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RUSH: I’m sitting here minding my own business today, and I get a FedEx that’s brought into the studio here. I said, “What’s that?” It looks like iPad covers. I said, “iPad covers? I didn’t order any iPad covers.” So I opened it up. It’s from an outfit in Roseville, California, which is just up the road from Sacramento, my adopted hometown. And it’s from a company called Devicewear.

“Dear Rush: My name is Robert Dodge and I’m the owner of Devicewear. I’m very excited to see that you recently purchased two iPad cases from our company.”

Which I did a month ago. I was searching and mass bought a bunch of iPad covers. I’m looking for different kinds, and there were two from this outfit that I bought. This guy sends a note, says…

“I’ve been a big fan of yours since 1991. I even wore a deficit awareness ribbon on my T-shirt much of my sophomore year of high school. Those deficits seem laughable by today’s standards.”

The deficit awareness ribbon, we premiered that, debuted that on Rush the TV show.

“Your radio, TV show, and books helped give a teenager with very little interest in school something to care about: our government and what Bill Clinton was doing with it. So I went on to UCLA. I majored in political science. I became the first person in my family to graduate college, and I don’t think I would have made those choices without your influence. In the midst of this government created recession I decided to get my MBA and I started a new company. We’ve had great success and triple-digit growth each year, despite the economy.”

He sent me a couple of the cases, the iPad cases, with the EIB logo branded into ’em. They’re black leather, and they rotate. You can have the iPad either horizontally or vertical and slant it at whatever angle you want for the best reading. And he sent me a couple of these as a thank you, with all these nice things to say about how he came to discover everything.

“I had two personalized cases made for you with the EIB logos as a thank you. Please let me know if you would like some more made up for your iPad giveaways. We’d be happy to donate the cases.”

Just out of the blue, just came in over the transom. There it is. There’s the iPad case with the EIB logo on it. It is very nice. And, see, that circle, that’s where the Apple icon goes in the back of the iPad, you open this thing up, then you rotate it vertically or horizontally. What’s great about it, it doesn’t cover the iPad. The iPad’s totally uncovered even when you’re using it. This is the second iPad case entrepreneur that has reached out to us. But this guy’s up in Roseville. His name is Robert Dodge. He went back to get an MBA in the midst of this economic destruction after majoring in political science. Anyway, I wanted to acknowledge it. It was very nice. Devicewear also makes Samsung tablet covers, Kindle and Nook cases, too. Gee, I hope Apple doesn’t sue ’em. He-he-he-he-he. Just kidding.

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