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RUSH: Now, in strict legal terms, it may not be that Harry Reid committed the felony, but if somebody’s calling him and telling him about Romney’s tax returns, it would appear that person has committed a felony. Now, the way to get to the bottom of this, folks, is very simple. The IRS and the FBI must question Harry Reid about his source. They have to do this in a formal investigation. And if he’s found to be lying about this while being questioned by federal investigators, then we got a process crime; then we got lying under oath. We’re talking Scooter Libby. But Reid has said this more than once, including on the Senate floor. The IRS and the FBI cannot ignore this. This is serious, what he’s doing here.


RUSH: Okay, let me clear this up. People are confused. I just said before the break, Harry Reid would not be the focus of a felony investigation, that the felony issue applies to the leaker. The felony issue applies to who it is talking to Harry Reid, this imaginary guy from Bain Capital that Harry Reid says is calling him. The felony issue applies to the leaker. And the reason for an investigation, the reason for an interview of Harry Reid is to determine the identity of the leaker. That’s who’s breaking the law, and Harry Reid’s facilitating it.

Then, in the course of that investigation, were it to happen — now, you and I know it’s not gonna happen. But were it to happen, if, while interviewed by the FBI and the IRS, even if not under oath, if Harry Reid lied about this, then he is subject to a 1001 prosecution. It’s not perjury, but it’s lying to a federal investigator. Can you say Martha Stewart. Process crime. Now, it’s never gonna happen, but this is a way to call Harry Reid’s bluff. Either he’s lying to the American people now, or he has information that federal investigators might find useful. It’s one of two things. He’s either lying saying that somebody from Bain Capital called him and said Romney hasn’t paid taxes for ten years, or somebody’s breaking the law.

Somebody is out there potentially committing a felony, and Harry Reid knows who it is. He might say, “I don’t know who it is. I just answered the phone.” But the point here folks, would be to call Harry Reid’s bluff on this. We played the parodies and we’ve given you history. This is a page out of their playbook. This is what they do. They run around, they make all these wild allegations with no evidence whatsoever. Then they demand that whoever it is they’re alleging all this lawlessness confirm that they didn’t do it. Essentially go out and prove a negative.

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