail from a couple people yesterday in California. “We want to drop by tomorrow morning, just to be there on your 24th anniversary and we have a little gift for you.” I’m thinking, awe, jeez, okay. This stuff embarrasses me. I do not like being the center of attention. Somebody asked me if I’m going to the Republican convention. No. I’m too famous. I’m not going. I’d be a distraction. So, anyway, I drove up, I got here this morning, and the LA contingent, most everybody was already here, unusual. They came in, they said, “Hi, how you doing? When you get a chance, look, we can’t bring this to you. You finish your show prep, you take a break, just head out to the front office.”


So about an hour later I walked out to the front office, and there’s a giant, I mean this thing is huge, bust of me. I read the plaque on the front of it, and then I realized it’s a replica of the bust that is on display at the state capitol, Jefferson City, Missouri, that I didn’t have much of a chance to look at because it was a get from point A to point B to point C to point D kind of day. I didn’t have much a chance to stop and look at it.

Folks, you don’t know how odd it is to look at a bust of yourself. It’s not like looking at a picture. It’s life-like. It’s huge. It’s a little bit bigger than my head. It looks good. The same artist did it, the sculptor out of Kansas City, Missouri [E.S. Schubert.]. We’ve taken pictures of it, and we put it up at RushLimbaugh.com. A heartfelt thanks to the staff for that, because it’s really great. We get advertisers, clients in here, any number of people, and they’re not gonna be able to avoid seeing it. You know what they’re gonna think. My God, this guy has got the biggest ego ever. He’s got a bust of himself in here for everybody to see. I made that point, and said, “Yeah, well, that’s the image they have, we may as well further it along.” So there it is on display out there.


RUSH: You know, we ought to call the White House and tell ’em we have this bust of me that we’d like to donate. We’d like to lend them a bust of Rush Limbaugh.

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