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RUSH: I played some sound bites from the president an hour ago. He went to the microphones in the White House an hour ago, right at the beginning of this program, and I have to tell you, what we saw today, in Obama’s media appearance and his statement, is a cold-hearted man. I mean this: cold-hearted. We saw a president who is spinning the worst economic recovery numbers in modern history. We didn’t see any compassion. We didn’t see any concern. We didn’t see any caring. We saw a cold, calculating president spinning what is disastrous news into a way that he can benefit from.

There’s nothing in this economic news that ought to benefit anybody. There is nobody anywhere in the United States government who is an architect of this who ought to benefit an iota from what they have done and what they are doing. There is nobody in this regime, nobody in this administration who deserves to benefit from this. And yet here is our cold-hearted, calculating young president showing no compassion whatsoever for the people of this country who are really suffering from his policies. The people in this country who are suffering are doing so because of him, because of his policies.

He’s spinning this and spinning these numbers in such a way as to lie to the American people about how good things are and how they are improving. And if your life isn’t improving and it isn’t getting better and you listen to this guy spin that it is, you gotta be scratching your head, saying, “What am I missing? Why am I being left out?” Let me assure you, you aren’t being left out. Let me tell you why he’s doing that. I’ll beat my head against the wall again. We’re dealing with a man, Barack Obama, who is a revolutionary.

A revolutionary. And as such, he believes, that is the case in all revolutions, there is a period of pain and suffering. Not by him. Not by his friends, so-called masses. And that’s the price that must be paid to transform society, to achieve social and economic justice, which is so long overdue. There must be some suffering. It had to happen. This country was founded illegitimately. This country was founded immorally. This country must pay the price for that, and sadly, there will be a price to pay, and it is going to be one of economic hardship. But we deserve it, because we have been living a lie, the lie of the United States’ founding. We have been living in an unjust country. We have been purloining everything of value all over the world, stealing it for ourselves. Why, we’ve been conquering other nations. And we’ve been going in and taking their oil and taking everything else they want, and then calling ourselves a superpower.

That’s how he looks at it. So he’s come along, and now for the first time in 260 years, 210, whatever the number, for the first time in 225, 230 years, we’re gonna get it right. For the first time since our founding, finally somebody here understands exactly how this nation did it and how guilty we are, and it’s time for a revolution, and we’re gonna do it, and there’s a price to pay. And that price to pay is pain and suffering. All revolutions have them. Ask Fidel. Ask Hugo. Ask Che. Ask Mao. Ask Stalin. They all know. Every revolution has a price. The price is pain and suffering. Not by him, though, not by the leaders, not by the leaders and the leaders’ friends and elite buddies.

No, no, no. The pain and suffering is borne by the masses. The pain and suffering is borne by the unemployment numbers, the lack of economic growth numbers. The health care debacle and disaster. That’s the pain and suffering. That’s the price that must be paid in order to achieve social and economic justice that has never existed in this country before. See, where we are now, folks, is that the people who have benefited from the way this country was founded, the people in this society who’ve gotten rich, the people in this country, the top 1%, those that have had the power, the genuine descendants of the Founding Fathers, also a bunch of rich white guys. They set it up for themselves and for other people like ’em, and they knew what they were doing. They were setting up a phony, fraudulent country to take care of only themselves and everybody else is gonna be working to make them rich.

Well, those days are over. And now we got somebody who understands social justice. And now we have somebody who understands economic justice. We have somebody who understands fairness and freedom and liberty in the right way. We have a guy now who’s gonna make sure that anybody who benefited from this corrupt, immoral society now pays a price so that others might achieve. That’s how he sees this country. It’s not just him. That’s how his staff sees the country. It’s how most of the Democrat Party sees the country these days. It’s not LBJ’s Democrat Party. It’s not your grandfather’s Democrat Party anymore. It’s not your grandfather’s media. They all are aligned in this notion that this nation is corrupt, was founded as such, and the people that have benefited didn’t really deserve it. The people that have benefited, they won life’s lottery. The people that benefited, luck.

You hear it. Obama says it in his own words, using his own terminology. “Winners of life’s lottery” or just luck or not paying their fair share or whatever. But now, now they’re going to. That’s how this man sees this country. And that’s why when he goes out to the microphone today to try to spin all this into great news, you got nothing but cold-hearted selfishness. Spinning the worst economic recovery in modern history in such a way as to make you think that there is good news and that he is responsible for it, and we can’t go back to the unjust, immoral ways that were established in this nation’s founding.

He’s been honest about it from the get-go. He said his job was to spread the wealth. He said his job was to transform the country. But still, even at this point in time, to this day, folks, there are people in this country who refuse to even consider the possibility of what I just said being true. They don’t want to. Many people can’t conceive that somebody who thinks this way has actually been elected president. It doesn’t happen. “Presidents love the country, Rush. Presidents only want what’s great for the country.” No, not now. We don’t have a president who believes in America, not in American exceptionalism, not in the America of our founding. That’s just the way it is.

I’ll tell you a little story. I mentioned it at the end of the first hour, that one of the things about all this that really bothers me, I just cringe when I see opportunity being squelched and shut off for people. I really mean it when I say I want everybody to have the same opportunity I had. I love sharing good things that happen. This country is one of the greatest things that ever happened to humanity. There are people who try to take advantage of it.


RUSH: Rod in Saginaw, Michigan. We’re starting with you on Open Line Friday today. Hello.

CALLER: How you doing, Rush? Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: And mega dittos. You know, as a true conservative, really, my philosophy is this. As you know, the private sector is what really drives the economy. And we all know that, as a result, it’s really not the government’s responsibility to create jobs in the private sector, in my opinion. Instead, what I think the government can do much better is really get out of the way and allow the private sector to thrive, you know, using the fundamental capitalistic policies and principles —

RUSH: That’s exactly right. How old are you?

CALLER: Forty-six.

RUSH: Forty-six. Well, you’re young. You know, you’re figuring this out. That’s excellent.

CALLER: You helped me. Thank you.

RUSH: Here’s another thing about Obama. Look at how he talks. He creates jobs. He has policies. He’s gonna do this. He’s gonna do that. He’s gonna give you this, make sure those people don’t have that, gonna make sure those people get punished, those people gonna pay the price. You’re gonna do okay, he’s a command-and-control central planner, and here’s a guy who hasn’t done anything of the sort that he claims to be an expert in. He’s done nothing. He’s not worked in the private sector but for one job. In his own book he described it as being surrounded by the enemy.

He is not the guy to hand the car keys to, folks. It was a giant mistake to put this guy in the driver’s seat. It’s essentially letting somebody who despises the fact the automobile was invented be your driver. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. You know, forget the ideology. The ideology, you know, that’s another swipe. That’s just added damage. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He doesn’t have anybody around him who understands something as simple as the American dream. He doesn’t understand self-reliance, and he doesn’t believe in it. And the reason is, he’s a liberal, and they don’t believe in people having the innate ability to provide for and care for themselves.

This guy would not be hired for a sales job, marketing job, a design job, nothing in creativity, nothing in accounting, nothing. He’s got an empty resume. He couldn’t get hired at any professional health care institution. He’s got no experience. He doesn’t know anything, and yet he’s the world’s foremost authority. He’s got all the answers. He and his buddies have all the answers on virtually every problem in this country, and he’s never done anything. And he doesn’t even care. The idea that there’s this giant compassionate blood flow going, that’s not even true. Breathtaking, really, how far removed from the traditional American experience this man is. Romney was dead right about that. His life experiences do not comport with the American experience. They just don’t. Rod, I appreciate the call.

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