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RUSH: Here’s the CNN sound bite. This is from The Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer. Brianna Keilar reported this about that ad that Romney killed the guy’s wife.

KEILAR: In 1999, Mitt Romney leaves Bain for the Salt Lake Olympics, stopping day-to-day oversight of the company, but remaining CEO. In 2001, Joe Soptic loses his job when Bain closes the plant. His wife still has insurance, though, from her employer, Saver’s Thrift Store. A year later, Romney formally leaves Bain, and it’s that year, 2002 or perhaps 2003, Soptic tells CNN, that his wife leaves her job because of an injury. That’s when she became uninsured without fallback insurance from her husband. A few years later, in 2006, she goes to the hospital, is diagnosed with cancer, and dies just days later.

RUSH: Even this is a crock, though. He left Bain in 1999. She tries to leave the impression that Romney was at Bain through 2002. He was not. He left in 1999. The point is, Brianna Keilar found out this woman had health insurance. Remember my question yesterday. You remember it, Snerdley? Let’s do the next sound bite, because it’s still the same show. This is Obama press secretary Jennifer Psaki, and Wolf said, “You want to associate or disassociate yourself with this pro-Obama super PAC ad?”

PSAKI: Wolf, we have nothing to do with the ad. We’re focused on our race. We’re focused on going to Colorado tomorrow, and, uhh, that’s where we’re at from the campaign side. We can’t speak to the super PAC ads. We don’t have anything to do with them. Uh, so I don’t have anything further on the super PAC ads.

WOLF: Because it is pretty — pretty serious here when … You’re not doing it.

PSAKI: Right!

WOLF: But the super PAC, uh, is making this allegation that Mitt Romney was responsible for the death of this woman when that’s simply not true.

PSAKI: Well, Wolf, I… You know, I didn’t… I wasn’t involved with making the ad.

RUSH: Right. I gotta run, take a break here. We’ll be back, but you heard it. They won’t distance themselves. We’ll be right back.


RUSH: So Wolf Blitzer says to Jennifer Psaki, “It’s pretty serious what you’re doing here. You’re saying that Romney’s responsible for the death of this woman. It’s simply not true.”

(imitating Psaki) “No, no, no, Wolf, I wasn’t involved in making that ad. I don’t know that that’s a case. Besides, Wolf, where are you? We’ve moved on. Bain Capital founded with money from the death squads. Haven’t you heard that, Wolf? We need to get you back on track.”


RUSH: CNN is running a fact-check in a random act of journalism and telling everybody. Of course, it was on CNN; nobody heard it. They had another 20-year low in ratings in the month of July. It’s already August. Larry King, God love him. When he hosted his show, before it faded away and he had to leave, at his peak, you could count on Larry King for 1.5 million viewers a night. And in the cable universe, that was enough. That was okay. This Piers Morgan guy in July drew around 300,000. The bottom is falling out. And that’s where all of this fact-checking took place on Obama ad, where it was revealed to be an utter lie.

So we repeat it to bring it to a larger audience.

I’m gonna do it again.

This is Jennifer Psaki talking to Blitzer. Blitzer said, “Brianna Keilar,” their reporter, “did a fact-check of that ad, and it’s full of falsehoods. Obviously, the campaign is not associated with the super PAC. But you can say, ‘You know what? We want to disassociate ourselves from that ad, because it’s repulsive.’ You want to say something like that?” He’s talking to Jennifer Psaki, who’s part of the Obama campaign. Why do you want to be any part of that ad? Don’t you want to dissociate yourself from it?

(Wolf’s beside himself.)

The ad’s a lie! Our network found out there are a bunch of falsehoods in it. Why do you want to associate yourself with it?

PSAKI: Wolf, we have nothing to do with the ad. We’re focused on our race. We’re focused on going to Colorado tomorrow, and, uhh, that’s where we’re at from the campaign side. We can’t speak to the super PAC ads. We don’t have anything to do with them. Uh, so I don’t have anything further on the super PAC ads.

