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RUSH: James Carville. You remember Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos tried to tie the Tea Party to the mass murderer in Aurora, Colorado. Brian Ross, first thing out of his mouth, (doing impression) “George, we got big news here. There’s a Tea Party member with the same name.”

“Really? That could be big, Brian.”

“Yeah, George, it could be really big. We’re not sure, we don’t know for sure, but it could be, George, that the mass murderer at The Dark Knight Rises is a member of the Tea Party.”

The Daily Beast had a headline back in February: “Tea Party is Dead. How the movement fizzled in the 2012 Republican primaries.” And then there was James Carville, (impression) “The Tea Party, the Tea Party is over.”

“Liberal political consultant James Carville sent a fundraising e-mail to supporters of upstate New York congresswoman Louise Slaughter entitled ‘The Tea Party is Over.’ … ‘These Tea Party Republicans have worn out their welcome. But IÂ’m telling you — getting rid of ‘em wonÂ’t be easy. TheyÂ’re not leaving on their own. WeÂ’re going to have to boot them out the door like unwanted house guests,’ Mr. Carville wrote.” They have wanted you to believe the Tea Party is finished ever since the 2010 midterms, and the reason that they thought they could get away with it was the Tea Party started as a protest movement and then it matured and grew, and the Tea Party has become one of the largest grassroots political organizations. It is an organization that this country hasn’t seen in a long time. And candidate after candidate after candidate is winning nomination races and then winning elections.

Ted Cruz, Tea Party candidate, won the Republican runoff for the Texas seat of Kay Bailey Hutchison yesterday. And listen to how Politico reports this. This is The Politico reporting on Ted Cruz’s stunning victory over David Dewhurst. Note the violent language here. “The storm-the-gates conservative movement that keeps finding ways to stick it to the establishment did it again Tuesday night in Texas, this time propelling the insurgent campaign of an Ivy League-educated son of a Cuban immigrant, Ted Cruz, to perhaps its most impressive victory yet.”

Throughout this story, the language is violent. The Tea Party bash rages on. The storm-the-gates movement that keeps finding ways to stick it to the establishment. You’ll note the media never talks that way about the violent Occupy Wall Street crowd. The Politico also never manages to mention that Ted Cruz won by more than 13 points despite being outspent by nearly three to one by Dewhurst. Instead, The Politico notes that Dewhurst finished 11 points ahead of Cruz in the primary and was seen as the prohibitive favorite. What does that matter now?

All that means is you should never believe the news media when they call anyone a prohibitive favorite. They had Dewhurst up by 11 points. They thought this was in the tank. And Cruz wins by 13. Don’t believe the polls. The media, Politico, whoever, had no desire for Ted Cruz to win this. It’s never, ever good news for the news media when the Tea Party wins elections.


RUSH: This is Ted Cruz in Houston at his campaign headquarters last night speaking about his victory in the primary runoff.

CRUZ: Tonight is a victory for the grassroots. It is a testament to Republican women, to Tea Party leaders, and to grassroots conservatives. Millions of Texans, millions of Americans are rising up to reclaim our country to defend liberty, and to restore the Constitution.

RUSH: That is exactly right. It’s one of the best-kept secrets going, if your only source for information on such things is the mainstream media. This Chick-fil-A thing is just one microcosm example of it.

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