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RUSH: There’s a new poll out. CBS/New York Times. Quinnipiac University. CBS and the New York Times are using a new pollster. And, folks, they are having an orgasm over this poll out there today. It’s a poll of battleground states, and of course the end result shows Obama way up in all these battleground states. It’s exciting. They can’t wait to tell everybody about it. Except there’s a problem. They do not break down the sample in the story. Neither the New York Times nor CBS let the reader know the partisan identification of the participants in the poll.

Now, it is likely voters, another reason they’re so happy. But it has been learned, there are people that dug deep and found out the sample. The CBS/New York Times sample has Democrats plus nine in the sample in Florida. That is not how the turnout was in 2010 midterms, and it’s not how the turnout was in 2008. So nobody can figure out, why give the Democrats a nine-percentage-point advantage in the sample? In 2008 the Democrats were plus three in actual turnout, and in the 2010 midterms it was even split. There was not an election, a recent election that shows the Democrats winning by nine points or turning out by nine percentage points greater than Republicans, and yet this poll assigns Democrats a nine-point advantage in Florida.

In Ohio, the Ohio sample has exactly the split in 2008, which is Democrat plus eight, which is nine points better than the Democrats did in the midterms. Folks, they’re lying to themselves. They’re putting together a vote sample. Pennsylvania did the same thing. They are giving themselves greater numbers. They’re asking many more Democrats than Republicans, is what this means in this poll, who they plan on voting for. They’re asking Democrats in greater numbers that have not been reflected in the past two elections. Now, you couple this with the fact that everybody knows that Republican voter enthusiasm on any poll you look at is sky-high. Democrat voter enthusiasm is way down.

There’s no way, for example, in Florida that 9% more Democrats are gonna turn out and vote than Republicans in November. Ditto Ohio, and ditto Pennsylvania. The only way you can believe this poll, and you’re gonna be seeing it because it’s all over the place, and they’re ecstatic with it. They think this is the poll that has it locked up now. Shows Obama, everything he’s doing is working, so it’s good they’re lying to themselves. But these polls would only mean something if you believe that the Democrats are gonna show up much more, in greater numbers, than Republicans in any state, but in these three, Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The truth of the matter is that Romney’s in good shape in all three of these states. These states are still toss-ups. There’s no way they’ve gone for Obama yet. Ohio is always a toss-up, and Pennsylvania, but Florida, there’s no way.

They’re lying to themselves, and in a way that’s good. And that’s what they do, they lie to themselves about all kinds of things all the time, and the more they lie to themselves, the more confident they’re going to be when they have really no grounds. I mean, Romney, this poll is such that Romney may as well just quit. He may as well just give up. Every one of these states, every one of these swing states, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, they all have bad economies. Why would anybody believe that Obama would be more popular in those states? Those states’ economies are in the tank. There’s no common-sense reason why Obama would be up by the numbers he’s up in this poll in these states. Don’t doubt me.

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