WOLF: Because it is pretty — pretty serious here when … You’re not doing it.

PSAKI: Right!

WOLF: But the super PAC, uh, is making this allegation that Mitt Romney was responsible for the death of this woman when that’s simply not true.

PSAKI: Well, Wolf, I… You know, I didn’t… I wasn’t involved with making the ad.

RUSH: Yeah. “I wasn’t involved…” (Besides all we’re trying to do is distract people from Obama’s horrible record on the economy and stuff.) So up next was Bay Buchanan. Wolf has to turn to Bay Buchanan and let her loose. He said, “There have been false Romney ads as well, taking words the president of the United States said totally out of context.” That’s Wolf having to be “fair,” when Romney hasn’t done anything of the sort. That’s Wolf hearkening back to the Obama (impression), “You didn’t build that! You didn’t make that happen.”

Anyway, here’s what Bay Buchanan had to say…

BUCHANAN: This is typical. We have the most powerful man in the world, the president of the United States. He takes no responsibility for his campaign, no responsibility for his PACs, no responsibility for his cabinet members, who are out there raising money for this PAC so this ad can run. He takes no responsibility for the pain and suffering this country is suffering. The people in this country are suffering with the high unemployment, the loss of homes, falling into poverty. The only thing he takes responsibility for is the businesses other people are building. This is a disgraceful, despicable, dishonest ad, and if the president of the United States —

BLITZER: You know that… You know they —

BUCHANAN: — does not want shame on himself, he should reject it outright.

RUSH: What shame? He doesn’t think there’s any shame in it! He thinks they’re getting away with it. Obama thinks it’s working! Stephanie Cutter. She’s the one that came out and said that Romney’s a felon. This morning on CNN, on the Starting Point, she was talking to the co-host Josh Berman.

“There are plenty of questions about the timeline of this. This man obviously — and we are sorry he lost his wife — you know, is suggesting that she died because of action that Mitt Romney took. He, of course, had left Bain years before,” and then this woman had her health insurance for two years while at this company. She had health insurance for two years. She was not left high and dry. What do you say to that, Stephanie Cutter?

CUTTER: Here’s what I do know: That Mitt Romney personally handled the deal to take over GS Steel, and personally handled some of the decisions made to load that company up with debt so much that it went underwater. It went bankrupt. And you just said that he left the company before the deal was made. That’s not true! Mitt Romney made that deal. He says that he left Bain Capital in 1999 to go run the Olympics, but if you remember, according to the SEC forms that he filed, he was still president and CEO of that firm. He was still taking a salary, and I’m… I guarantee you what — that when GS Steel went bankrupt, that Mitt Romney personally walked away with a significant profit while Joe Soptic lost his job.

RUSH: Right, and his wife died.

So Stephanie Cutter says (summarized), “What do you mean back away from it? Romney did kill the guy’s wife!” That’s what she’s saying. “What do you mean, step back from it? You people at CNN are nuts. Romney was there! He founded the company; he got rich. This guy lost his job, his wife died, and so Romney killed her. It’s clear as a bell.” That’s what she is saying. So Berman said, “This woman died in 2006. This ad basically accuses Romney of killing her. Is that the kind of rhetoric you want to hear in a campaign like this, especially from the side of the president of the United States? Especially a president who ran four years ago on raising the notion of civility?”

CUTTER: I don’t know the facts of when Joe Soptic’s wife got sick or when she died. But as I said before, I do know the facts of what Mitt Romney did with GS Steel. I do know the facts of how Joe Soptic lost his job, lost his health care. The entire company went bankrupt. But Romney walked away with a pretty hefty profit. Those are the facts that matter. This private sector business experience that he’s talking about was all about making profits for himself at any cost, at any consequence to anybody else.

