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RUSH: Over at The Five, by the way, this show has just cracked the top five of cable news shows, The Five at Five on Fox, and they gave me a 24th anniversary shout-out with Bob Beckel kissing in the background throughout the whole thing.

BOLLING: I personally want to shout out congratulations to Rush Limbaugh. Fantastic, great conservative voice. Today is his 24th year of EIB Network. The silent majority speaks, Rush.

BECKEL: (making kissing noise)

BOLLING: Congratulations, my good friend, great voice.

PERINO: (clapping) Congrats, Rush.

BECKEL: (making kissing noise)

PERINO: Twenty-four years! That’s Bob making that noise in case anybodyÂ’s wondering.

RUSH: He’s kissing. (kissing noises) Not at me. He’s mocking the other co-hosts at The Five. (laughing) I guess we know who the new Jack Germond is. Beckel. Anyway, thanks to the gang over at The Five.

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