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RUSH: There was a story in the LA Times on Saturday August 4th by a guy named Roger Smith. “After 24 Years, Limbaugh’s Influence Continues to Grow.” I didn’t see it. Koko sent it to me this morning. He says, “I don’t know if you saw this over the weekend, but I found it funny. It’s a grudging admission by a liberal reporter that basically you’re the root of everything bad in politics. It all started 24 years ago, but damn it, you’re more influential than ever!”

In fact, it starts out this way. “Rush Limbaugh celebrated 24 years on his national radio talk show Wednesday, and that date is as good as any to benchmark when the country began its journey into a deeply polarized political climate. Limbaugh — universally called Rush by friends and critics alike — almost single-handedly started a narrative that recast Americans into conservative heroes or liberal villains, patriotic saviors or mainstream media dupes.”

I, Saturday in the LA Times, was blamed for the partisan divide. Well, maybe you all will remember — some of you will remember — that I have alluded to this myself, at least in explaining why the media has become so agenda oriented. The media’s no different than they’ve always been. In terms of how they think, they’ve always been liberal. But now they’re active participants for the Democrat Party agenda.

And I do think I brought that about, or contributed to it. Because as I said: Up until I started, they had a monopoly. And then I started, and slowly their monopoly eroded, and they had to start competing. In the process, they became who they really are. They already had and always had taken sides. But once the monopoly ended, they let it be known officially. I do think Mr. Smith here has the bare essentials of a point.

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