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RUSH: So they say now in the Huffing and Puffington Post that Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital — way, way back when it was originally founded — was seeded with money from Latin American death squads. (laughing) I’m sorry. (laughing) Let me ask you a question: What’s the difference in that and the Democrats being underwritten by Planned Parenthood and NARAL? If they’re not death squads, I don’t know what is. How many abortions every year, 1.73 million or something?

I mean, if they’re gonna sit out there… Is this the kind of stuff you’re talking about Snerdley, the way we fight back? Okay. So you say Romney’s Bain Capital was founded with money from death squads, even though it’s a dubious claim. What do you call Planned Parenthood if that’s not a death squad? And who could object? Well, plenty could object. Who could disagree?


RUSH: We’re gonna play this ad again, the Joe Soptic ad. This is the ad that has now been disavowed by facts, a random act of journalism at CNN. This is the “Mitt Romney Killed My Wife” ad.

SOPTIC: (dramatic music) When Mitt Romney and Bain closed the plant I lost my health care (dramatic chime), and my family lost their health care (dramatic chime), and, uh, uh, a short time after that my wife became ill. (dramatic chime) I don’t know how long she was sick. Uhhh, and I think maybe she didn’t say anything because she knew that we — we couldn’t afford the insurance. And — and then one day she — she, uh, became ill (dramatic chime) and I took her up to the Jackson County hospital and — and — and admitted her for pneumonia. And that’s when they found the cancer. And by then we were stage 4. There was — there was nothing they could do for her. (dramatic chime) And she passed away in 22 days. (dramatic chime) I do not think Mitt Romney realizes what he’s done to anyone. (dramatic chime) And I… Furthermore, I do not think Mitt Romney is concerned.

RUSH: And apparently this stuff works, we’re told. Victor Davis Hanson’s piece in The Corner at National Review Online: “If I were Romney, I would not count on the idea of class warfare, the so-called politics of personal destruction, and McCarthyite tactics not working, because they always have for Obama/Axelrod in the past — and seem to be in the last week.”

He writes this: “In the last ten days Mitt Romney has been reduced by various Obama surrogates, through rumor, innuendo, and falsity,” that’s lies for those of you in Rio Linda “to a tax-avoiding cheat who ‘probably’ never paid taxes for a decade, a near felon who lied on a federal form, and a veritable killer who in piratical fashion destroyed a cancer victimÂ’s chance of getting medical attention — all untrue and yet all damaging, as the corrections are not even out before Obama goes on to the next new inaccurate charge,” which today (laughing) is: Bain Capital founded with money from right-wing death squads.

This is stuff we do parodies over.

It is depressing to know that this stuff works.

“Obama is running a Robin Hood, class-warfare blitzkrieg, even though he knows that the upper-income levels have never paid a higher share of the nationÂ’s aggregate income-tax revenue, and bumping them up to 39% would only lower the deficit in minuscule ways, given the gargantuan spending since 2009 and the general absence of new revenue when unemployment is in its 41st consecutive month of more than 8%…” Obama knows all this, and Romney knows all this, and still this stuff works. Raising taxes on the rich.

See, the “raising taxes on the rich” is not about the deficit. Are we to believe that that the people who believe this stuff are smart enough, informed enough to make a connection between raising taxes on the rich and reducing the deficit? Give me a break! That’s not what it’s about to them. It’s about getting even with ’em. It’s pure class warfare. The only reason people want the rich to pay more taxes is because they want the rich to feel some pain. They want somebody to stick it to the rich.

And Obama’s running around making it sound like that’s exactly what he’s gonna do. There’s no pretense that there’s any good politics attached to it. This is pure envy. There’s nothing in here that helps. They’re not making any connection that raising taxes on the rich is gonna reduce the deficit. They don’t care. They don’t care about the deficit. They don’t care about the debt. They don’t care about spending. They don’t care about any of that. I’m talking about Obama’s voters. I’m talking about people that believe this stuff. Now, Victor Davis Hanson says, “None of this is new. The media favorite Obama eliminated all his Democratic rivals in his first election for the Illinois legislature by suing in court to invalidate their nomination petitions and ran unopposed in the primary. Obama demolished his U.S. Senate Democratic primary rival through leaked divorce records. He demolished his initial Republican rival through leaked divorce records. When he got through with Hillary Clinton, the liberal former first lady and U.S. senator had transmogrified into a prevaricating hack and veritable racist, as Bill Clinton lamented the race card being played.