RUSH: Yeah, and, by the way, he killed the guy’s wife. Now, we’re told that this is working. Now, you might be asking, since this all went down yesterday, what is the Romney campaign doing? Has the Romney campaign responded? Yes, they have. The Romney campaign responded this morning on Fox. Off the top of your head, what do you think the Romney campaign said about all this? Well, I’m gonna tell you. I have the story here from Mediaite. And the headline says it all. “Romney spokesperson: SteelworkerÂ’s Wife Would Have Had Health Care Under Romneycare.” That’s the reaction.

“Appearing on Fox News Channel with anchor Bill Hemmer, Mitt Romney campaign spokesperson Andrea Saul attacked a pro-Barack Obama PAC ad which links the GOP presidential candidate to the cancer-related death of a former steelworkerÂ’s wife. Saul veered off message, however, when she said that the fired steel worker would have had access to health care if he had lived in Massachusetts where, under RomneyÂ’s plan, health care coverage is extended to the uninsured.”

So wait a minute, you’re telling me that you get a campaign person on from the Romney campaign to respond to an allegation that your candidate is responsible for a woman’s death, and your answer is, she woulda had health insurance if she’d lived in Massachusetts? What? I don’t know the people at the Romney campaign, but I’m gonna tell you, your candidate is accused of killing a woman… this isn’t about health insurance. They’re out there saying that your guy killed this woman, and your answer is, “Well, she’d-a had health insurance if she lived in Massachusetts”?

From the sound of this, they don’t know, at the Romney campaign, what the purpose of this ad was and how it took root. They apparently don’t know that the Obama campaign ran an ad accusing Romney of murder, essentially. Stephanie Cutter is backing it up. The woman did die. Romney got rich. He closed the plant. Husband lost the job. Wife got sick and died. Romney made out like a bandit. Well, she’d-a had health insurance if she lived in Massachusetts. You couple that with there was a lack of understanding or desire to join the Chick-fil-A day? I mean, that’s your base out there.

RUSH: You know what’s going on here, folks? We are in the middle of a political terrorism campaign. This is political terrorism, what’s going on. Romney is a felon. Romney is a tax cheat. Romney kills women with cancer. Romney founded Bain Capital with money from right-wing death squads in El Salvador. Romney wants to rob from the middle class and give to the rich. Even though he’s the father of five, Romney wants to starve children, he wants to foul the water, poison the air, and he’s the head of the E. coli club.

So as always I checked the e-mail during the break. “What would you do?” Well, I certainly wouldn’t go on TV after I had just been accused of committing murder and say, “Well, if she’d lived where I was governor, she’d-a had health insurance.” Here’s what I’d say if I’d gone on TV today, “That steel company asked Bain Capital in. That steel company was going under. They asked Bain Capital in. They were going bankrupt otherwise. Bain Capital gave Joe Soptic an additional two or three years of work with health insurance that he would not have had were it not for Bain Capital.” Why can’t they tell their own story? I know the story. Why can’t they tell their story?

And then I’d come back: “You know, there are two million people who do not have jobs that did have jobs when Obama was inaugurated. Two million fewer jobs since Obama took office. How many of those people have died of cancer? You guys want to start talking about death squads? When are you gonna give the money from Planned Parenthood back? You want about death squads, how about NARAL, whatever that stands for, Abortion Rights Action League.” I would throw it right back at ’em.

By the way, here’s the bite, Andrea Saul, and, look, I don’t know Andrea Saul, and I’m sure she’s nice and I’m not trying to pick any kind of a fight here. I am just simply reacting to what I heard. I think there’s a disconnect with this answer. Bill Hemmer had her on Fox this morning, says, “Is it true that this gentleman who lost his job, his wife died five years after that, 2006, are those the facts that you understand?”

SAUL: Obviously it’s unfortunate when anyone loses their job. This particular case was a plant that was closed years after Governor Romney left the company, and, to that point, you know, if people had been in Massachusetts under Governor Romney’s health care plan, they woulda had health care.

RUSH: That’s a potential gold mine for the Obamaites, because they can say, “Well, yeah, and Romneycare’s the foundation for our plan, Obamacare,” which they are already out there saying.

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