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RUSH: Let’s get into some arguments over who’s gonna speak at the Republican convention and the veep. Bill Kristol is out there now saying that Thursday is the day to watch for Romney’s veep pick. Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard, appeared on Fox News, where he discussed an editorial published over the weekend in which he recommends that Romney pick either Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio.

Beyond that, by the way, he actually said that he’s heard that Chris Christie is back in the mix and he would love for it to be Chris Christie. Rubio and Ryan are both good, but if it’s Chris Christie, Kristol will be very, very happy. Stuart Varney, the fill-in host on Fox, asked Kristol to elaborate on his publication calling for Ryan or Rubio to join Romney on the ticket. Kristol took the opportunity to say that he recently learned that Chris Christie is also still in the running.

And he went on to say that he thinks that Thursday is the day to watch as the most likely time in which Romney would reveal his VP pick. He said, “You look at Romney’s schedule. He’s got events in Illinois Tuesday, Iowa Wednesday, a fundraising breakfast Thursday morning in New York. His calendar is then clear, so far as I [Bill Kristol] can tell, it’s Thursday afternoon and Friday. Then he starts a barnstorming tour Saturday in Virginia, North Carolina Sunday, Florida Monday, Ohio Tuesday.

“It would be pretty weird, I think, to do this four-day tour through the four swing states without having picked a VP.” Why would it be “weird” to go through there without picking a VP yet? I can actually see waiting until the night of the convention to pick the VP, or to announce it. At any rate, so, Chris Christie is back. Kristol likes Christie back in the mix, Rubio, and maybe Paul Ryan. (interruption) No, no, don’t misunderstand.

No, what I meant was when the initial roster of speakers was announced for the Republican convention, there weren’t too many conservatives listed there. And Santorum, who has offered every ounce of assistance, has been rebuffed, and his name wasn’t on the list to speak. So some people made some noise about it, and last night they announced Santorum’s going to speak, which is a good thing. No, no, don’t misunderstand me.

Speaking of the veep business, Obama is out there, he whispered to some people yesterday he thinks it’s gonna be Petraeus. Yeah. And Drudge has run with this as the lead item, that it’s gonna be Petraeus as the veep. General Petraeus. Do you remember him? General Betray Us in the MoveOn.org ad back during the Iraq surge era and so forth. So a lot of names are floating around out there. It’s also been announced that Jimmy Carter is going to speak at the Democrat convention by video. They’re not actually letting him in the convention hall. Well, when they told him they weren’t gonna let Michael Moore sit next to him, I think he threw a fit.

Former president Jimmy Carter will not be attending the Democrat National Convention in Charlotte and a lot of other people may not either. You know they’re really worried that on the big Thursday night when Obama accepts in front of the Styrofoam Greek columns at Bank of America field, that they’re not gonna fill it. They’re worried now they won’t fill up that stadium. Jimmy sent a note, it said, “Rosalynn and I regret that we will be unable to be at the Democratic Convention this year in Charlotte. However, we remain steadfast in our support for President Obama and the progress he will make in the next four years.” What progress? He’s not making any progress. Nobody’s making any progress. There isn’t any progress. In fact, progress is looked upon as a problem by these people.

There is no progress. No matter how you define it, there’s no progress, not for the American people. There might be progress for big government socialist types. “Carter, who spent his post-White House years hammering nails at Habitat for Humanity, will offer unique insights on Obama as a global leader on Tuesday, September 4th.” Unique insights on Obama as a global leader. What are we gonna get? Videotape highlights of Obama bowing down to this leader and bowing down to that leader and apologizing to this foreign leader and apologizing to that one? What unique insights are there on Obama as a global leader? Obama won the peace prize. So did Jimmy Carter win the peace prize. But he hadn’t done anything for it. Neither of ’em have.

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