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RUSH: How many news outlets are reporting that the price of gas has gone up by more than 30¢ in the last month? The price of gasoline, the average price of gasoline, is higher than it was this time last year. How many people are reporting, in the news media, the wholesale sales figures, which are plummeting? In fact, an umbrella question: How many stories are you seeing, period, about the economy? In fact, maybe I have it here near the top. You know, a lot of…

Well, I’ve got to be very, very careful here. A lot of… What’s the correct word? Uh, let’s see. Shall we say “slow”? That’s still not right. A lot of idiots get their news from Yahoo! So what I thought I would do is I’m going to give you the top ten news stories on Yahoo! today. The headlines. They have this thing that they run from the AP called
“The Ten Things to Know for Thursday.” “The Ten Things to Know for Tuesday.” “The Ten Things to Know for Wednesday” and so on.

And here are today’s “The Ten Things to Know for Thursday” from AP on Yahoo! One: “Clashes Rage in Aleppo Despite Regime Claims.” Where? What? Where is Aleppo? I know it’s in Syria, but do you think that the average Yahoo!-ite has the slightest idea where Aleppo is? Do you think the average Yahoo!-ite knows where Damascus is? Okay, if they don’t know where Damascus is, how in the hell are they going to know where Aleppo is? That’s number one: “Clashes Rage in Aleppo Despite Regime Claims.”

And number two: “Romney Won’t Wait for Obama’s Pick to Trash Possible VP Candidates.” Number three: “Murder Trial Ends for Wife of Disgraced Chinese Politician.” Number four: “News Groups Head to Court for Release of Data on Colorado Shooter.” Number five: “Why Livestock Ranchers are at Odds with Corn Farmers.” Did you know that, folks? Did you know anything on this list? Did you know the murder trial ended for the wife of a disgraced ChiCom politician?

Snerdley, you live on the AP wire every day. I know you know. I’m asking you to put yourself in the shoes of the average Yahoo!-ite or whatever you call them. Number six: “Dry Summer is Bad News for Bears.” These are the “Ten Things to Know for Thursday” from AP via Yahoo! Number seven: “How Japan Marked the 67th Anniversary of the Nagasaki A-Bomb Attack.” I’m just reading the headlines. I don’t know how they marked it. There’s probably the mayor of an American city over there apologizing.

I don’t know. When I lived in Sacramento, there was a mayor there named Anne Rudin, and did she go apologize or did she want to go? I don’t remember which, but she wanted to go over there to apologize. Number eight: “Man Accused of Killing a Hasidic Boy Expected to Plead Guilty.” Number nine: “Japanese Women’s Soccer Team Hopes to Repeat its World Cup Victory.” Number ten: “With Bolt and Blake Running, Some Ask: Who is Going to Get the Bronze?” All right, that’s the last of AP’s top things to know: Who the hell’s going to get a bronze medal?

Not gold, not silver, but, “Who is going to get the bronze?” Again, number three: “Murder Trial Ends for Wife of Disgraced Chinese Politician.” So in the Top Ten Things to Know on Yahoo! via AP, not one thing about the US economy. Not one thing about Romney either, but not one thing about jobs. In fact, this is Thursday. It’s Job Revision Day, and there is a jobs story out today. And the Reuters people, in the story I saw, tried to make it look pretty good.

But not even that’s being reported because they know it’s a bunch of BS. They’re all still so focused on Romney killing this guy’s wife. So on that basis, is it working? Is it working? Where are the stories on gasoline prices? What was the Democrat message in 2006? Do you remember the midterm elections of 2006? The message in 2006 was: “The economy is bad, and it’s all Bush’s fault.” What was the Democrat message in 2008? “The economy’s bad and it’s all Bush’s fault.”

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