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RUSH: So the Gallup poll is out, the Daily Approval Tracking Poll, and Obama is at 43% approve and 51% disapprove. Now, I don’t have the Fox News poll in front of me, but Obama’s way up. What is Obama up in that Fox poll? Did you see it, Snerdley? I think the Democrat sample was plus-nine in the Fox poll. Obama is up five points in the Fox poll and a number of other polls that came out this week.

Obama is up five, up seven and of course the Democrat sample is nine percentage points or eight percentage points higher than the Republican sample. And people are getting depressed over these polls. They can’t figure it out. The Fox News poll came out. “What is this? How can this possibly be?” Even in the Fox poll, Obama’s up 49-40. Nine points! In none of these polls does Obama get over 50. I think it’s interesting. Maybe in one outlier poll he does. But it’s a Fox poll of “registered voters.”

When will the polls start moving to “likely voters”?

Isn’t it about time for that?

There’s a CNN poll that came out yesterday of “adults.”

That’s not even registered voters!

In the CNN poll yesterday, Thursday, Obama was way up, sky high. It’s so ridiculous that people are laughing at it. In the Fox poll, Obama’s up 49 to 40 among registered voters if the election were held today. In last month’s Fox poll they had Obama with a four-point edge. But last month, Fox only oversampled the Democrats by four points. This time, they oversampled by eight or nine. It’s interesting. Whatever the oversample is seems to be Obama’s lead. Like I think they oversampled Obama by nine points.

He’s got a nine-point lead.

A month later they oversampled Democrats four points, and Obama has a four-point lead. The Fox poll also says that Obama’s negative campaign has worked. They say, “Obama’s advantage comes largely from increased support among independents who now pick him over Romney by 11.” Does anybody believe this? Well, I know inside The Beltway they do. So apparently what the Fox poll and its analysis is telling us, is that calling Romney a tax cheat, calling him a felon, a poisoner of children, and a murderer, has not turned off these precious independents.

In fact, doing all that has caused the independents to flock back to the Obama campaign.


I thought our own consultants tell us that we can’t criticize Obama because the independents don’t like that. “You start getting into this politics of personal destruction stuff, and the independents don’t like it. The independents run right back to Democrats!” I’ve never understood that, because the Democrats are the architects of this politics personal destruction stuff. Maybe the independents don’t know that. Maybe the independents are just plain stupid.

Because now the independents are flocking back to Obama as he accuses Romney of murder, as he accuses Romney of being a tax cheat. As he accuses Romney of being a felon. As they accuse Romney of poisoning the water and poisoning the air. The Fox poll says Obama’s negative campaign has worked. Well then why don’t Republican negative campaigns work? Who slipped this fix in? Who saw to it that the Republicans don’t go negative? Who saw to it that Republicans don’t run critical ads?

“Well, we can’t, Mr. Limbaugh. The independents, they just run right back to Democrats. You can’t criticize the first black president! You can’t criticize President Clinton. People like President Clinton. You can’t get anywhere by criticizing.” Oh, but since they’ve made everybody hate Romney, it’s okay? They can then criticize Romney and the independents go, “Yeah, yeah! Give us more”? Something here, folks, is really way out of whack because the Gallup poll has Obama’s approval number at 43%.

I want to know how approval 43, disapproval 51, translates into a nine-point Obama lead in the Fox poll or in any other poll. What are we supposed to believe here? Now, the Fox poll does say that among voters who are “extremely interested in the race,” the candidates are tied at 48. Which means Obama is only pulling ahead if he is among low-information voters, ie, The Stupids. But they count. However, this is a poll of registered voters, not likely voters.

This actually kind of ticks me off, because these people use these polls to make news not to reflect public opinion. They’re trying to shape public opinion with this garbage. So buried in the Fox poll is this news that among voters who are “extremely interested,” it’s a tight race. Well, would that maybe mean likely voters? Would “extremely interested” equal likely voters? It’s tied 48-48. That would change the perception of this thing profoundly, because if it’s 48-48 among likely voters, and 48-48 among those really extremely interested, then what it would say is that all of this junk Obama has thrown at Romney has not worked.

But in a poll of registered voters it has worked.

“The top reasons voters give for being uncomfortable with Romney include his positions on the issues, that heÂ’s ‘phony’…” What the hell does that mean? What a crock this is! “The top reasons voters give for being uncomfortable with Romney include his positions on the issues, that heÂ’s ‘phony,’ heÂ’s ‘out of touch,’ heÂ’s a Republican and heÂ’s ‘for the rich.'” Those are the reasons people don’t like Romney in the poll, all of which are the points Obama has been hammering in his attempt to suppress the blue collar, working class, white voter.

Now, Fox, God bless them, even admits that oversampling Democrats by 9% might be on the high side. Let me throw all this out and just repeat what I said yesterday and the day before. This race ought not even be close. Obama oughta barely be registering 35 or 40%. Given what he has done to this country. Given his policies. This BS of Romney’s positions on the issues? What about Obama’s actual affect on human life?

What about Obama’s actual affect on people’s lives? This stuff is such a crock. I know it’s the bible. Professional politicians live and die by this stuff. But all it does, as you can hear, is irritate the heck out of me.

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