“John McCain released his health records and his general dismal ranking at Annapolis, leading to a false narrative that he was naturally inattentive and reckless, and scarcely hale, while Obama released neither his medical nor his college records; as Sarah Palin — heretofore a reformist governor of Alaska who in bipartisan fashion had fought special interests — was reduced to a caricature of an uninformed poor (and trashy) mom. All of the above transpired while Barack Obama ran as a ‘reformer’ and proponent of ‘civility,’ who vowed to run a ‘transparent’ campaign of full disclosure, and to leave the old ‘petty’ and ‘gotcha’ politics behind.”

He’s exactly right. Obama does all this scorched earth stuff while preaching civility and transparency and getting rid of the old partisan politics of the past, when he’s doing nothing but practicing it, better or worse, depending on your perspective, than anybody ever has, and he gets away with it because nobody calls him on. But let me ask this. You know, he gets away with it, and a lot of us say he gets away with it because the media gives him a pass. And I understand that. But really, folks, if we’ve gotten to the point where Obama can run an ad accusing Romney of killing a guy’s wife, do we really need the media to criticize Obama in order for that to be perceived as an out and out dirty lie?

Some of this stuff ought to stand on its own. Some of this shouldn’t need the media ripping Obama for it. Some of the hypocrisy ought to be plain as day. Here’s Obama. He’s running as a reformer, as a unifier, as The Messiah, demanding new civility, get rid of the old politics of the past, get rid of all this partisanship. His campaign is nothing but the worst of the worst. We shouldn’t need the media to point that out. It ought to be obvious. And yet it works. It’s frustrating to admit it, frustrating to know it, but it works.

And, meanwhile, while all this is going on, the American people think the absolute worst politician that’s ever been around is Richard Nixon. And that is the media. But still, some of this stuff, it’s not good enough for me to say, “Well, Rush, the media is not calling Obama on any of this. If the media harped on this.” Yeah, I understand that, but some of this shouldn’t require that, it’s that egregious. Anyway, CNN’s random act of journalism found out that this ad is… well, it’s a total lie, and it’s much worse.


RUSH: Joe in Montgomery, Minnesota. Thank you for the hold, sir. Great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I just wanted to make a quick point here with Harry Reid’s comments on Romney’s taxes. If that were the case, where Romney hadn’t paid for the last ten years, isn’t that an epic failure of the IRS?

RUSH: By all means. Theoretically, Romney would have been tracked down in ten years.

CALLER: Exactly. You know, and I mean, again, this is the same IRS that Obama wants to have in charge of our health care. So I mean if they can’t get somebody as high profile that’s been running for the presidency for all of at least the last six years, if they can’t catch someone that high profile, it should put them in charge of —

RUSH: Yeah, but that’s not how people look at it. The people who are moved by this, the reason it works is because the people that Obama runs that ad for already think the rich get away with that anyway. The rich aren’t paying their fair share, remember. And now here’s Romney, hasn’t paid his taxes for ten years, those people are not gonna say, “Well, the IRS would never miss me.” They’re not gonna say, “The IRS sucks.” They’re gonna think, “Yep, typical, that’s how the game’s played. The rich get away with murder. Why, the Democrat Party has been warning me of this for 50 years, and so here’s Romney hasn’t paid taxes in ten years, yeah, that’s what the rich get away with.” I’ll bet you’d be surprised the number of people who think it’s true and how many rich people don’t ever pay taxes, no matter what statistic you throw at them. I’ll bet you’d be surprised.

The vast majority of people are not — well, not the vast majority. We don’t know that it’s a majority yet — are not gonna look at it with the logic and common sense that you and I look at it. They’re not gonna say, “Oh, come on, Romney hadn’t paid taxes ten years? The IRS is gonna not find that, ha.” They’re not gonna say that. They think the game’s rigged anyway, and if the IRS didn’t catch Romney, Obama did, and it makes him a good politician. That’s why he’s a good president. He’s making sure the rich don’t get away with this stuff anymore. And that’s how these imbeciles look at it.

Hey, it must be, because it works. And we know it works because they keep doing it year after year after year, this has been 30, 50 years of their playbook they’ve been doing this kind of stuff. I talked to somebody the other day, a conservative, who said, “Is there any way of replacing Romney?” I said, “Why?” “Well, that foreign trip of his was a disaster. This guy’s not fit to be president.” I couldn’t believe it. The only people who said he goofed up on that trip was the media. This guy’s one of us. Thought Romney had to go because of a bad foreign trip. This stuff works, is my point.

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