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RUSH: Jordan in Daytona Beach, Florida. I’m glad you waited. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s an honor to speak with you today.

RUSH: Thank you el mucho.

CALLER: My dad and I were talking last night while watching the news, and Dingy Harry’s accusations came up in our conversation. So I decided to give you a call with a comment. My comment for you today is, I find it so hypocritically baseless of the left to accuse Romney of not paying any taxes for ten years, when in just the two years he did release taxes, he paid more as an individual than GE did as an entire corporation in 2010 on $5.1 billion of US profits. In fact, GE went on to get a $3.2 billion tax refund. I think their anger is both hypocritical and misplaced.

RUSH: Well, you’re absolutely right.

You’re looking at it as a resident of Realville would be looking it — purely logical, commonsensical — and in so doing, you are way above the point that they’re trying to make here. All they want is those returns. I’ll tell you what I have heard. I’ll tell you what I’ve heard. Well, no! We’ve got a bite. Number 17. It’s this clown at CNBC, Andrew Ross Sorkin. Listen to this. This is this morning on CNBC’s Squawk Box, and they got Trump on there. Trump’s on and the co-host is Andrew Ross Sorkin, and Joe Kernen is part of this. The question: “Donald, do you know anybody who has $100 million in their IRA?”

TRUMP: Yeeeah.

SORKIN: You do?

TRUMP: Yeeeh. There are people.

KERNEN: It’s a rollover?

SORKIN: No, but there’s been a —

TRUMP: People exist.

SORKIN: There’s a… No, but thereÂ’s been a big —

KERNEN: I saw that people asked that.

TRUMP: There are people that exist.

SORKIN: That’s part of what the whole debate is about, right?

KERNEN: Well, it…

SORKIN: A hundred million dollars is a lot to get in there —

KERNEN: Right.

SORKIN: — in terms of how he did it. He did it through putting in, eh, units from Bain that were at these, what people thought was a very low basis that grew.

KERNEN: Right.

SORKIN: And there — there are questions about that. Potentially reasonable questions!

RUSH: See, this is thought to be a window on what they want. This Andrew Ross Sorkin guy has heard that Romney has a hundred million in his IRA, and that’s why they want Romney’s tax returns is to see that. Because they believe that if they highlight that Romney has a hundred million dollars in his IRA people will resent Romney, ’cause nobody has a hundred million dollars in their IRA. So, A, if he has a hundred million dollars in his IRA, “How was he able to put a hundred million in there?” A; and B, “Golly, he’s got a hundred million dollars! This guy is a rich, mean SOB!”

That’s why they want the tax returns.

There are people that work at the IRS that track you down if you haven’t paid taxes in ten years! That’s what Tax Resolution Services, our sponsor, is all about, helping people deal with the IRS. This is another thing that we end up accepting. It’s so absurd. Here we are talking about this, folks. “Republicans are poisoning the water and poisoning the air! They spread E. coli and Ebola. The Republicans and Mitt Romney killed a guy’s wife with cancer when he shut down with Bain Capital.

“They lost health insurance, and Romney doesn’t care. This woman got cancer because of Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney didn’t care just like Ken Starr was passing out cigarettes to kids on the playground while he was investigating Bill Clinton back during the Lewinsky business. And then, on top of all that, Republicans have been running around for 25 years and stealing money from the poor and giving it to themselves! And that’s how they got rich, and it’s time it all came to a stop.”


RUSH: Okay. Mitt Romney paid three-and-a-half million dollars in taxes last year. Mitt Romney paid $4.7 million in taxes in 2010. So if you add that up, you get $8.2 million in taxes Romney has paid in the past two years. Is that what the Democrats call not paying your taxes? So $8.2 million in federal taxes the last two years. I kid you not. US News & World Report has just posted the following link. “Here’s How Mitt Romney Might Have Paid No Taxes.” They’ve had somebody on their staff look at a whole bunch of hypotheticals and come up with a way that a guy like Romney might not have paid any taxes. I don’t know if this is for ten years or what, but they’ve actually done it. So a lie has come to life in the left-wing media. It is said, by the way, that Romney paid 42% of his 2011 income in taxes and charity. Let’s see Dingy Harry’s. Let’s see his returns so that we can compare.

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